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A Half-step Immortal King! Chen Xi was shocked in his heart, and he couldn't help but reveal a wisp of shock and admiration in his gaze.

The Immortal King Realm was above the Saint Immortal Realm. Since the ancient times until now, there were only a few supreme experts in the entire Immortal Dimension capable of ascending into this realm and receiving the reverence of all living beings.

The reason was that besides possessing a supreme cultivation in the path to immortality and Dao Heart, and the mastery of the Laws of the Grand Dao, if one desired to advance into the Immortal King Realm, then it was most important for one to go against the heavens and seize the Karmic Luck of the three dimensions!

Simply speaking, it was impossible to become a king without karmic luck!

Unfortunately, the karmic luck of the three dimensions was too incorporeal, and it came from the supreme circulation of the Grand Dao. Since the ancient times until now, countless Saint Immortal Realm experts had stopped before the Immortal King Realm, and it was because they were unable to seize the karmic luck of the three dimensions.

For example, at this moment, amidst the myriads of living beings in the 4,900 continents of the Immortal Dimension, there were only a mere four known existences at the Immortal King Realm!

This obviously showed how difficult it was to advance into the Immortal King Realm.

On the other hand, the Half-step Immortal King Realm was slightly superior to the Saint Immortal Realm, yet inferior to the Immortal King Realm. It was in between these two realms, and it represented those existences who had a foot through the barrier to the Immortal King Realm yet had another foot still remaining outside the barrier.

These existences already possessed the ability to charge into the Immortal King Realm, and they were only lacking in the step of utilizing the 'karmic luck of the three dimensions' to temper themselves.

In other words, Half-step Immortal Kings could be considered the strongest experts beneath the Immortal King Realm!

Presently, Dao Emperor Academy had actually deployed such a supreme figure to preside over the recruitment test. Moreover, there were even six Saint Immortal Realm experts following by his side. This obviously showed how much importance Dao Emperor Academy attached to this recruitment.

"Hmph! That fellow, Wang Daolu, is getting more and more cocky!" Tie Qiuyu's low and cold grunt sounded out by Chen Xi's ears. Chen Xi turned around and saw Tie Qiuyu was laughing coldly as he gazed at the Half-step Immortal King Realm middle aged man who stood in midair, and Tie Qiuyu's expression was rather resentful.

"Wang Daolu? It couldn't be that he made senior lose 100,000 immortal stones, right?" Chen Xi was shocked in his heart as he recalled the unintentional complaint of Tie Qiuyu when he'd just arrived at Darkombat City.

He'd spoken these words via voice transmission. After all, this was a Half-step Immortal King, so even he didn't dare act rashly.

But even then, Chen Xi still acutely noticed that the middle aged man called Wang Daolu inadvertently glanced towards him.

Even though it was only a glance, at this instant, Chen Xi felt his soul shiver as if that gaze could see through all the secrets he possessed.

Fortunately, this gaze only swept past Chen Xi before it quickly descended onto the nearby Tie Qiuyu. Besides causing Chen Xi to heave a sigh of relief in his heart, Chen Xi couldn't help but be shocked inwardly because this Half-step Immortal King's gaze was truly too shocking.

Tie Qiuyu seemed as if he didn't notice it instead, and he raised his skinny chest as he glared indifferently at the distance Wang Daolu, and the resentment on his face grew deeper.

After that, Chen Xi noticed Wang Daolu withdraw his gaze and seem as if he couldn't be bothered with Tie Qiuyu. This caused Chen Xi to be shocked in his heart as he finally came to a sudden understanding that the background of Tie Qiuyu seemed to be rather extraordinary…

He wasn't stupid to really think that there was enmity between Tie Qiuyu and Wang Daolu. Conversely, based on their reactions, the was definitely some sort of special relationship between the two of them.

"When I saw you for the first time in the Martial Soul Hall that day, I intended to recommend you to Wang Daolu to be a student of his. Unfortunately, this old fellow had eyes yet failed to see, and he chose a young girl to be his student, causing me to fucking waste 100,000 immortal stones for nothing!" Tie Qiuyu sighed. This time, he utilized voice transmission as well as he seemed to be unwilling to allow Wang Daolu to hear what he said.

As he spoke, he patted Chen Xi on the shoulder. "You have to put on a good show. Don't let down my 100,000 immortal stones. You must prove to everyone in the world that he, Wang Daolu, has eyes yet fails to see, and he deserves to feel regret forever! He deserves to be unable to foster a blazing sun as his disciple! He deserves to be constantly surpassed by Daoist Nun Jiang!"

Chen Xi didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Are 100,000 immortal stones a lot? This is obviously a pretense, and Tie Qiuyu is obviously displeased that Wang Daolu didn't accept his opinion.

But when he thought about how Tie Qiuyu had taken the initiative to recommend him to a Half-step Immortal King, Chen Xi was shocked and extremely moved in his heart.

"Alas, unfortunately, you've cultivated for too short a period of time. There's no need to place a heavy load on yourself during the test this time. It's better to first enter Dao Emperor Academy smoothly, and it isn't too late to prove yourself to Wang Daolu in the future." Tie Qiuyu sighed and was slightly dispirited.

Obviously, he didn't think that Chen Xi was capable of amazing the world during the test this time, so Chen Xi would naturally be unable to prove to Wang Daolu that he, Tie Qiuyu, had made the right decision that day.

Chen Xi couldn't help but chuckle without end as he looked at depressed Tie Qiuyu.

"But I really think highly of you, kid. Your Martial Dao Will is so formidable that it's truly rare in the world. Cultivate properly in the future, and there'll be no need to worry about being unable to become another blazing sun in the Immortal Dimension." Tie Qiuyu suddenly started laughing, and he laughed complacently as he slowly said via voice transmission, "At that time, Wang Daolu will absolutely regret his decision that day. As one of the chief teachers of Dao Emperor Academy, once he chooses a personal disciple to inherit his mantle, then unless that disciple attains the Golden Immortal Realm, he's unable to take another student as his disciple. Haha! In this way, he'll naturally be unable to take you as his disciple. So the more outstanding your display is, the more regret that old fellow will feel. Hahahaha!!!"

Chen Xi was stunned once more. This Geezer Tie's really moody!


Suddenly, a wave of violent fluctuation arose and enveloped an area of 50,000km. Accompanying this fluctuation was a floating wall of light that shot into the sky. It floated in midair before standing towering before the square, and it emanated a myriad of green and hazy brilliance.

The hearts of everyone shook when they saw this, and they knew that the test was about to begin.

Meanwhile, Wang Daolu spoke in a deep voice from midair. "Now, the first round of the test will be held. All disciples that possess a Violet Ribbon Starcrest, stand beneath the floating wall of light and start to receive its test. Other are not allowed to disturb them or make any noise!"

His voice was like the ringing of a morning bell, and it was extremely loud.

Immediately, numerous figures moved past the crowd and swiftly rushed towards the floating wall of light.

"Little Fellows, quickly go on ahead. I hope that all of you'll be triumphant. I'll be waiting for all of your results here." Tie Qiuyu waved his hand and spoke lightheartedly.

Chen Xi and the others took a deep breath to restrain the excitement in their hearts, and then they turned around and rushed over towards the distant floating wall of light.

The floating wall of light seemed to be holding up the sky as it stood there. Clear brilliance drifted around it, and it was divine and vast.

In merely a short moment, there were already 1,236 figures standing beneath the floating wall of light. These figures naturally included the top experts of the Buddha Dimension, Dragon Dimension, Phoenix Clan, and the various other mysterious domains.

In other words, there were a total of 236 top disciples of the younger generation that came from outside the Immortal Dimension.

Chen Xi stood at the back of the crowd while Liang Ren and Gu Yueming stood at his sides. On the other hand, Yin Miaomiao and Jiang Zhuliu stood near them instead, and they seemed to be unwilling to be associated with Chen Xi and the others.

Chen Xi and the others naturally didn't mind all of this, and they just looked towards the floating wall of light instead.

Unlike before, the test this time only required everyone to stand silently without moving, and the floating wall of light would automatically test all of them before their respective ranking would appear on the floating wall of light.

The disciples that came to participate in the test were the top figures of the younger generation in the various continents, so they were naturally aware of the test's procedure. However, up until the moment they faced this situation, they still couldn't help but feel a wave of anxiousness, excitement, delight, and anxiety. There were even some people that had silently clenched their fists together tightly.

To all of them, the test before them was like a dragon gate. So long as they passed it, they would be like a golden fish that transformed into a dragon, and they would have bright prospects in attaining the Grand Dao!

Under such circumstances, how could anyone be able to maintain their composure?

The atmosphere was silent and solemn. No one spoke, and this included the crowd that was observing from the surroundings of the square. All of them puckered their lips and kept silent, and they shot their gazes towards the distant floating wall of light in unison as they faintly revealed expressions of anticipation.

When he saw that all the participating disciples had gathered, Wang Daolu who stood in midair nodded slightly.

The six Saint Immortal Realm experts that stood by his side glanced at each other, and they formed immortal seals at the same time. Instantly, they emanated a myriad of strands of profound immortal light, and it surged into the floating wall of light like an expanse of tidewater.

Om~ Om~

The floating wall of light suddenly emanated a wave of strange noise and boundless fluctuation. It was like warm water, a gentle breeze, and it enveloped all 1,236 disciples present before the floating wall of light.

Everyone clearly noticed that balls of shimmering violet light floated up from the left shoulders of these disciples. Surprisingly, it was formed from the Violet Ribbon Starcrest.

"Sure enough, the test this time is related Starpoints as well. According to convention, only the disciples ranked in the top hundred of the first round of the test will be able to obtain Starpoints as a reward."

"Exactly. The top hundred ranked disciples will be rewarded with a hundred Starpoints, the top fifty will be rewarded with two hundred, the top ten will be rewarded with five hundred, and the top three will be rewarded with a thousand Starpoints. Moreover, the first will obtain a reward of an extra thousand Starpoints!"

"My god! That's an outstanding amount of resources. I heard that a hundred Starpoints are already sufficient to be exchanged for a high-rank Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifact in Dao Emperor Academy!"

The distant crowd whispered endlessly in discussion when they saw this. As they spoke, their gazes stared fixedly at the floating wall of light instead as they were deeply of missing the slightest detail.

"The number of top experts from the Buddha Dimension, Dragon Dimension, Phoenix Clan, and various other domains participating in the test this time is the highest in history. There's no lack of outstanding experts amongst them. I wonder if the position of the first ranked Ji Xuanbing, the second ranked Zhongli Xun, and the third ranked Jiang Canghai on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings will be impacted…"

"I heard that the Buddha Dimension's innate Buddhist Disciple, Zhen Lu, the Dragon Dimension's number one genius Ao Wuming, and the descendent of a true phoenix of the Phoenix Clan, Zhao Mengli, were all born with Karmic Luck in their possession, and they possess supreme natural endowment that's world shocking. According to my prediction, the three of them are capable of easily ascending into the top ten of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings."

"Unfortunately, the Devil Dimension, Spirit Dimension, and Pill Dimension's top geniuses have headed over to the other six academies to participate in their recruitment tests. Otherwise, the competition this time would definitely be even more brilliant."

"All in all, variables definitely exist, and we just have to see what the final outcome is."


Right at this moment, a clear howl that shook the heavens and the earth resounded. After that, the originally empty floating wall of light suddenly surged with numerous strands of gold and brilliant rays of light.

It was as if golden lotuses were surging out of the ground. They were peerlessly dazzling and shot into the sky, and they represented the names of the various top disciples!
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