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Huang Jintian and Huang Yantian were not together with Xiao Yulan, but Xiao Yuanbing had added three people, so he still had a very powerful cauldron in his hands!

Xiao Yulan's pressure was huge, and it was fortunate that Yue'er had hidden the both of them. Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to split her focus to protect the both of them in a battle like this.

"Don't think that just because royal father gave you the Six Realms Ding that it meant that he valued you greatly. You must know that back then, the Six Realms Ding was nothing but a piece of trash! I admit that royal father once treated you very well, but it's different now! " Xiao Yuanbing took out a golden cauldron. This was Emperor Ding, one of the Divine Cauldron Supreme Lord's three divine cauldrons.

Xiao Yulan said: "I am not surprised that he would change. He is a very fickle person! But don't think that just because I'm his daughter, I don't dare to rebel against him. "

"Looks like you aren't willing to obediently hand over the Six Realms Ding, don't blame me for being impolite. royal father said that no matter what, I must take back the Six Realms Ding. The Emperor Ding in Xiao Yuanbing's hand suddenly flashed with a gold light.

"Go!" Xiao Yuanbing controlled the Emperor Ding to instantly rush over and smashed onto Xiao Yulan's body. At the same time, the eight Divine King Great National Master s beside Xiao Yuanbing all attacked in succession. The multicolored Divine Weapon in their hands was like a tide as they attacked Xiao Yulan from all directions.

Her expression was solemn as the Divine Sense Sea in her body fused with the Six Realms Ding. The divine cauldron quickly rotated, and in an instant, a huge vortex of white light appeared. had never seen such a beautiful woman before!

The powerful suction force caused the thick clouds in the sky and the thick earth on the ground to twist, swallowing the heavens and sucking the earth.

The divine weapon and the strong Emperor Ding were affected, but they were still like an unstoppable mighty wave, setting off a berserk aura that emitted a dazzling sunlight as it charged towards Xiao Yulan like lightning.

Rumble rumble rumble! Rumble rumble rumble!

A series of tremors rang out, as if the heaven and earth were wailing in grief!

The two terrifying powers collided. The power that exploded mercilessly tore apart the earth, causing mountains to collapse and the sky to rumble.

Floating above the Six Realms Ding, Xiao Yulan had a stern expression. Her soft and beautiful long hair was accompanied by the fluttering of her white dress, as if she had merged with the world which was raging with the wind. The Six Realms Ding below her was shaking violently, causing white light waves to surge out, dispersing the energy left behind by Xiao Yuanbing and the others.

"She won't be able to hold on for long!" Xiao Yuanbing caught the Emperor Ding that was rebounded back, and his arms went numb. He had to admit, if he fought alone, Xiao Yulan who had the Six Realms Ding would be able to instantly kill him.

Chen Xiang looked from afar, to see blood trickling out of the corner of Xiao Yulan's mouth. His right hand trembled, and Heavenly magic sword with no sword tip appeared in a flash.

Facing this siege, although Xiao Yulan could block it, he could not hold on for long. If this continued, Xiao Yulan would definitely lose.

At this time, Chen Xiang already had ninety Divine Deity. Adding his fourteen Bones, he already had the strength to contend against Xiao Yuanbing and the others. Furthermore, after his Heavenly magic sword had been modified by the mysterious green pearl, its power was boundless.

"Xiao Yulan, I'll give you one more chance, hand over the Six Realms Ding! I guarantee that I won't make things difficult for you. With your current strength, you will definitely be able to lead a good life if you head to Star Law Divine Realm. However, if you continue to persevere, only death awaits you! " Xiao Yuanbing tightly gripped the Emperor Ding and at this time, the Emperor Ding was still trembling.

Although the name of the cauldron in Xiao Yuanbing's hands was Emperor Ding, but from the moment he collided with the Six Realms Ding, he could see the disparity in strength.

"Even if I die, I won't give it to you!" The Six Realms Ding was being repaired by Liu Meng'er and the others. She knew that it was extremely difficult for Liu Meng'er and the others to repair it, and she had yet to repay them.

But now, her royal father had suddenly appeared again, making Xiao Yuanbing, the person she hated the most, come and snatch her Six Realms Ding away.

The muscles on Xiao Yuanbing's face twitched, he was extremely furious, and said in a low voice: "You're just a woman, a weak and weak girl, don't meddle in this sort of thing, I'll give you one last chance!"

Xiao Yuanbing did not want to continue fighting, because if he continued, even if he managed to obtain the Six Realms Ding, he would be heavily injured, and most of the strong warriors on his side would die.

"Kill!" Seeing Xiao Yulan's cold expression, Xiao Yuanbing roared, the Emperor Ding in his hand took the lead and attacked first. Within the golden light, his flames of fury burned, bringing about a wave of fire.

"So many men bullying women. What are they?" Chen Xiang suddenly appeared and kicked the incoming Emperor Ding. His entire thigh was shining with dragon scales, when he kicked, his leg turned into a roaring fire dragon, releasing a shockingly loud roar, and smashed onto the Emperor Ding.


The Emperor Ding bounced back while trembling, and the wave of flames that it had brought with it was pushed back as well. This wave of fire was already controlled by Chen Xiang, and when he kicked out with his foot, he used the extremely strong Meteor immortal power.

The ninety nine Divine Deity transformed the Divine Sense Sea's Six Realms' Power into a raging flame, rushed out, turned into a berserk fire dragon, roared and churned within the sea of flames, and charged towards Xiao Yuanbing and the others.

"Chen Xiang!" Xiao Yuanbing looked at the Heavenly magic sword in Chen Xiang's hands. "I never thought that a damaged Heavenly magic sword would actually be this powerful!"

Back then, the moment the Heavenly magic sword was damaged, Xiao Yuanbing leaked it out, so he understood the nature of the Heavenly magic sword.

"It's enough to take your dog life!" Chen Xiang said lightly. The power in his body surged, and the aura he released intimidated everyone.

"Ninety Divine Deity!" Xiao Yulan was overjoyed, and said softly, "You have grown so much!"

Seeing Chen Xiang suddenly appearing and possessing such powerful strength, Xiao Yulan, who was standing behind Chen Xiang, felt like a huge mountain was standing in front of her, helping her to fend off the raging waves.

Sister Yulan, leave this Xiao Yuanbing to me, it can be considered that I have avenged the Heavenly Divine Lord, you deal with those trash! Chen Xiang stared at Xiao Yuanbing, and the Heavenly magic sword was also furious at this moment, it trembled slightly. The previous owner of the Heavenly magic sword was killed by Xiao Yuanbing.

The Divine King and the Great National Master beside Xiao Yuanbing were immediately enraged. They were all Rankers with 90 Divine Deity and above, but they were nothing in Chen Xiang's eyes.

"Don't move. Although I don't know how he suddenly possessed ninety percent of Divine Deity, don't think that just because he possesses a broken sword that he can defeat me! Even if he has a complete Heavenly magic sword, killing him would be as easy as flipping my hand! "

Xiao Yuanbing told the Great National Master and Divine Kings not to attack, and Xiao Yulan was also behind him at the same time, so he did not attack!

Now was the time for Xiao Yuanbing and Chen Xiang's fight!

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