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He was extremely depressed.

Doran's Blade, followed by a longsword.

Long Fei's heart was full of fire, and this fire could only be let out in one way or another.

Berserk Kill!

Right now, he just wanted to complete the final mission.

Nothing else.

However …

Facing such a large amount of Mu Rong family's experience, it was hard for Long Fei and the rest to be his match.

Chen Tianfei stared at Murong Xiu and said: "Murong Xiu, you want to start a war with my General's Estate right?"

Murong Xiu sneered: "Damn fat pig, you're only clear now?"

"Hand over the three-rate fairy vein obediently and I will spare your lives."

He had to get the three-rate fairy vein.

This might be the reason why the Murong Family's fate was changed. The reason why Murong Tian was able to soar into the heavens and reach the Immortal Foundation of a Demon Slayer was also why the Murong Family took the risk.

If they failed, the Mu Rong family would face the suppression from the royal family. If they succeeded … Everyone knew the logic of having the victor as king. Even the Li Dynasty didn't dare to do anything to them.

"The three-rate fairy vein, right?"

Chen Tianfei took it out from the Space Ring, "This is the Fire Cloud Fairy Root."

"You want it?"


"Call me father, and I will give it to you." Chen Tianfei said in a domineering manner.

Murong Xiu stared at the 'Fire Cloud Fairy Root' with green light in his eyes. He was extremely excited, and the other disciples were the same.

The value of the three-rate fairy vein was three thousand fairy stones, which was money the Murong King Residence would never be able to earn in their entire lives.

Now it was right in front of him.

Murong Xiu said excitedly, "As expected, it's in your hands. Since it's like this … "Heh heh …"

Murong Xiu laughed sinisterly, and said: "Then prepare to die!"

Chen Tianfei's gaze darkened, and he said: "I'm preparing to die?"

The idea moved.

He placed the three-rate fairy vein back into the Space Ring and dripped a drop of his blood essence onto it. Then, he sneered: "Imprint of Death."

"No one can open this Space Ring without me."

"Murong Xiu, didn't you want to kill me? "Come on, come on, come on, if you have the guts, you can f * cking kill this daddy here." Chen Tianfei walked down with incomparable arrogance.

Don't look at how the fatty was always acting like a playboy with a naughty personality.

However …

His IQ decided not to be below 180.

Murong Xiu's face became gloomy, "Imprint of Death, Fatty Pig, you …"

This way.

Then he wouldn't be able to take out the Fire Cloud Fairy Root.

It could only be done through Chen Tianfei.

Chen Tianfei laughed coldly: "Murong Xiu, you want to kill this daddy? Why don't you try and kill him now? "

Murong Xiu said solemnly: "Chen Tianfei, what do you want?"

Chen Tianfei said: "My request is simple. Let my friends leave, once they leave, I will give the Fire Cloud Fairy Root to you."

He knew very well.

He would not be able to leave today.

Even if the Mu Rong family could not obtain the Fire Cloud Fairy Root, they did not think that the Chen family could obtain it.

He was going all out.

Long Fei saved him twice, so they couldn't harm Long Fei again.

Xiao Ying could not help but ask: "Aren't you a student that was taken in by the god emperor academy? Who dares to touch you? "

"Breaking the record?"

"Hahaha... Hahaha... I'm done laughing. " Murong Xiu laughed out loud, and said: "Even a damn fat pig like him wants to make an exception?"

"His qualification was bought by his grandfather with thirty fairy stones.

"Him? "If you go back and train in your mother's womb for another ten thousand years, you probably won't be qualified, hahaha …"

Murong Xiu laughed at him loudly.

The rest of the Mu Rong family's disciples also started laughing out loud.

Murong Xiu laughed: "Moreover, that qualifications to be accepted by you is probably not yours even if your grandfather were to die, right?"

"Right now, you only have the Fire Cloud Fairy Root in your hands, you fat pig, you better do as you say, otherwise, I will make you feel worse than death." Murong Xiu's gaze darkened, and he shouted: "Let the three of them go!"

He had no other way.

They could only agree to Chen Tianfei's request.

As for Long Fei, he will take care of him later.

Chen Tianfei turned around and chuckled at Long Fei, then said: "Boss, I've disappointed you. It's just as he said, my right to be accepted was bought with money."

"If my grandfather leaves, my qualification will be cancelled by the Chen family's elders."

"Hehe …"

Chen Tianfei was laughing, but the inside of his smile was incomparably painful, and he was blaming himself in his heart, as he roared: "Why? "Why?"

"Why did I fuse with a piece of trash immortal root?"


"Then why did the Immortal Foundation choose me?"

"Why is that?"

"If it's attacking the Immortal Foundation, if it's something else … "I won't become like this, ah …"

His heart was in extreme pain.

When the Chen family was offering sacrifices to the heavens, he was suddenly enveloped by a ray of light, not giving him any chance to resist. A strand of immortal foundation descended from the sky, directly fusing into his body without giving him any chance to choose.

These years passed.

His weight shot up.

His cultivation did not improve at all over these years, to the point that he gave up cultivating and became a popinjay in god emperor city.

All these years, his grandfather had always been protecting him, and now …

He really hated himself. If he was a little stronger, what would the Mu Rong family matter?

This was the biggest pain in his heart.

His natural Immortal Foundation was very powerful.

However …

There was another type of Immortal Foundation that was even stronger than natural Immortal Roots.

That was the Heaven's Volition Immortal Root.

This kind of immortal root had never been born before, so Chen Tianfei was the first to do so. It was a kind of holy-armor fairy vein, with heaven-defying defense!


His powers had yet to awaken.

… ….

Long Fei walked down the steps and looked at Chen Tianfei with a bland smile. "From the moment you called me Boss, you were already my, Long Fei's, brother."

"The style of I, Long Fei, is this."

"I will never abandon my brother."

"The Murong Mansion, right?"

Long Fei walked forward as he pointed the Orchid's Blade in his hand at Murong Xiu. The corners of his mouth curled up as he sneered: "Come if you dare!"

Chen Tianfei was startled, "Boss."

Long Fei laughed: "Do you think you're useless? "You're wrong, your power is much more terrifying than you imagined it to be, because …"

"You are invincible!"

Long Fei did not want to say too much.

Chen Tianfei needed his own strength to awaken, not Long Fei's help.

He couldn't tell Chen Tianfei that he was invincible in defense.

To grow up, he had to rely on himself!

Chen Tianfei's gaze tightened, as his heart was incomparably moved.

At this moment.

Man Tuoluo also walked down.

Xiao Ying also walked down.

Chen Tianfei stood in a row with Long Fei and the others, leaving a spot between them. Chen Tianfei clenched his fists tightly, and walked up to them.

The four of them stood in a row.

Murong Xiu's lips curled up as he stared at Long Fei and sneered, and said: These days, there are always some people who are conceited and like to die, right?


"Then I'll grant you your wish."

"Archers, get ready!"

whoosh whoosh whoosh … *


In the buildings near the god's phoenix pavilion, over a hundred crossbow crossbowmen suddenly stood up, they all pulled on their bows and aimed at Long Fei and the other three!

Chapter III

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