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Chapter 1218: Battle Outcome

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Over the Luo River, the mist of blood drifted away. The whole city became silent, as if enveloped by an invisible fear. Everyone was a little lost, looking at the blood mist. Even though they saw it with their own eyes, it was still hard to believe that an Earthly Sovereign had been killed.

That was an Earthly Sovereign, the truly strong in the Great Thousand World! Even in those supreme powers and ancient clans with rich heritage, the Earthly Sovereign was the absolute backbone of the elite powers! If it had been anywhere else, the Earthly Sovereign could become a king on his own, dominating the region and becoming a true overlord.

Everyone knew the power of an Earthly Sovereign, because it was already an upgrade of the essence of life. When one stepped into this level, the Sovereign Sea within the Earthly Sovereign would be broken, but it was an evolutionary fragmentation. The Sovereign Sea would be completely integrated into flesh and blood, so even if the Earthly Sovereign’s physical body was destroyed, as long as he had a trace of life, he could repair the body as if it were immortal.

If one wanted to really wipe out an Earthly Sovereign, they would have to completely wipe out all the life in his flesh and blood! This was clearly not an easy step, unless one’s power could suppress and dominate the other party’s completely. As for one Lower Earthly Sovereign, it was even more difficult to obliterate another of the same rank. However, such a difficult task had occurred before everyone’s eyes.


Countless Sovereigns gulped in fear, and even other Earthly Sovereigns who had been spying on the Luo God Clan were now extremely wary of Mu Chen.

On a tower in the distance, Liu Tiandao, the Netherworld Palace Master, and others also looked at each other. They all saw fear in each other’s eyes. None of them had thought that Mu Chen really possessed the terrifying power and ability to wipe out another Lower Earthly Sovereign.

As soon as Liu Tiandao thought of his previous encounter with Mu Chen, cold sweat ran down his back. It was because Mu Chen at that time had no intention of killing him. Otherwise, his fate would have been no better than that of the Blood God Clan’s Earthly Sovereign’s.

From the beginning until the end, they had underestimated the Mu Estate Master, and before they knew it, the young man who had been regarded by them as an insignificant ant had really surpassed them.

Liu Tiandao and other people’s eyes flickered as they immediately sighed. Their respect for Mu Chen grew immensely as they held reverence for the young Estate Master.

Mandela was silent, just watching the change of mentality in those guys. Mu Chen’s ferocious measures not only shocked the Blood God Clan but were also a wake-up call to the unruly fellows.

At this point, perhaps they would understand that even if Mu Chen did not rely on her support, he was qualified to be the Mu Estate’s Master. Moreover, she knew best about Mu Chen. Even in the current situation, Mu Chen had not shown his most powerful card, the Qi into Trinity. Otherwise, even if the three Earthly Sovereigns had attacked together, they would still lose to Mu Chen’s Qi into Trinity, let alone just Xue Yi.

Mu Chen obviously didn’t want to expose his cards, so he let Xue Yi ridicule him for a while. “You little b*stard, I’m going to tear you into pieces!”

After a long time, a roar of rage resounded with murderous intent in the silence between heaven and earth. Xue Lingzi’s eyes burned crimson as his terrible spiritual energy coalesced into a massive sea of blood. He clearly did not expect Mu Chen to be so decisive and brutal, wiping out Xue Yi’s life completely. A Lower Earthly Sovereign was no doubt a huge loss to the Blood God Clan. Xue Lingzi was enraged once he thought about how a hefty loss this was.


Xue Lingzi was furious and could not suppress his murderous intent as he struck. Pointing outward, a blood-red torrent surged, and in the tumultuous waves, there were numerous ferocious bloody faces.


However, as the blood-red torrent shot out, another majestic spiritual ribbon swept through and cut it off. It was Luo Tianshen who had intercepted this attack. Luo Tianshen glanced at Mu Chen meaningfully, then turned to Xue Lingzi and sneered coldly. “Am I dead to you?”

“Luo Tianshen, as long as you hand the boy over to the Blood God Clan, I guarantee we will no longer interfere with the Luo God Clan!” Xue Lingzi gnashed his teeth. His hatred towards Mu Chen was at its breaking point.

However, Luo Tianshen merely laughed mockingly at his terms. With a wave of his sleeve, a massive Sovereign Celestial Appearance erupted with terrifying spiritual energy. It locked onto Xue Lingzi so that he could not attack Mu Chen.

Seeing Luo Tianshen’s answer, Xue Lingzi’s face twisted maliciously as he threatened, “Well, fine! Luo Tianshen, you will regret this!” His glare was chilling as he stared at Mu Chen from a distance, as if exerting pressure on him.

However, Mu Chen completely ignored his cold glare and clapped his hands, his face expressionless. He then glanced coldly towards Xue Tong, who was trapped in the spiritual array. The Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array was crumbling under Xue Tong’s frenzied attacks. The seven massive spiritual energy dragons had dwindled down to three. It was clear that an unsupervised Ancestral Master’s Spiritual Array was not sufficient to deal with a Lower Earthly Sovereign. However, this situation, too, should come to an end.

Mu Chen smiled at Xue Tong, who was still in the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array, and with a flash, appeared within the array. He then sat down in mid-air amid countless astonished gazes. Upon seeing Mu Chen’s appearance, Xue Tong’s expression twisted dramatically. He was clear that a spiritual array with a Spiritual Array Master present would increase significantly in power.

“Not bad. You were able to inflict much damage on the spiritual array.” Mu Chen glanced at the crumbling Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array and smiled gently. A cold glint flashed in his eyes, and with a wave of his sleeve, countless spiritual seals surged and melted into the array.


With Mu Chen’s action, the crumbling Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array had burst with a vast expanse of spiritual power. The array was repaired at a swift speed visible to the naked eye. It only took a few moments for a complete Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array to emerge again!

Looking at this scene, Xue Tong clenched his teeth. He had worked so hard to destroy the spiritual array, but now Mu Chen had restored it in no time.

“The Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array was only in defense mode. Now, do you want to try again?” Mu Chen grinned as he stared at Xue Tong and conjured seals.


As his seals were complete, a dragon’s roar reverberated in the spiritual array. Everyone then saw that as spiritual energy surged, massive spiritual energy dragons then took shape one after another! In a few moments, there were once again seven massive spiritual energy dragons in the spirit array!

Moreover, when these seven dragons appeared, the entire spiritual array erupted with a terrifying pressure. That oppression, compared with before, undoubtedly was several times more powerful! It was the same spiritual array with the same number of dragons, but when Mu Chen was present, its true power could finally be executed.

Feeling the spiritual array’s oppression, Xue Tong paled and fear flashed in his eyes. He could sense an extremely dangerous aura from the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array. If the array could only entrap him before, if he wasn’t careful this time, he would also fall here like Xue Yi.

“I don’t have much time. I still have to deal with the other one. We’ll see if you can escape with your life.” Mu Chen stared at Xue Tong coldly and without hesitation, his seals transformed. The seven massive dragons in the spiritual array broke out in a deafening roar, and in the next moment, swooped down towards Xue Tong.

As the seven dragons swooped down, they burst out in massive columns of light. They then fused into one, transforming into a gargantuan dragon 100,000 feet in size. It then clashed with Xue Tong with majestic dragon power.

In the face of such terrible power, Xue Tong’s face twisted dramatically, and he did not dare to hesitate. Summoning the Sovereign Celestial Appearance, majestic spiritual energy swept out as he revealed all his trump cards.

Boom! Boom!

The next moment, the dragon crashed, as there was a sudden outbreak of wild and unparalleled spiritual energy. Shockwaves raged, tearing the world apart. The Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array could no longer withstand that terrifying impact and shattered.

However, when the Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array shattered, the huge Sovereign Celestial Appearance also exploded. A floundering figure flew backwards as blood spewed out from it. His body left a mark of tens of thousands of feet in the Luo River before finally stopping.

Mu Chen didn’t even look at the shattered Nine Dragon Devouring Fairy Array but only at Xue Tong. He felt that it was a pity, for he noticed that although Xue Tong had been seriously injured, he had not been annihilated after all.

In the second round, Xue Tong had been severely injured!

Mu Chen did not pay attention to the uproar in the crowd, nor did he go after Xue Tong. He turned into a stream of light as he landed within the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop. He had to deal with the third Blood God Clan Earthly Sovereign while the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop’s fighting spirit remained strong.

When Mu Chen appeared within the Spirit-Slaughtering Troop, the raging fighting spirit surged, and everyone was terrified.

After two hours of fighting, the raging fighting spirit erupted as Mu Chen gathered the impacted Spirit-Slaughtering Troop with a wave of his sleeve. He then glanced downwards nonchalantly. There was a massive pit that could no longer be restored. Xue Shou lay in it, his body bloodied, and his spiritual energy weak.

In the third round, Xue Shou was severely injured!

At this moment, the heavens and earth descended into deathly silence.

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