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That night, everyone in the Mo manor had a reunion dinner!

Mo Xuetong had not gone early. She had not intentionally gone late, but it was because she heard that the duke's son would be present as well.

The Duke's manor! Mo Xuetong's hand curled up tightly on the sheets. She looked out of the window at the bright red of the setting sun. The red filled her vision. What was burning was not just her life, but the pain, sadness, anger and hatred of her past life. The Duke's manor, Sima Lingyun. She did not expect that she would see all that on her first day back in the capital. They were indeed fated.

And, they had an enmity that would not fade for many lives...

Sima Lingyun, we meet again in this life!

Mo Xuetong had become calm again when she entered the living room. When she saw Mo Huanwen and Sima Lingyun chatting animatedly, she did not react any differently other than for the sinister flash by her lips. It was indeed that man. That man who had made her life miserable so much that she would die in revenge!

The Duke's son, Sima Lingyun! She would remember him even if he turned into ashes.

The man in front of her was like quality jade. His handsome features were like jade, and his black eyes were warm and joyful. When he looked at someone, he would already be smiling before he spoke. It was easy for others to like a person like this. His actions were elegant and he looked like a gentleman. No wonder Mo Xuetong, who in her past life, had never seen someone like him, would be attracted to him at first sight. Then, she had followed him to her death. It was only right before her death did she realize that under the man's gentle facade, was a venomous beast-like heart.

In her past life, he had given her poison and killed his own son just to marry that equally evil woman. She had burned their fate then but it did not take away her hate and anger.

It was getting late. The light shone on his face, making him look very attractive.

Mo Xuemin sat closest to him. Even though she acted as if she did not care, one could tell from her eyes that she kept trying to attract him.

Her fourth sister, Mo Xueqiong was only a few days younger than Mo Xuetong. She had grown up as well and her appearance was comparable to Mo Xuemin. She looked at Sima Lingyun somewhat dazedly. She was shy and her face was flushed red. However, she still took the time between her conversation with Mo Xuemin to peek at Sima Lingyun.

There were another two youths beside Mo Huawen. One of them looked decent and he wore a light colored robe. That was Mo Xuetong's second brother Mo Yufeng. He was also born to Auntie Fang and was the eldest non-legal son of the Mo family. He was also the only son of the Mo family. Auntie Fang had gained control of the Mo manor because of him.

Mo Xuetong stopped looking at him and turned her gaze to the other young man. She was shocked and her eyes could not help but narrow. She clutched her sleeves tightly in her hand subconsciously, her fingers trembling slightly.

Qin Yufeng!

Qin Yufeng was known to be a genius. Qin Yuxuan's older brother, Qin Yufeng, looked to be more gentle compared to Mo Yufeng. They both had pale alabaster skin and exquisite features. If one looked closely, they were comparable to Sima Lingyun. However, Sima Lingyun was more popular among the ladies!

After all, Sima Lingyun had the backing of the Duke's manor!

However, Mo Xuetong knew that Qin Yufeng was not someone to take lightly. She was fostered out to the Qin's because the Qin family of the capital and the Mo family had a close relationship. Qin Yufeng's mother, Mdm Yu, was Auntie Fang's sister. She would naturally take care of Auntie Fang. Qin Yufeng grew up close to Mo Xuemin. They grew up together, so there was an indescribable relationship between the two.

With this sort of relationship, Qin Yufeng would do whatever Mo Xuemin wanted him to do. The genius Qin Yufeng was the one who had thought of many of the plots used against her. Qin Yufeng stood there, facing Mo Xuemin. This sort of positioning showed how much he trusted Mo Xuemin. It seemed that in this life, Qin Yufeng had already developed a different feeling for Mo Xuemin.

Very good. There were so many opponents under one roof!

"Third miss is here. Quick, sit here!" The first person to notice her was Mo Xueqiong, who had been peeking at Sima Lingyun. She patted the seat beside her and stood up with a smile. She looked very happy, but no one knew how true that was. Mo Xuetong knew when she saw the envy in her eyes when Mo Xueqiong's eyes landed on her beautiful face and how her expression cooled.

Everyone in the hall turned around when they heard Mo Xueqiong's voice.

There was a girl standing at the entrance wearing a light green satin dress. It seemed rather plain. The green, if not compared against anything, seemed more like a white color. However, it made her look even more dainty. Her long black hair was tied into a bun on her head. Her forehead was bright and smooth and her long and thick eyebrows were like butterfly wings. Her dark eyes glittered brilliantly like diamonds. Her nose was small and her skin was pale with a healthy gleam. Even though she was underweight and her features had yet to mature, one could see that she would be a ravishing beauty when she grew up.

What stood out the most was her clear, water-like eyes. They glimmered and showed off her gentleness and beauty. They were very charming.

The living room suddenly quietened down. There were different gazes with jealousy, hatred, admiration, or deep meaning. Mo Xuetong entered the room graciously under the many different gazes. She came before Mo Huawen and curtsied. Then, she greeted her other aunties and siblings respectfully.

Mo Huawen did not have many concubines. There was only Auntie Fang, Auntie Qing, and Auntie Mo. Auntie Fang had a son and a daughter. Auntie Qing had Mo Xueqiong. Auntie Mo was the youngest. She was only about 20 and had not yet had any children. However, one could tell from the glimmer in her eyes how ambitious the woman was!

It was good to be ambitious! Hiding the smirk in her eyes, Mo Xuetong smiled at everyone warmly.

"And this is?" Sima Lingyun was still stunned by the innocent and beautiful face even though he could guess who she was. This was the cowardly legal daughter of the Mo family. He had thought he had a good grasp on what she was like, but his preconceived notions disappeared without a trace. He could not help but be a little excited when he thought of how the beautiful woman would soon become his. He only managed to calm himself down after a while and bowed his greetings.

"This is my third daughter. Tong'er, come and meet the duke's son and Yufeng!" Mo Huawen was feeling pleased when he saw how his daughter had stunned everyone. He laughed heartily and pulled Sima Lingyun with one hand and Qin Yufeng with the other. Qin Yufeng visited the Mo's often and Mo Huawen treated him as one of his children, so he did not observe too many etiquettes with him.

"Greetings, sir. Greetings, cousin!" Mo Xuetong greeted them graciously and hid the annoyance in her heart. Her actions did not show any hint of weakness.

This was Mo Xuetong, who had always been cowardly and weak. Qin Yufeng greeted her casually, and the look he gave her intensified. He stood to the side and did not speak. Instead, he observed her silently with a warm smile.

Dinner was ready and everyone moved to their seats.

"Oh ho, third sister. We haven't met in a year and you've grown more beautiful. Were you very happy in Cloud City and didn't want to come home?" Mo Xueqiong asked sarcastically.

"Fourth sister, how could you say that?" Mo Xuemin said unhappily. She stood up and then walked toward them apologetically.

"Eldest sister, I didn't say anything wrong. She was too happy to come home. Look, they made her so comfortable over there. She looks healthy and doesn't look as if she's been having it bad at all." With jealousy and hatred, Mo Xueqiong looked at Mo Xuetong's beautiful face that got Sima Lingyun's frequent glances. Her tone grew sourer and sourer.

Mo Xueqiong was beautiful as well. However, she did seem slightly dull among the three Mo sisters.

Mo Xuemin was at the peak of her life. Her well-developed body and her beautiful features made one feel as if they were looking at a beautiful blooming flower. Her gentle and elegant expression was pleasing. Mo Xuetong was not tall and she had yet to mature, so she was not considered a ravishing beauty. However, her features were beautiful and her innocent and joyful expression with a little coyness made one's heart flutter.

As such, even though Mo Xueqiong was beautiful, she did not look outstanding. With her sharp words and Mo Xuetong's watery and wronged eyes, it worsened the impression others had of her. Even Sima Lingyun who was seated next to her glanced at her with disdain.

"You're joking, fourth sister. I wanted to come to the capital so that I can take care of Father. But my health is bad, so I've worried my sisters. How can Cloud City compare to home? Nowhere is better than home." Mo Xuetong said gently. Coupled with her watery eyes, a somewhat bitter smile, and the fake calmness, everyone could make out how hard things had been for her. Her long lashes fluttered and then she looked down, hiding the bitterness in her eyes.

She forced her tears back. Her eyes had filled up just after a sentence.

Mo Huawen, who had been sitting by the side, said to Mo Xueqiong angrily, his eyes darkening, "You're so young, how do you know what having life easy means? If you want to stay at the old family home in Cloud City, Yufeng can take you there the next time he returns. You can learn your etiquette for a year or more before you come back to the capital."

His words had not left Mo Xueqiong any face at all. He had yelled at Mo Xueqiong in front of so many noble young men, and that shocked her. When she heard that he was going to throw her to Cloud City to learn etiquette and would only allow her back after a year or more, she was so embarrassed and angry that she could not stay any longer. She hid her face and fled crying.

Auntie Qing, who had been seated by the side stood up as well when she saw Mo Xueqiong running out. She looked at Mo Huawen pitifully and said, "Old sir!"

"Teach her etiquette if you have nothing to do. I don't know what's running through her mind at such a young age." Mo Huawen waved his hand angrily, his expression gloomy.

Auntie Qing did not dare to say anything else. She got up, bowed and left with her servants.

"Father, don't blame fourth sister. She's still young and she didn't mean to be impolite." Mo Xuemin was seated by the side spoke warmly. She lifted her hands and picked up a piece of bamboo chicken which Mo Huawen liked best and gave it to him.

"Fourth miss is insensible, but she is still young. I'll send for a few nannies to come to teach her etiquette. Old sir, don't be angry. Third miss has just returned to the capital and there are still things she's not familiar with. Why not let the nannies also teach her some etiquette. What do you think?" Auntie Fang took over the conversation glibly.

She was going to make use of the nannies to find out more about her!

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