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"Oh my god …" Then what should he do … It wasn't easy for us to capture this Mysterious rank demon beast. "Right now, there is no longer any strength left to deal with fellow sect members who are fighting against each other."

Qing Xuan's beautiful eyes widened. His expression revealed a bit of astonishment.

After a long battle, he was tired. Five days. None of them had much time to close their eyes.

Originally. It was almost time for them to see the light of relief. He couldn't wait to get out of the abyss. He took a few pleasurable breaths.

Results. Who would have thought … Someone had actually set their sights on Ye Feng at the exit.

"That's right." I also think that what Qing Xuan said is reasonable. They want to deal with us near the exit. "Aren't you afraid that the Grand Master and the others will see it?"

Elaine blinked her big, watery eyes. He continued, "In my opinion … They should … "You won't do it, right?"

Ye Feng shook his head, "So what if I see it with my own eyes?" Originally, the hunt for pets in the Nine Abyss was a big event. They were already mentally prepared to die. Some things... Don't say whether I should or not. They would rather believe it to be true. "One cannot believe that it is nothing."

At this moment... A wisp of soul slowly flew over from the distance. He drilled into Ye Feng's mind.

"Ghastly Shadow. "He came back earlier than expected."

Ye Feng laughed blandly for a moment. Suddenly. His smile froze on the spot. His expression shook slightly.

"Everyone. Correct the statement just made. "

He looked up solemnly. Then he said, "Not possible. Rather, it was certain. Those who have their eyes on us. is a candidate to be a true disciple of the Celestial Sect of Wonders. "

"A true disciple."

Before the crowd could express their thoughts, …

Suddenly. The beast tamer token in Ye Feng's arms shook all of a sudden. The light shone brightly.

Threads of white light appeared. Escaping from the token. It formed an illusory image in the air. It slowly took shape.

Black hair on high plate. Jade flour on the cheeks. The white robe was whiter than snow. Her hair fluttered in the wind.

The demon fox had a cold temperament. There was an indescribable nobility about him. However, the current her … There was a trace of ill intent in his eyes.

The others saw her exit from the Beast Refining Token. One by one, they pressed down on their weapons. He aimed his sword at her. He was still a little fearful in his heart.

This was because not long ago … This demon fox almost killed all of them.

It wouldn't take ten days to half a month for everyone to calm down. It was impossible for ordinary people to view the demon fox as a companion.

After all. Humans and beasts were different.

"Brother Zifeng." Stand back. "Be more careful."

"Brute brother …"

Ye Feng smiled. Ye Zichen waved his hand at everyone. He gave them a look. Some of them reluctantly withdrew their weapons. However … The tense atmosphere on the field continued. However, it did not decrease by even a little bit. Everyone continued to stare at the demon fox with sparkling eyes. He didn't move away at all.

Subsequently. He then smiled and looked at the demon fox, "What's wrong? Hearing the two words' true disciples' … "You are so sensitive."


The demon fox coldly snorted. I won't admit it, "I was just locked in the beast refining medallion for too long. He wanted to get out and get some fresh air. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] Why... "Do you have any objections?"

Since he did not have a Demonic Pet Contract with Ye Feng, then … The demon fox had absolute freedom. You can go in and out of the token at will. It wasn't controlled by Ye Feng's will.

Ye Feng chuckled, "I don't have any objections." Then you can go back to the cool room. Originally, I wanted to help you take your revenge. "Forget it now …"

As he spoke … He turned to face the crowd. It seemed that they were about to begin discussing the upcoming battle.

"A small vengeance."

The demon fox's delicate body clearly trembled. His expression changed slightly as he said, "Wait a moment." [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] Tell me clearly. What revenge. "What exactly do you think?"

Ye Feng smiled for a moment. I thought you said it earlier. "Are we going to take in the cool down?"

"I …"

The demon fox's expression froze. His face stiffened, "I've changed my mind."

Ye Feng saw the faint anger on her face. He also stopped trying to provoke her.

"I know. Ten years ago, a Successor Disciple of the Celestial Sect of Wonders did something to you. It makes you feel bad about it all the time. Thus … You did not hesitate to vent your anger on this potential Successor Disciple. You want to do something to him? "

The demon fox pondered. He shook his head. After all, I can't do anything to him. If the Celestial Sect of Wonders or the Grand Master were to find out … "They will definitely not let me off."

This was not hard to understand.

If the only Mysterious rank demon beast were to escape the nine abyss … It would undoubtedly raise everyone's spirits. However, if this demonic beast was able to directly injure or even kill someone … That would give everyone a clue. The true disciples from ten years ago. to be able to make use of this opportunity. Apart from the demon fox …

Ye Feng smiled calmly, "Then what if... There's a way to do it both ways. Since this is the case, I can let you take revenge on this candidate for becoming a true disciple. It's not like you need to kill them yourself. In the eyes of the Goddess and Master. "Are you going to do it or not."

The demon fox looked at Ye Feng in confusion. He just felt that things wouldn't be that simple.

"Yes. Why not. However … "There really is such a method …" She frowned and asked.

Ye Feng chuckled. Nodding his head, he replied, "Yes. And the key to that is that you … "

After the demon fox heard this, she turned and left. The surprise in his eyes became even more intense.

The key was in her words. Then why didn't she know?

The tip of the leaf paused for a moment. He continued. His eyes revealed an intriguing smile.

"Have you forgotten? "Did I transform into Liu Bingqian just now?"

The demon fox was stunned. "Could it be … "You want to …"

"That's right. This time … Transform into someone else for me … "

"Who is it?" The Demon Fox's heart stirred. Ye Zichen looked at Ye Feng in shock.

Ye Zifeng stared at her. The corner of his mouth curled up into an indescribable smile.


… ….

The Nine Abyss. At the point of exit.

A group of people waited. He watched as several groups of people walked out.

However, it was different. No one saw the shadow of Ye Feng.

At this time … The sky had gradually darkened. Aeolian sand swirled in the air. The breeze was cold. This caused everyone to feel a chill run down their spines. Trembling.

"Brother Zhao. Do we have to continue waiting? If he didn't leave now … Maybe even the time we walk out of the abyss ourselves. "It will all be delayed …"

"That's right, Brother Zhao." I think. How about we just ignore Ye Feng? Just walk out of the nine abyss … "

According to the regulations … During the fifth day of the Hunting Competition. Every student had to leave on the morning of the sixth day. Otherwise … will be disqualified from all awards. However, the reward was … It was also a question that everyone was concerned about.

Zhao Shucheng's eyes slightly opened. Ye Zichen looked around. He raised his head and looked at the sky. Then he closed it again.

"What's the rush?" The gathering officially ended. There were still six hours left … This exit was the only exit from the Nine Abyss. Either Ye Feng died in the mouth of the demon beast. "Or else he will definitely pass through here."

"This... "Alright then …" Everyone saw Zhao Shucheng's determination. They looked at each other. He sighed. He shook his head helplessly.

"Listen to your voices. Do you think that... I, Zhao Shucheng, originally had no enmity with Ye Feng. I did it. "Isn't that making a big deal out of nothing?" Zhao Shucheng slowly said.

"No, no, no. Brother Zhao. We didn't say that. "

Zhao Shucheng coldly snorted. "Don't think that you can hide it from me. You won't say it out loud. However, in his heart … "That's what I thought."

"In our hearts …"

Everyone smiled bitterly at each other. In an instant. He didn't know how to reply.

At the beginning … They thought that they were trying to curry favor with someone with high potential like Zhao Shucheng. He would definitely be able to achieve great success in the future. However. Zhao Shucheng was extremely temperamental. Ruthlessness … This caused them to be at a loss on what to do.

"People who think I'm making a big deal out of it. "Then I might as well tell you."

He paused for a moment. Ye Zichen swept his gaze over everyone. He continued, "I, Zhao Shucheng, am going to join. It was the Celestial Sect of Wonders' ancient master. They belonged to the main warring faction. At the entrance … He asked me to carry thirty heads for a face-to-face gift. And now … Including the person who had helped me to block the trap. I've already collected twenty-nine. "

He didn't even bother to call her by name. He directly made his former companion into that person. Visible. In his heart. Basically, they didn't have much of a companion concept.

In his eyes, strength was of no consequence. It was everything. The rest. They were all just floating clouds. Therefore … In order to collect the 30 heads, he gave them a greeting gift. He would kill people wherever the rules permitted him to do so. As for the reason … That depended on his mood.

"Nine Abyss Hunt." There was no explicit prohibition on the killing of fellow disciples. Furthermore, from the looks of the previous sessions … He also turned a blind eye to this. Thus, when everyone sneaked an attack on Ye Feng later … "Don't have any psychological burdens..." His tone was exceptionally cold. Its aura was extremely sharp …

"Brother Zhao. "Brother Zhao."

Just as Zhao Shucheng was getting excited from talking about this. Suddenly, someone rushed over. This action undoubtedly displeased him greatly.

"Who allowed you to come over and interrupt me?" are you in a hurry to be reborn? "

"I …"

Zhao Shucheng took advantage of the man's words and blocked him. His face turned red. He was at a loss for words.

"All right. Tell me. "Just what is going on …"

Zhao Shucheng let out a cold snort. he said snappily.

"It's like this … Some of the brothers had noticed. It seems that … "Ye Feng is here."


Everyone opened their eyes wide. His expression was filled with astonishment. He quickly rubbed his eyes. Ye Zichen raised his spirit up.

Some of them even cursed, "Damn it!" This fellow had finally arrived. We've waited for him for more than half a day. "

"That's right." If Ye Feng didn't come now … Wait until the Meet is over. "We won't have any rewards after all."

A glint flashed across Zhao Shucheng's eyes. On his handsome face. His smile was extremely thick.

He raised his head. In his heart, he was filled with fighting intent: "Then... How many of his associates were there? "Have you monitored this?"

"This... "It seems like Ye Feng came by himself …"

As soon as he said this. The crowd burst into an uproar.

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