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"Xin!" As Emperor Shang walked into the palace, he saw the blood trickling from the corner of his lively daughter's mouth as she leaned into General Leng's arms.

Emperor Shang walked quickly to the crown prince's side. He seemed to see the empress's departure from the palace back then. It was only then did Emperor Shang feel that what was so far away from his daughter for the sake of Xin'er? If something really happened to his daughter, then what was the use of all these years of estrangement?

"The Imperial Physician!" Emperor Shang bellowed at the civil and military officials.

"Crown Prince!" Leng Yufeng had once imagined the day when he would hug the crown prince like this, but he didn't expect that it would be at such a time. The cold temperature of the crown prince broke his heart. Leng Yufeng didn't notice that the hand he was holding the crown prince with was constantly trembling.

Huan Moche stood beside Leng Yufeng and looked at the crown prince. His pair of peach blossom eyes were filled with fear of becoming dim and without light. Huan Wuche kept blaming himself, why? Why did he let the Crown Prince get hurt in front of his eyes?

Nangong Qian stood there and looked at the youth who was just standing beside him and could only sneer at him. Now, he was lying there without any breath left. Nangong Qian felt uncomfortable in his heart. He had never felt uncomfortable before. He had the intuition that he did not like to see such a Prince Shang.

The imperial physician trotted to the hall with the medicine chest in his hands. Leng Yufeng carried the imperial physician to his side with a voice full of impatience. "Quick!" He could feel that the temperature of the crown prince in his arms was getting lower and lower. He was afraid that if he wasn't careful, the crown prince would leave.

Under the gaze of so many important figures, the imperial physician took the crown prince's pulse, but the longer the time passed, the more cold sweat trickled down the imperial physician's forehead.

Emperor Shang was the first to pull the Imperial Physician up to his feet, his voice full of a father's concern for his daughter. "Speak!" Was the Crown Prince alright? "If anything happens to the crown prince, I want all of you to die with me!" Emperor Shang wasn't joking around. If something really happened to his daughter, he wouldn't be able to hold on much longer, much less the hospital itself.

Emperor Shang's words caused the faces of all the officials in the imperial court to change. Only now did they realize the importance Emperor Shang placed on the crown prince. The princes' faces were ashen. They had thought that their royal father did not love the crown prince, but how could their royal father not love the crown prince? He simply loved his son the most. The crown prince could not be left alive!

"Your majesty!" The imperial physician was so scared that he knocked over the medicine chest at hand. "The crown prince is poisoned, this subject …" "This subject has no other choice!" Even if the imperial physician really wanted to save the crown prince, there was nothing he could do about his medical skills. Besides, his medical skills were the best in the hospital, so there was nothing he could do about the entire hospital.

Emperor Shang's eyes were red as he looked at his daughter lying there. At this time, Nangong Qian was about to carry Prince Shang, but he was stopped by Huan Moche. Huan Mo Che vigilantly looked at Nangong Qian, just what did this man want to do?

Nangong Qian only wanted to carry Prince Shang to the Nangong Kingdom for medical treatment. After all, Nangong had many doctors with good medical skills. However, when he was stopped by Huan Wuche, Nangong Qian suddenly woke up. What exactly was he doing? How could he care about the lives of anyone but his sister? Was it because this person had saved his sister's life? Yes, he was still lacking a favor from Prince Shang, so Prince Shang could not die yet.

"Find the Godly Doctor!" Huan Mo Che was the first to calm down. He thought of the Godly Doctor Ye Yi Zhe who had sent the crown prince's carriage, even though he was very dissatisfied with Ye Yi Zhe's actions at that time. However, at this moment, Huan Mubai couldn't help but rejoice that the crown prince knew this Godly Doctor.

"Find the Godly Doctor Ye Yizhe!" This was the first time that the warm and moist Illusory Mecha had roared.

Godly Doctor Ye Yi Zhe appeared out of nowhere, but he could snatch someone from the hands of the King of Hell. However, this person's temperament was eccentric and he would not easily intervene to save others. Many nobles and officials had died in front of him, but he did not make a single move as long as he made a move.

Only then did everyone realize that the only person who could save the crown prince was the Godly Doctor Ye Yizhe, but where would they find this Godly Doctor? Not to mention searching, many people had never even seen this Godly Doctor who appeared and disappeared like a ghost.

Nangong Lian looked at Prince Shang lying there, her heart full of worry. She also knew the Godly Doctor Ye Yizhe. Back then, the Imperial Brother had found this Godly Doctor for the scar on his face, but the Godly Doctor didn't even make sense.

"Search!" Leng Yufeng picked up the crown prince and was about to run out, but he only said one word: "Find him!"

Just when the crowd was beginning to feel hopeless, Eunuch Xu ran into the palace. "Your majesty!" "Your majesty, the Godly Doctor is currently in the crown prince's residence, waiting for the treatment of the crown prince!" Eunuch Xu's voice surprised everyone. Leng Yufeng carried the crown prince and rushed towards the crown prince's residence.

Huan Moche followed by Leng Yufeng's side, occasionally looking at the unconscious crown prince.

Nangong Qian said to Emperor Shang, "This king and the crown prince are on good terms. Now that something has happened to the crown prince, this king should take a look. Please forgive this king for taking his leave first!" With that, he left the palace with Nangong Lian, who could no longer stand, and headed to the crown prince's mansion.

Although Emperor Shang also wanted to follow and see his daughter, but he could neither leave nor leave. The thrones of the throne were not limited only to freedom but also to the nature of the heart. However, from today onwards, Emperor Shang decided that he would no longer conceal his love for his daughter, and would stand by her side regardless of the outcome.

"Minister Bai!" Emperor Shang retracted the worry and eagerness in his eyes and returned to that sharp Emperor, the King of Shang.

"I'm here!" Minister Bai knelt on the ground. His expression was upright and upright, but when he faced Emperor Shang, it was filled with respect.

"Investigate for me, investigate in detail for me!" Emperor Shang's tone carried only His Majesty's anger. "Zhen really wants to see just who has the gall to poison the crown prince within the palace!" "We are not dead yet, and the crown prince is not someone you can poison!"

Emperor Shang's gaze swept across his children, feeling depressed in his heart. These children really couldn't bear to be worried. Forget it, forget it. I'll just pretend that I don't have these children! Although the back of his hand and palm were made of flesh, his daughter was the heart of Emperor Shang. This was simply incomparable.

"This subject obeys your command!" Minister Bai knew that the emperor was truly enraged, and this time, neither the prince nor the concubines would be able to prevent the result of their deaths.

As Shang Xin Power looked at his father's angry expression and thought of the Crown Prince's line of sight when he drank venomous wine, his entire body began to tremble. Xin Fei looked at her daughter, whose face was pale and whose eyes were weak. She held her daughter, who was about to fall, in confusion, "Dashu, what's wrong with you?" "Don't scare mufei!"

The current Xin Fei was jeered at by every concubine in the palace, and her severed finger made it so that she couldn't even lift her head. If her son hadn't made her endure it, Xin Fei would have definitely killed that crown prince.

"Don't, mufei, don't spread the news, your daughter is fine!" Shang Xin lowered his head and said.

Unlike the people in the palace, the people outside were terrifyingly shocked.

Leng Yufeng carried the crown prince and rushed to the crown prince's residence. Behind him, Huan Wuche, Nangong Qian, and the others followed closely behind. However, just as Leng Yufeng thought that he had to move faster, his hand was gently patted by a slightly cold hand.

Leng Yufeng felt that he was hallucinating, but he lowered his head and saw that the crown prince had indeed opened his eyes.

"Crown Prince!" Leng Yufeng let out an excited shout and also stopped flying. He tightened his grip on the Crown Prince, but he was afraid of hurting the Crown Prince. He looked at the Crown Prince helplessly like a big boy.

When the people behind heard Leng Yufeng's voice, they immediately stepped forward. Sure enough, they saw that Prince Shang had already opened his eyes. Even though he was still weak, his eyes were extremely cold.

"You are grabbing too tightly!" Shang Wuxin patted on Leng Yufeng's arm. Was she poisoned? Yes, she had been poisoned, but not by Shang Xin's power, but by the poison in her body. At that time, she already knew that she wouldn't be able to tolerate it any longer, so she just went along with the flow and took Shang Xin Fu once. She also wanted to show her father how his children were like, cutting off her father's extremely tender feelings, killing two birds with one stone.

It was only then that Leng Yuefeng realized that the Crown Prince was sick from being so nervous that he had hugged the Crown Prince too tightly. He quickly adjusted his posture slightly. Although it was the first time he hugged the crown prince, it was extremely gentle, making Shang Wuxin feel more comfortable.

"Prince Shang, are you alright?" Nangong Qian asked angrily. After all, this was the first time he cared so much about an outsider, but he was deceived. What Nangong Qian hated the most was deception, and what made him more uncomfortable was the feeling of not being able to control himself.

Shang Wuxin shook her head in discomfort, "If there is nothing else, I will not be weak. The poison is real!" "It's just a matter of life and death!" As he spoke, he glanced at Leng Yufeng, who understood that he was going to continue on his way to the crown prince's mansion.

Nangong Qian felt a burst of anger in his heart, he stopped his footsteps and did not plan to go to the crown prince's mansion. Since Prince Shang was not going to die, there was no need for him to go, but seeing his little sister rushing to the crown prince's mansion, Nangong Qian comforted himself.

Leng Yufeng carried Shang Wuxin back to the crown prince's residence. Indeed, everyone was shocked and afraid. However, after such a long training, Shang Wuxin was able to calm himself quickly. He fearlessly said to Leng Yufeng, "General Leng, please put the crown prince down. The Godly Doctor is already waiting there!"

Fearless and the others knew very well that the Crown Prince didn't like others to enter his sleeping quarters, and the fact that the Godly Doctor was able to enter his sleeping quarters was due to the circumstances. They knew that if the Crown Prince scolded him, it wouldn't be a big deal.

Dreadful and fearless, he helped the crown prince into the bedroom, and in the outer room sat the Godly Doctor while the little fox currently squatted on the Divine Doctor's shoulder. It seemed very pleased with itself, but seeing the weak and unconscious crown prince anxiously walking down from the Divine Doctor's shoulder, it shrieked non-stop.

After placing the crown prince on the bed, the two of them stood guard by his side.

"Get out!" Ye Yi Zhe's voice was very soft, but it could not be refused. Fearless and fearless, he did not move. However, Ye Yi Zhe said, "Your crown prince cannot be delayed. This Divine Doctor cannot guarantee that the crown prince won't be able to be saved if he continues like this!"

Dreadful and fearless, they walked out of the bedroom. However, when they left, they still gave Ye Yizhe a warning look.

Ye Yi Zhe looked at the Crown Prince. It had been a long time since he last saw him! Ever since he was young, he had no desires. He could not enter anyone's eyes and he could not see anything. Other people were envious of him, but he felt sad. Because he had no desires, he felt nothing. He did not know whether he was happy, angry, or happy. However, this crown prince was an exception. He was the only color in his life, and he wanted to grasp this color.

Ye Yizhe stretched out his hand to check the Crown Prince's pulse, but then he saw that the Crown Prince had already closed his eyes and was unconscious. His eyes didn't seem like the Crown Prince's strategy in Fengzhou City, nor did he seem as calm and confident as he usually was.

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