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In just a few seconds, the aura on Wei Suo's body shook, and an enormous transparent stream of Divine Sea brilliance emerged from his body, rippling out pure water essence energy.

This ball of Divine Sea radiance was extremely resplendent, and it was even four to five times bigger than the light that Wei Suo had used the Heaven Replenishing Pill to replenish his Divine Sea low grade. It gave off a feeling as if a layer of mist had risen from Wei Suo's body, and then a dazzling bright moon had risen from within.

"So fast!"

"How is this possible!"

Hua Li and Shui Ling'er immediately stopped breathing. Their faces were filled with disbelief.

Wei Suo's cultivation speed was simply too astonishing.

They hadn't consumed any spiritual medicines or refined spirit stones at all. After dispersing all of their cultivation, they had actually cultivated a new Divine Sea martial artist to the first level of the Divine Sea realm!

"He has the fragment of a wondrous tree in his body. Just its spirit energy is enough to raise his cultivation very quickly!" This is the reason why his confidence is so strong, and why he dares to prepare to challenge Xu Qianhuan within these six or seven days. " Since they were all of their own kind, the green-robed old man didn't hide anything and spoke proudly.

At this moment, the green-robed elder was truly proud of himself.

After obtaining the inheritances of the ancient Three Great Imperial Sects, even an opponent like King Lin, King Lin, had fallen in their hands. Furthermore, Wei Suo had obtained a top-grade cultivation method like the Water Emperor's Devouring Sun Spell. In the past tens of thousands of years, there had been very few artifact spirit that had been able to follow such a powerful master.

"Fragment of the Wonder Tree, what treasure is this?" Shui Ling'er's extremely pure face was filled with shock. She had never even heard of such a thing as a fragment of a wondrous tree, not even when she came from a top-notch sect.

"The Tree Fragment was a treasure left behind by the heavens before it was created. It is pure white like jade and looks like a piece of wood, but it contains astonishing spirit energy. Normally, only after being treated with spiritual medicine and implanted into the blood could it be slowly washed away and refined with Qi and blood. "However, the ancient Three Great Imperial Sects' top cultivation technique, the Water Emperor's Devouring Sun Spell, is able to rely on the water essence in one's body to refine such a treasure." The green-robed old man narrowed his eyes as he looked at Wei Suo.


However, during this conversation, the aura on Wei Suo's body rapidly increased. With another tremble, another Divine Sea cultivation appeared. Two massive lumps of Divine Sea light were emitted from Wei Suo's body like two dazzling moons.

"It's too fast!"

"This speed is truly unimaginable!"

Seeing that Wei Suo almost directly wanted to cross over to the next level in terms of cultivation speed, not to mention Shui Ling'er and Yin Lihua, even Ji Ya, who knew a lot about Wei Suo, was extremely shocked.

The Water Emperor's Devouring Sun Spell is simply too terrifying. No wonder that fellow was able to reach the later stages of the third level of the Aurous Core Stage after his body was destroyed by Wei Suo. This kind of technique is simply too weak and cannot be revealed easily, otherwise it would bring about a disaster. Lihua couldn't help but say.

"The reason why his cultivation speed is so fast isn't just because of the Water Emperor's Devouring Sun Spell, but because he has a body as strong as a giant starlight python's. Furthermore, he has five spiritual roots. " The green-robed old man said with a bit of pride.

"What!?" "He has five spiritual roots!" Both of them couldn't help but exclaim in a low voice at the same time. The two of them were extremely clear about what kind of shocking talent a cultivator with five spiritual roots had.

"This kind of cultivation technique can absorb spiritual medicines and cultivate while casting spells at the same time." Wei Suo, this is the water elemental energy from the elemental energy that you dispersed earlier. "This kind of cultivation method should be because the more the water energy in your body is washed away like water, the faster you will be able to refine things and the faster your cultivation will increase." At this moment, a fist-sized water ball was condensed in front of Shui Ling`er. It was extremely transparent and sparkling, without any impurities. His eyes were filled with shock as he looked at Wei Suo. This extremely elegant, fairy-like girl stretched out her jade-like finger and pointed at him. The fist-sized ball of sparkling water floated before Wei Suo.

Wei Suo nodded. With a "boom", a stream of transparent Yuan Qi rushed out from the top of his head. Like a big mouth, it swallowed the crystal ball in one gulp.

In the blink of an eye, the translucent water ball transformed into countless streams of water elemental energy, which entered Wei Suo's body from the top of his head.



Almost at the same instant this translucent water ball was swallowed up, Wei Suo's body emitted a shocking amount of water elemental energy. His body, which seemed to have just decayed a moment ago, instantly became moist again. Another two dazzling balls of transparent divine sea brilliance appeared.

Fourth level of the Spirit Sea Realm!

It was like a leap, and Wei Suo instantly reached the fourth level of the Spirit Sea Realm!

After breaking through to the Spirit Sea Realm, Wei Suo reached out and took out a high-grade spirit stone. Waves of water energy rushed up and continuously condensed into true essence.

At this moment, he did not have enough true essence to use the overflowing river, so he was temporarily unable to swallow the demonic cores that contained other mixed elements.

"Wei Suo, the aura of the Heavenly Crystal Emperor Pill is extremely pure and will not affect your body. Do you want to use the Heavenly Crystal Emperor Pill to raise your cultivation?" Jia Ya asked, upon seeing Wei Suo's actions.

"No need. With my cultivation speed, if nothing unexpected happens, it would be easy for me to cultivate to the DivisionPhase. Right now, I'm only using high-grade spirit stones to increase my speed as much as possible." When I reach the 3rd or 4th level of the Refinement Realm, with the power of the Heavenly Grade cultivation technique, I can probably activate a part of the power of the Unstoppable River. At that time, I can start to swallow some low-level water type Demonic Cores. Even though the spiritual energy of the Heavenly Crystal Emperor Pill was astonishing, when it reached the Aurous Core stage, the amount of spiritual energy needed to cultivate the Heavenly Crystal Emperor Pill was nothing more than a drop in a bucket. "These Heavenly Crystal Emperor Pills, if I were to use them, it would be a waste." Weasel shook his head. He was also extremely shocked in his heart. This cultivation speed was indeed too astonishing.

Even if he used this method to refine the high-grade spirit stones in his hands, compared to the time when he was cultivating the Purple Profound True Art, the speed at which he refined spirit energy was at least ten times faster!

Moreover, the most surprising aspect of this cultivation method was that one could cultivate while simultaneously circulating true essence, as if they were split into two. When practicing this cultivation method, a portion of the true essence and water origin energy in the body were like rivers converging in the sea, countless of them flowing according to a certain trajectory, rushing into the body.

It was hard to imagine how powerful a top rank Heaven Realm technique was.

It was no wonder that the young man who had inherited the legacy of the Three Sovereigns didn't place Wei Suo in their eyes at all.

This was because the difference in starting points between the two was just too great. It was as if one of them had been born in a huge treasury filled with gold and jewels, while the other had been born in a dilapidated stone kiln.

Moreover, the young masters of super great sects like Xu Qianhuan were not only powerful in cultivation techniques, but also powerful sects. It was as if they were born in a huge treasury filled with gold and jewels, as well as some powerful guards. Therefore, in his eyes, a rogue cultivator like Wei Suo, who was at the first and second level of the Aurous Core stage, was just an ant.

However, what he didn't know was that Wei Suo had already begun to turn into an ant that had truly turned into a dragon!





Dazzling balls of Divine Sea brilliance rose from Wei Suo's body.

Fifth level of the Spirit Sea Realm!

First level of the Refinement Realm!

Second level of the Refinement Realm!

Third level of the Refinement Realm!

Wei Suo's cultivation continued to increase at an alarming rate.

Now, every time he cultivated a Divine Sea martial artist, the amount of time that he would need to increase by several times over.

It took him about an hour to reach the third level of the Refinement Realm.

To be able to raise his cultivation level from the second level of the Refinement Realm to the third level of the Refinement Realm within an hour, this kind of cultivation speed could only be described as terrifying. This kind of cultivation speed was something that even the mysterious young man could not compare to.

But in such a short period of time, compared to the time he took to cultivate his Divine Sea cultivation, this was already considered a long time. And with this speed, it would have taken him two hours to go from the third to the fourth level of the cycle. It would take at least two to six hours to advance from the fourth to the fifth level of the Circulatory Cycle. On the other hand, it would take at least five to six hours to get from the fifth level of the Circulatory Cycle Revolution to the First Stage.

According to this calculation, it would take almost five days to reach the fourth level of the Separate Will realm. If he wanted to surpass Xu Qiuhuan's sacred art in six days, he simply could not make it in time.

But at this time, Wei Suo reached out his hand and a white true essence rippled with a strong water spirit aura wrapped around the river in front of him.


Under this strange entanglement of white true essence, waves of extremely pure and thick water origin energy immediately gushed out from the overflowing river, continuously washing into Wei Suo's body.

All the pores on Wei Suo's body opened up almost instantly and spurted out streams of water elemental energy.

At the same time, Wei Suo's eyes lit up. He reached out and took out a low-grade fifth-grade water demonic core. Unlike the previous time where his head was filled with Yuan Qi, he directly swallowed it down in one gulp.

Streams of mixed elemental energy immediately gushed out of Wei Suo's pores along with the water elemental energy.

It gave off the feeling that the pores on Wei Suo's body were like small mouths devouring the water attributed beast core that he had just swallowed, spitting out all the impurities within.

As the countless "small mouths" spat out, the aura on Wei Suo's body rose bit by bit, becoming stronger. It was evident that the water energy in this beast core was being absorbed by Wei Suo at an astonishing speed.


In less than half an incense stick of time, Wei Suo's body once again emitted the dazzling brilliance of his Divine Sea, as if a bright moon had risen from the sea!

"Wei Suo, your cultivation speed is too fast. I can't take it anymore. If I keep looking, I will definitely feel that my cultivation speed is too slow and that my dao heart will be broken." I'll go refine the Yin Symbol Sword first. "

Seeing this, after saying this, she rushed out.

Wei Suo's cultivation speed was simply too astonishing, almost causing her mind to be distracted and her dao heart to be broken.

"Let's go. If we keep watching, we won't be able to take it either. We'll cultivate by ourselves first." Jia Ya knew that based on this situation, at least Wei Suo would no longer be in any danger when he practiced this martial art. After nodding towards Han Weiwei and the others, they also rushed out.

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