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The golden windstorm did not stop after destroying more than ten demon beasts. It continued to sweep toward the demon beasts in all directions. Under this golden windstorm, all the demon beasts did not have any room to fight back!


A few miles from the battlefield, two figures, one in white and one in black, were quietly looking at this soul-stirring battle.


"Solar Windstorm? The Light God is still alive?" The old man dressed in white looked at the golden windstorm on the horizon, and there was a trace of astonishment in his eyes.


"The Light God disappeared after sealing the passage from the devil’s realm. It turns out he has been hiding all this time. We have always wondered if the God’s Domain is related to the Light God. Now it seems that it’s really the case." The black-clothed man raised his eyebrow and looked at the dazzling windstorm in the distance with a hint of a shady and ruthless smile.


"Shen Yanxiao really is capable, to actually invite the Light God to come out of the mountain. It must be known that this guy has been hiding for thousands of years, and now this Solar Windstorm is tantamount to exposing his identity. Ouyang Huanyu, this little girl that you fancy is really capable, ah." The black-clothed man seemed to be harboring evil designs as he looked at the old man in white.


The old man in white was not someone else, it was the Dean of Holy Roland School— Ouyang Huanyu. 


Ouyang Huanyu looked coldly at the black-clothed man and said, "Shen Yanxiao and I are really being brought together by fate, only I did not expect that she actually was the missing No.1 in the past. Had it not been for the return of Satan’s soul, I really would have missed such a golden opportunity."


The black-clothed man smilingly said, "Who could possibly think that the experimental body that was believed to have died in the past was still alive? Didn’t Satan also say that the god’s soul that we transferred to No. 1‘s body was still alive? If this time we’re really able to take Shen Yanxiao, then not only will No.1 will return to us, but the soul of the War God can also be retrieved; there are only benefits and no harm."


"Even if we can get back the soul of the War God, he is not something we can control. I have already promised Satan that after we bring Shen Yanxiao back, the soul of Asura will be at his disposal. I just want Shen Yanxiao." Ouyang Huanyu lightly said this, but there was a hint of excitement at the bottom of his eyes.


The first experimental body was the most perfect hybrid he had ever created!


The death of experimental body No.1 that year brought him a huge blow. He did not expect that he would actually find her again one day!


"Do you really want to hand over the soul of Asura to Satan? Then, wouldn’t our plan be..." The black-clothed man was a little unhappy.


Asura was the soul of the last god in the world. Once they lost Asura, they were afraid that they would never be able to complete the integration experiment of the eight major races.


Ouyang Huanyu smiled and responded, "I believe that Asura has been in Shen Yanxiao's body for so long, and Shen Yanxiao has absorbed enough divine power. She is our perfect work. Besides..." Ouyang Huanyu looked at the golden windstorm.


"Without the War God, we still have the fallen half-god."


"Are you planning to use the Light God instead of the War God?" The black-clothed man was slighting stunned when he heard these words.


"Since he’s no longer a complete god, why not just use him to complete our experiments? The God Race has perished, War God or Light God, there is no longer a need for them to exist. There is no longer a living space for the God Race in this world. Why not just die with some value?" Ouyang Huanyu’s sanctimonious face carried a ruthless smile.


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