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YunGe hugged her disciple tightly. “I will never leave you.”

The disciple burrowed deeper into YunGe's arms  like a little rabbit, and leaned on her bosom. “Master’s… words… must count…”

YunGe couldn’t help but laugh; even now, she still had to promise. She briefly touched her disciple’s red nose. “Crybaby, master’s words always count!”

“Wu[1]…” The Ice spiritual beast next to them really couldn’t endure it anymore and shouted.

YunGe looked at the spiritual beast who was pleading and crawling on the floor, pretending to die. All spiritual beasts on Yunfu School’s back mountains have a certain consciousness[2]. YunGe extended a hand and gave the spiritual beast some spiritual power. It was as if she didn’t care about it continuing to pretend to die.

Had the spiritual beast known what she was thinking, it would have definitely hurled the gifted spiritual power at her face! Pretending to die?! It was on the verge of dying, alright? That “seemingly weaker than a chicken” wimp had beaten it to death, okay?

Unfortunately, the spiritual beast did not know her thoughts, so after obtaining another portion of spiritual power, it took the opportunity to get closer and rub against her leg. Then its body went stiff. Two seconds later, it ran away!

YunGe was not aware of this course of events, she merely found the way it ran off to be a bit funny.

“Master…” The disciple rubbed against YunGe’s neck, resentful that all her attention was captured by a mere spiritual beast.

YunGe inwardly felt happy. Her disciple's personality had become more and more lively; her eyes weren’t as empty.

It’s just that… YunGe sighed in her heart. Her disciple completely lacked that kind of  inheritance in her spiritual veins. What had gone wrong?

[T/N- “that kind of inheritance”- Connecting the second to last paragraph(about more personality) to the next paragraph.  Basically saying she lacks spiritual power in contrast to personality.]

The little disciple's results of the day were entirely dependent on physically scuffling with the spiritual beast, without using even a little spiritual power.

It would be a lie to say that her disciple was incapable of gathering spiritual power. In order to kill that Level 8 Flame Beast, the disciple had gathered a great amount of spiritual power with her bare hands. Furthermore, this was after looking at the process of gathering spiritual power just once. There aren't many cultivators with the talent to replicate such a skill in that manner. YunGe completely relied on her own cultivation base[3], but her disciple could do it without cultivation. At the time, YunGe thought it was due to the advantage of having Wood spiritual veins and a Pure Yin body, but now…

YunGe had a bad premonition.

“Alright, I’ll give you something good to eat once we get home, crybaby…” YunGe gently wiped the glistening tears that still hung on her disciple’s face.

“Master…” The disciple buried her face in YunGe’s embrace, her voice trembling. It gave a kind of pitiful feeling. “Master… am I useless?…”

YunGe smiled. “No, you’re still too young. Besides, you’ve beaten up a little monster until it couldn’t even stand up…”

“Master…” The disciple had raised her head, then stared at her without saying anything else.  She was still very thin, but because of her alabaster lips, both of her cheeks were swelling like pockets full of money. Her chin was sharp. The pupils of her eyes were bright, as if they were looking at the entire world. The disciple’s 5 sensory organs were fully engaged. Those formerly empty eyes were nowhere to be seen. This was the first time YunGe saw her disciple like this.

“Hm?” YunGe smiled. “Crybaby grew to be really pretty, like a little princess, but too thin.” She kneaded her disciple’s wrist, which resembled a pole used to dry clothes in the air.

The disciple’s face went red and swiftly buried in YunGe’s bosom. Seeing this, YunGe smiled even more. “You’re still shy?”

YunGe’s heart felt warm. She finally understood why others say that daughters were intimate[4]. Even when she wasn’t doing anything, her disciple would lie in her arms, bringing warmth to her heart.

Once they returned to the cave, the disciple hung on to YunGe, unwilling to come down.

YunGe took off her disciple’s hat, then rubbed her head. “Crybaby, you’re going to turn into a baby kangaroo~”

The disciple poked out her head. “Master, what is a baby kangaroo?”

At this point, YunGe remembered that there were no kangaroos in this world! However, she did not let this affect her elegant facade in front of her disciple. “It’s a type of spiritual beast. The baby spiritual beast hangs in their mother’s bosom everyday. Afterwards, their legs become shorter and shorter. Crybaby, if you don’t get down, your legs will end up just like the baby kangaroo’s legs. Shorter and shorter…” YunGe deceived the ignorant girl and even pinched her nose.

“…” The disciple immediately went down.

YunGe saw this and laughed. Apparently, going to the back mountains was the right choice. The disciple had changed a lot.

The disciple’s body was wrapped in a white fur cloak. Because the hat was recently taken off, her short hair was a mess and her eyes, now full of color, kept wandering around. YunGe discovered that when her disciple grinned, she would unintentionally display two shy rabbit teeth. It was originally somewhat a pretty appearance simply because of this dim-witted smile. What was even more dim-witted was that the rabbit teeth looked pure and stupidly adorable. YunGe looked on until her heart melted. Who would’ve known that these were the true colors of this cold disciple she picked up!

The disciple felt embarrassed being gazed at so intently. With a loud clamor, she swiftly held on to YunGe’s thighs. She raised her head and looked at YunGe. “Master…”

"…” YunGe’s heart was affected by the adorableness to the point of 'must not, must not.' She carried her disciple back up. “Be good…”

“Master…” The disciple moved closer to YunGe’s face. The distance between their faces were only a few centimeters. “Master is the best…”

While mumbling that sentence, the disciple rubbed her face against YunGe’s face.

YunGe stared blankly. This development… isn’t it a bit too fast?

That disciple… doesn’t she have autism? Could it be that she was mistaken?

However, YunGe was very satisfied with her disciple’s affection. She even took the initiative to rub against her disciple’s face. “Disciple is very well-behaved.”

“…” YunGe did not notice the flash of light passing through her disciple’s eyes upon hearing those words. YunGe was thinking about her own error in judging her disciple's heart to be cold, just because her face was cold. Once her disciple acknowledged someone in her heart, they would always be a familiar person.

The two people intimately ate pastries. Then, she coaxed her disciple to sleep. YunGe was different from her disciple; her disciple still needed to sleep.

Once YunGe coaxed her disciple to sleep, she turned to leave. The originally-sleeping disciple opened her eyes and looked at YunGe’s back. The expression in her eyes became more and more resolute.

Once again, she had used everything to gamble! Staking it all on one bet! Betting on this person who treated her just as well as her mother treated her so-called little sister! Betting that this person would treat her well with no ulterior motives. Nothing to do with spiritual veins and nothing to do with that so-called physique… It seemed as if this bet was her last trace of hope in the world…

Like that person had said, how could anyone be genuinely good towards someone like herself? Even if she could understand things from a young age, she still couldn’t stand this world, but what about it?

Right now… she had won the bet, hadn't she? A warm liquid could not stop flowing.

The Author has Something to Say:

[T/N]- Just talking about hearing a song when they went into a supermarket. (I’m too lazy to translate. Editor says they are also lazy.)     

End of Chapter! Thanks for Reading!


[1]- A noise for whimpering

[2]-“An ability possessed by cultivators to scan their surroundings (far beyond the limits of their ordinary 5 senses) with their spirit. The distance/total area they can scan corresponds to the strength of their spirit. Also used in some novels to remotely control magical items such as Flying Swords.” – quoted from Immortal Mountain wordpress

[3]- Cultivation Base- “The amount or capacity of refined Qi possessed by a cultivator.”

[4]-“贴心小棉袄”- Daughter being considerate about their parents’ concerns. So a close relationship.

-My inbox got flooded with likes and comments from previous chapters…. please do that more often :3 thx

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