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Chapter 17 – Sorting out the System

Flying on her sword, she led her disciple to the market. Ever since she had transmigrated into this novel, Di Jiufeng had never come to this sort of bustling place.

A forest of numerous stalls and vendors stood at both sides of the long and narrow street, selling rouge and jewelry, watercolors and painted scrolls, steam buns and fried cakes, items of every color and every shape dazzling Di Jiufeng's eyes. She dragged her disciple, darting back and forth in the market like a bird set free to fly.

Because it was crowded, Di Jiufeng didn't notice at all when she strayed away from her disciple.

She searched around a few laps. Not seeing her disciple, she immediately panicked. Tossing down the things in her hand, she fought against the tide of humanity to look for that thin and small figure.

But, people came and went, brushing shoulders and pressing heels. Di Jiufeng wasn't really tall, and jostled by the crowd, she not only failed to find her disciple, but was pushed into an alley at the corner of the street.

"System, System, quick, think of a way to help me find my disciple. Without my disciple, don't even dream of doing any missions in the future!"

At a time when she had not a chip to play, Di Jiufeng finally thought of the System.

My host is making a demand of me, and she's even ordering me about by the chin. Thinking of this, the System was annoyed. It coldly snorted, lifting up its nonexistent chin. "I don't have a GPS orientation system, I don't have any way to do satellite positioning."

"Hehe, you're saying this like there's a GPS on my disciple's body." Di Jiufeng gave it a faceful of scolding and said in a cold voice, "Are you going to look or not, if you don't, I won't do any work in the future!"

Even when the System was annoyed to death, Di Jiufeng refused to give it any more face.

Its host was suddenly this aggressive, and the System was struck a bit dumb. Unconsciously, it softened its temper. "But, but, this System really does not have a positioning function."

"If you don't have one then go make one for me, or else I'll see what use you are!"

Di Jiufeng got aggressive, scaring even herself. Of course, the System cowered a bit as well, but that still didn't merit its shrill scream.

But, Di Jiufeng most definitely heard a cut off frightened yell. "Host, host, quick, save me!" The System let out a crackling noise in fright.

Di Jiufeng still hadn't processed what happened when she head Ning Guang's voice from behind her. "Wretched resentful ghost, you dare to latch onto my Shifu's body! I'll hang you out to dry right now!"

Ning Guang's voice was dark and cold as a biting wind.

Hearing this, the System felt a terror like it had fallen into the pits of hell. It trembled violently, jumbled noises flowing out one over the other, making Di Jiufeng feel it would self-combust in fright and burn itself into scrap in the next second.


Though Di Jiufeng felt it would be pretty good if she could get rid of the System, her soul was already bound to the System. If the System was destroyed, she couldn't survive alone. So, scaring it was enough, in the end she couldn't threaten its existence.

"Ning Guang, I am raising this resentful ghost, do not hurt it."

Seeing her disciple rush in front of her, Di Jiufeng hurriedly reached out a hand to stop her.

Hearing her Shifu's voice, Ning Guang immediately halted her movements. Only the grey smoke in her hand was still cycling in and out, making the System shake like sifted chaff.

"Shifu, why would you raise a resentful ghost? These things are very vicious, they could very easily devour their host."

Di Jiufeng tapped her fine nose, saying profoundly, "In order to repay karma. Ning Guang, if you are worried for Shifu, then watch it well for me. If you are here, Shifu believes it definitely cannot raise any wind and waves."

Placating her disciple on the one hand and jeering at the System internally on the other.

Di Jiufeng practically couldn't raise her eyebrows and blow off steam any more, making this dumb System finally collapse. It finally dug its own grave!

Since she had sorted out the System and retrieved her disciple, Di Jiufeng happily took her to pick out eggs. The two bought a hundred or so eggs, then strolled around in the market until nightfall, then finally packed their things and returned to the sect.

As a Five Goods youth who knew how to eat eat eat and buy buy buy, Di Jiufeng knew what eggs looked like, and she knew what chicks looked like, but she had no idea what to do to hatch chicks.

But all of this wasn't a problem, ah, she had an omnipotent disciple.

Twenty days later, Ning Guang walked up to her Shifu, holding a flock of small fuzzy balls fresh out of their shells in her cupped palms. Seeing this flock of tiny chicks, their fuzz still damp, a quiet "beep" sounded in Di Jiufeng's mind.

System: Didn't want to say anything in front of the ancient witch, but the mission is complete, it couldn't help but appear.

Cheeks streaming with tears, the System dully lay in its own little room. "Host, host, your mission is complete, reward a hundred fortune points, do you want to exchange it for the dudou right now?"

Di Jiufeng humphed twice and said, aloof, "Are you sure it's only a hundred fortune points? In addition, what is the use of all the items in the System store? Think carefully about your answer, or I'll tell my disciple you're bullying me."


This chapter was translated by Lily. Five Goods (五好 wu3 hao3): refers to the "Five Goods Movement", a 1950s political campaign by the PRC to promote the Party's vision of housewives in the socialist order. Wikipedia article here:
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