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"Isn't it too shameless?"

Xiao Ying shouted angrily, "Is there anyone that bullies others like that? He is in charge of concocting the Spirit Opening Pill, yet you chose to compete in the Spirit Opening Pill? "

"Hahaha …"

"Are you unhappy?"

"If you're unhappy, then don't compete. If you want to compete, then you must follow the rules of our Medicine Valley. Hahaha …"

The drug race disciples were all excited.

There was no longer any suspense in this match.

Long Fei was definitely going to lose.

Xiao Ying said angrily: "Shameless, despicable …"

Man Tuoluo pulled Xiao Ying back, and said. "Don't speak, don't disturb Long Fei."

This is the Medicine Valley.

They were the ones who wanted to challenge him, so they couldn't blame anyone else.

Xiao Ying stomped his feet in anger: "Miss, isn't this bullying too much?"

Man Tuoluo said: "I believe in Long Fei!"

… ….

Yao Ling watched as Long Fei stood on the stage, at a loss of what to do, and laughed: "Brat, you haven't even seen a Spirit Opening Pill before? Hahaha... That's right, how could a lame duck like you see a Spirit Opening Pill? "

Long Fei did not speak.

He held one Spirit Grass in his palm and felt it.

"The attribute is fire, 53% spirit liquid."

"This Spirit Grass is of the metal attribute, and its spirit liquid composition is 39%."

One after another, Spirit Grass would sense and understand their attributes.

A good quality pellet did not mean that your Spirit Grass s were of a high quality, but rather, it meant that you had to use the strongest effect from the Spirit Grass s, perfectly produce a chemical reaction, and perfectly fuse them together.

"Has he gone silly?"

"I told you that he didn't know how to use his Alchemy."

"Kid, get the hell down here."

"Hahaha... You want to obtain Alchemy with just this appearance? Go home and drink your milk. "

… ….

The drug race disciples jeered.

Spirit Opening Pills were just the most basic of pills. Even the three year old kids here all knew how to refine them, but Long Fei just stood there like a log on the Powder-making Competition Stage.

Yao Ling laughed coldly, and said: "Trash, look carefully, how do I tell you to refine the Spirit Opening Pill?"


Yao Ling moved, the power of celestial moved, the flames in the flames burned brightly, following that … His technique was very stable and also very fast. The reaction speed of the idea was also very strong.

He was able to grasp every single change in the pill's quality with great precision.

He had to say it.

His Alchemy Inherent skill had reached quite a high level.

As expected of a branch of the medicine king race.

Three minutes later.

Yao Ling smiled, shouted, and said: "Alright!"

"Weng …"

A crisp sound came from the pill furnace. This was the sound of a pill being refined, and at the same time, the pill's spiritual scent spread out.

A high-grade Celestial Opening Pill was successfully concocted.

Three minutes!

His speed was astonishing, and his ability to grasp pills was even more astonishing.

Even the pavilion master smiled in satisfaction.

Mu Xiaoyao's gaze darkened secretly as he thought in his heart: "The disciples of the drug race are indeed extraordinary. A mere disciple is able to refine a Spirit Opening Pill in such a disparity, compared to the Alchemist of our Mu Family … "He's simply a bunch of trash."

Yao Ling finished refining.

However …

Long Fei had not started...

Xiao Ying became anxious and asked: "Miss, why hasn't he started training yet?"

"I already said no, how could the Powder-making Competition fight against the people of the drug race?"

"What should we do?"

"What do we do now?" Xiao Ying was an impatient person, and seeing that Long Fei had not yet moved, she became incomparably anxious.

At this moment.

The disciples of the drug race started to jeer and mock him.

"Are you going to refine it or not? "If you don't want to, then get lost."

"Don't embarrass yourself."

"Kid, have you been scared silly by senior fellow apprentice Yao Ling?"

"Hahaha... "Get lost."

… ….

The pill started to feel proud, and clamored: "Brat, you're so arrogant, aren't you very arrogant? "Why did you become a mute now? You must be even more arrogant now."

"Dead dog."

"Hahaha …"

He finally had the chance to slander Long Fei.

The medicinal pill was leaking crazily.

Everyone was laughing at Long Fei, and Mu Xiaoyao was also speaking with cold contempt, "I had thought that it would be as high a Alchemy Technique as it is, but it turns out that it's just a fool."

The pavilion master also said lightly: "If you are unable to forge it, then please admit defeat and do not waste everyone's time."

"Get lost."

"What are you refining for, always looking at the Spirit Grass, can it still talk to you?"

"Wasting time."

"Grand Pavilion Master, please announce his defeat."

The cries of the drug race disciples grew louder and louder.

At this moment.

Even Man Tuoluo was a bit worried, this was the first time for the Spirit Opening Pill, so it had never been refined before. Even if it could be refined, it might not succeed.

Even if he succeeded … nor could it be above the quality of Yao Ling's medicinal pellets.

This was going to be difficult!

Imperceptibly, Man Tuoluo's two hands tightly grabbed onto the corner of his clothes.

The pavilion master continued, "I'll give you three more minutes …"

It was also at this time.

Long Fei's eyes suddenly flashed with a bright light, as if he had suddenly gained enlightenment in a moment, and said: "One minute!"

As soon as he finished.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The power of celestial surged, the fire ignited, and then Long Fei raised his hand, and the Spirit Grass descended, and started refining it with an astonishing speed.

His movements were too fast.

It was dazzling.


Many people in the drug race could see very clearly as they said with a cold smile, "Isn't this copying Yao Ling's Alchemy?"


"Too shameless."


… ….

One contemptuous voice after another sounded.

However …

However, the order in which the last few Spirit Grass were thrown in was different.

The Great Pavilion Master's forehead sank, "Eh?"

Even he felt that it was very strange. "If this is the case, how will the spirit liquid be merged with the Alchemy?"

"That's not right!"

"This is against common sense."

"No, no..."

In his mind, he inferred. He was more familiar with the Immortal Opening Pill than anyone else because he had researched it personally. No one knew the concocting process of the Immortal Opening Pill better than him.

Seeing that Long Fei set a few Spirit Grass in the wrong order, he first mocked them, then was shocked, and then he just couldn't understand …

The other disciples could only mock him.

"Definitely failure."

"Definitely failure!"

"He really doesn't know how to use his Alchemy. He doesn't even know the most basic of things."

… ….

Man Tuoluo was also panicking, "Crap, he placed the wrong order of Spirit Grass. This pill … Even if he did not fail, it would be a useless pill. "

Long Fei was still frantically refining.

His idea stayed in the furnace the whole time, fusing the spirit liquid and fusing them together, producing the most intense chemical reaction.

At this moment.

He entered a state of selflessness.

His world only had the pill in the pill furnace.

The power of celestial churned, bursting out even more violently than before.


Long Fei shouted in his heart, "Second level without peer!" Baidu Sister-in-law a a half (. Floating Life Strongest Upgrade System

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

His energy surged, releasing an incomparable amount of power, allowing the spirit liquid to frantically release and fuse with the power of celestial.

"Let me handle it!"

Long Fei shouted loudly, and in that instant, "Rumble!"

F * ck!

The furnace exploded?

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