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"General Leng is back!" The spectators all turned to look at the exit of the forest.

Leng Yufeng was dressed in black, and he was sitting upright on his big horse. The warm noon sunlight shone on his face, but it did not soften Leng Yufeng's facial features. Instead, his ice-cold expression seemed even more severe.

Looking at the fragrance drifting from the stands, Shang's heart sank as he said with a smile to the Western Paradise's sweet beauty, "Time is almost up. I wonder why General Huyan still hasn't appeared yet!" It seems like General Huyan has reaped quite the harvest this time! "

When Leng Yufeng appeared, Western Fragrance already knew that things were not going well. After all, Leng Yufeng's clean body did not look like he was fighting a wild beast, and now that Huyan Shang had not appeared, Western Fragrance felt that something was wrong. She was afraid that things had gone wrong! Harmony of the Western Regions picked up the wine cup from the table and gulped down the entire cup, suppressing her displeasure. There were still two matches left, and Honeylush was already thinking of a plan.

As for where it went, there was no need to worry. Furthermore, Little Black also had the Blood Shang Army by his side, after all, he had been killed once, so he definitely would not make the same mistake.

"Your majesty!" Leng Yufeng slightly bowed to Emperor Shang before sitting down beside Shang Wuxin. Now that everyone knew their relationship, Leng Yufeng was no longer hiding anything.

Looking at the man sitting beside him, Shang Wuxin stretched out her white, transparent hand and poured tea for Leng Yufeng, placing it in front of his face. The man's deep voice was no longer lowered, but a woman's caring and gentle voice, "Are you hurt?"

The hand that Leng Yufeng used to hold the teacup trembled, and the tea within splashed onto the back of his hand. Leng Yufeng did not pay any attention to his embarrassed state and tried his best to suppress his gaze. It was because Shang's voice was too pleasant to hear, it was as if Leng Yufeng was thinking of someone on the bed.

"No!" Leng Yufeng realised that his voice was hoarse, and quickly covered it up, "I'm fine!" However, this was not how it looked to Shang Wuxin. She held Leng Yufeng's hand and carefully observed his body, but she did not know that her wild observation had caused someone to push her body up again. Even her neck was red with veins.

Shang Wuxin did not know what had happened, but seeing Leng Yufeng's red neck and eyes, he suddenly understood. Was she really up to no good? This man was moved in front of so many people?

"Calm down!" Even though he knew that Leng Yufeng's eyes were downcast, Shang Wuxin was still able to imagine what Leng Yufeng's eyes would look like after he became infatuated. Leng Yufeng, on the other hand, did not wish for any woman to see him like this.

Leng Yufeng nodded his head lightly, but when he looked up, his eyes were clear and bright. No one would have thought that this man was so emotional. Shang Wuxin sneered, clearly satisfied with Leng Yufeng's self-control.

"Good self-control. Continue to maintain it!" Shang didn't have the heart to praise her man. He had a perverted disposition and overbearing attitude towards her man. She liked her man to face her without any resistance, but without any flaw when facing others.

What he did not say was, as long as that person was not Shang Wuxin, he was very confident in his self-control. However, if that person was Shang Wuxin, even Leng Yufeng was doubtful of his self-control.

At this time, Huan Mo Che who was sitting on the other side said, "Xin'er, my self-control is also very good!" Unfortunately, Shang Wuxin did not even give Huan Mo Che a glance, while Leng Yu Feng looked at Huan Mo Che with disdain.

Time was up, but Huyan Shang did not show up. Although the Emperor did not know what was going on, he still felt that it had something to do with his daughter. With an expression of concern, the Shang Emperor asked, "Princess Honeylush, the time is up, but General Huyan has yet to return. No matter what, you've already lost!" Although the words seemed to be filled with concern, they contained a decision that the person in power could not change.

Western Paradise's Xiang Luan stretched out her hand to stroke her long hair, and very generously said, "Indeed, this princess has lost this round! However, there are two more rounds, and the bet between this princess and Crown Prince Shang is not over yet! "

Emperor Shang nodded his head, not showing any arrogance towards the West. He said to the guards below, "Bring General Huyan back. This hunting ground is so big, I'm afraid General Huyan has gotten lost!" With a single sentence, he had caused the people of the Western Regions to turn dark. However, the civil and military officials of the State of Shang mocked him.

However, everyone came back with Huyan Shang, but all the women had their eyes covered. Even Shang Wuxin was shielded by the folding fan in front of him, even though he could not see what was happening in front of him.

"What's going on? How is this possible!? " Emperor Shang scolded.

At this time, Huyan Shang had already been wrapped by the cloak brought by the Western Region's guards. No one felt more aggrieved than him. The reason why he didn't appear at all time was because he didn't have any clothes on him. While he was waiting for the guards to come find him, Huyan Shang felt that his chance had finally come. However, Huyan Shang did not expect that these guards would ignore him and bring the naked him back to the hunting grounds. The surrounding gazes almost made Huyan Shang, who had lived for more than half his life, faint.

Seeing the humiliated Huyan Shang, she directly ordered her subordinates, "General Huyan is not feeling well, take him to rest!" Without giving Huyan Shang the chance to refuse, Huyan Shang was brought down like this.

"I'm really sorry, but it seems like I won this match!" Shang Bin raised his teacup and cup to Western Fragrance. Western Fragrance also picked up her teacup with a smile and nodded across the space between them, before finishing it in one gulp.

"It's not over yet!" The Western Paradise's sweet voice sounded very melodious.

Lunch was eaten in the hunting grounds. Of course, with Emperor Shang sitting there, it was impossible for them to really eat anything. Some of the women from the imperial family barely had time to eat in order to maintain their etiquette. However, Shang Wuxin, who was sitting beside him, ate gracefully. The two men on either side of him had not yet picked up their own dishes. Such care made everyone's teeth ache, and Emperor Shang, who was sitting alone, felt his heart skip a beat.

"Let me compete for the afternoon match!" If one were to say that the morning match was a martial arts match, then the following match would be considered a written match. Because Shang had confirmed that the competition was only decided on today, he did not decide on the specific person, as if he did not care about the competition at all.

The chopsticks paused slightly, and Shang Wuxin turned to look at Huan Mo Che, noticing that although Huan Mo Che was still smiling, his peach blossom eyes were filled with determination. Shang Wuxin picked up the dishes and placed them in Huan Mo Che's bowl. You can play around with me! " To Shang, this was just a game.

Huan Mo Che nodded, he was obviously very satisfied with Shang Wuxin's reassurance. To Illusory Mo Che, he was the last of the few men to be unintentionally acknowledged by Shang, so there were many times when he wished to express himself.

After lunch, he saw the young men and women below riding their horses and galloping on the hunting grounds from time to time. After lunch, he saw the young men and women riding their horses and galloping on the hunting grounds from time to time from time to time.

Emperor Shang looked at the time and saw that it was indeed getting late. He nodded and the second round began. Regardless of whether it was to the Western Regions or the State of Shang, this duel was very important. Victory or defeat would be decided by this round.

The literary competition was about painting. It seemed to be a very ordinary competition, but it was a test of one's skill. One had to know whether or not one's drawing skills were good. Although Shang Wuxin was very confident in the art of the Illusory Mo Che, on the contrary, it was the same in the Western Regions. Shang Wuxin also knew that things would not be as simple as he thought.

At this time, Xiang Luan from the Western Regions stood up and said with a smile, "In this competition, this princess will personally come!" Originally, the Western Paradise Fragrance didn't plan to personally act, but now that they've lost a match, she wouldn't allow another loss. More importantly, she couldn't allow that city to lose again.

Noticing Western Fragrance standing up, Shang Wuxin knew that Western Fragrance had been forced into a corner. However, as expected of the most favored princess of the Western Regions, her face was still as calm as ever, her smile not fluctuating in the slightest.

The slight smile on his face made him stretch his brows, his skin was smooth like silk, and a pair of peach blossom eyes sparkled like the waves in the ocean.

Even if the Western Paradise Fragrance was hostile towards Huanmo Che, she had no choice but to admit that he was very attractive. It would be a pity if he was the one possessing the Fragrance of the Western Regions, but she only thought about it for a moment. After all, she liked rights more than the beautiful Xuanluo of the Western Regions.

"Since Princess Honeylush has personally come forward, then it's about time for me to stand up and stretch my muscles!" Huan Mo Che laughed as he spoke, and then he directly placed a gentle kiss on Shang Wuxin's forehead and descended from the stands.

Shameless! Disregarding etiquette! Disgraceful! All sorts of insults flashed through the crowd's mind, but no one dared to say it out loud. They felt that it was a blasphemy to the two of them. Meanwhile, the Western Paradise's Scented Fragrance felt disgusted, but she felt a surge of jealousy instead.

"The second battle begins!" Emperor Shang's voice resounded.

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