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Chapter 355: Evil Person

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“You!” Lin Zi was annoyed as well. He clenched his teeth and said, “Fine, then just protect me! Hand me the bow. I don’t believe I won’t be able to hit any prey! It’s not like I can’t hit something small if I can’t hit something big. I will make anyone who causes trouble to know what it means to be cruel!”

With that said, Lin Zi headed forward in anger.

Lin Lei stamped his foot. “Brother Meng, you disappoint me greatly. Brother! Wait for me!”

Lin Ying gave Xia Meng a thumbs up. “Well done! Don’t tell my brother I said that, though. Hehe.” Lin Ying followed as well.

Xia Meng gave a bitter laugh. He walked at the back. After experiencing everything of that day, he really had the intention to leave. This was not the life he wanted. All he wanted was a stable job.

At the same time, Fangzheng was listening to Red Boy’s recount with a black cloud over his head.

“Master, that person said that he doesn’t care if it’s big or small. All he wants is its hide, fur, or meat. Hehe, it looks like the one you redeemed was only a knife. The evil person that really uses the knife hasn’t been touched. Moreover, that person also wants to break your legs,” said Red Boy.

Fangzheng harrumphed coldly. “Knives aren’t terrifying. Knives in the hands of different people have different functions. These kind of people who use knives are the truly terrifying ones. They are the masterminds behind events like these.”

“Master, why don’t you throw him into hell as well? Let him have a good time there,” chuckled Red Boy.

Fangzheng shook his head. “The opening of the Door to Hell is too tiring. I just opened it once and my head feels like exploding. Another time… do you want me dead?”

“Master, what do we do then? Are we going to let him continue wreaking havoc to the animals in the mountain?” asked Squirrel anxiously.

Fangzheng shook his head. “No, definitely not.” Upon saying that, Fangzheng swept his gaze across the divine power in his mind. He had planned to leave it for Tiger Liang. He would not have minded letting him have a spin at it if he had remained unrepentant. But now, from the looks of it, another person was in greater need of that experience.

With that said, Fangzheng walked towards Lin Zi and company.

Lin Zi ran quickly, but he headed in a direction that was away from Fangzheng. As he ran, he suddenly heard a familiar bird chirp. He came to a sudden halt and stopped moving. His heart thumped at an increased pace! He thought to himself, “This sound… It’s a flying dragon!”

Lin Zi ran too fast. Lin Lei and Lin Ying had been unable to keep up with him. As Xia Meng had other thoughts on his mind, he did not run very fast either as he simply followed behind Lin Ying. As such, there was a huge gap between them.

At the same time, Fangzheng also heard the chirp. He said with a frown, “That’s the sound of a flying dragon!”

“Master, what is a flying dragon?” Red Boy and Squirrel asked at the same time.

“‘Flying dragon’ is what the locals call a certain type of bird. It’s commonly known as the hazel grouse, and its scientific name is ‘bonasia’. It doesn’t look very beautiful, but the quality of its meat makes it very tender and fragrant. It’s considered as one of the best delicacies in the world. It’s also a top food ingredient in the eyes of countless connoisseurs! Therefore, hazel grouses suffered mass capturing more than ten years ago. They almost went extinct. They are now listed as Category I nationally protected animals in our country. They are very precious. It is said that on the market, a hazel grouse’s price has reached an extremely high valuation. It’s pretty much priceless.”

“It’s that delicious?” Red Boy felt like salivating. He was a demon king after all. Although he did not do harm to suckling animals, he had basically eaten all animals in other stages! He could not help salivating at the thought of eating delicious meat.

Fangzheng raised his hand and threw a punch over. “What has it being delicious have anything to do with you?”

Red Boy wallowed in silent misery.

Squirrel said, “Master, that evil man is nearby. The hazel grouse is also nearby. It… Will it be in danger?”

Fangzheng did not reply. Was there a need to ask? It was obvious that Lin Zi would definitely not let up such a good opportunity. Therefore Fangzheng no longer stayed in his spot. He quickly ran to where the hazel grouse was.

Lin Zi did not dare run. He stealthily moved his body, but he was unable to be as light-footed as a leopard unlike Old Liang. However, he was sufficiently careful, so he did not scare the hazel grouse away. After pulling apart some shrubs, Lin Zi saw a short thicket ahead of him. There was a tiny stream beneath it. The thicket had grown some berries as well. Lin Zi knew that this sort of place attracted hazel grouses the best. He was even more convinced that he was not wrong in what he had heard.

“In this season, perhaps I might be able to catch a nest of hazel grouses. Then even if my luck is bad, won’t I get at least a few eggs? I’ll sell the big ones and eat the small ones. Frying the eggs would not be bad either, right?” When Lin Zi thought of this, he subconsciously gulped mouthfuls of saliva.

Lin Zi carefully scanned the shrubs. Indeed, he found his target in the shrubs. A female hazel grouse jumped onto the thicket as she looked vigilantly at her surroundings.

“Baby, it’s you!” Lin Zi smiled in excitement as he strung his bow and prepared to shoot!

It happened all in one breath. Clearly, Lin Zi was an archery expert!

However, a white-robed monk suddenly appeared in front of him. A hand reached out and grabbed the arrow that had yet to be shot!

The sudden appearance of the monk gave Lin Zi a fright. He subconsciously threw his bow and fell back with a cry.

However a forceful hand grabbed him, preventing him from suffering the fall.

“Amitabha. Patron, Buddhist enlightenment can allow one to shed off the abyss of worldly suffering. Repent and ye shall be saved. The lives you have killed and the ones that died because of you are just too many in number. It is time to stop.” Fangzheng pressed his palms together as he said benevolently.

“So it was a monk? Don’t tell me you are the one that made Old Liang give up on hunting?” Lin Zi ignored what Fangzheng had to say. Instead, he immediately thought of Old Liang.

Fangzheng nodded. “Patron Liang has already repented. Why do you persist?”

“Bullsh*t! That idiot Old Liang might listen to you, but do you think I can be fooled by you with those few words of yours? Did he tell you that we grew up together? Did you know that I taught him how to kill his first hen? Without me, he would know nothing about hunting! But I later entered the city, while he chose to stay in the mountain to continue hunting. Now that he’s an expert, he doesn’t even thank me and instead changes his ways by listening to a scoundrelly monk like you. Seriously, what the f**k!” Lin Zi cursed angrily.

Fangzheng was surprised. He had seen the memories in Liang Zequan’s mind while in Knife Mountain Hell, but he had not seen Lin Zi in it. Upon second thought, though, the imageries conjured by the sinner’s memories in Knife Mountain Hell were directly related to the sinner only and showed nothing that was indirectly related.

Perhaps Liang Zequan never blamed Lin Zi and simply believed that it had always been his own true intentions?

Regardless, Fangzheng knew that the true sinner and evil person was not Liang Zequan, but Lin Zi, who had changed Liang Zequan, and perhaps even many more Liang Zequans, into Tiger Liang! This was the true evil!

“Amitabha. Patron, you are riddled with sins. Do you really not plan to repent?” Fangzheng had a solemn expression.

Lin Zi laughed out loud. “I, Lin Zicheng, have never regretted anything! The cops can’t do a thing to me. What can a darn Bald Donkey like you do to me?”

“By committing so much evil, you will die without descendants.”

“Die without descendants? Tch, stop kidding me. The number of chickens I’ve killed is more than the number of chickens you have seen! Didn’t the heavens still give me a younger brother and sister? Unfortunately, our age gap is too big. Those two kids have been educated into useless idiots. They can’t even bear to kill ants. Useless trash.” Lin Zicheng shook his head.

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