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"Your life?" Wei Suo was stunned.

He had expected Nangong Yuqing to be the same as him, an ordinary rogue cultivator from a rogue cultivator family. This was because when he met Nangong Yuqing, her cultivation level wasn't that high. In reality, the Iron Policy that he had joined wasn't any powerful organization.

There were too many rogue cultivators like him and Nangong Yuqing in Spirit Mountain City. However, from Nangong Yuqing's words, it seemed that she wasn't like Wei Suo, who was an ordinary native of Spirit Mountain City.

"My parents were actually cultivators from a small city in the middle of the Profound Sky Continent called Deer City. "Later on, because of enmity with other cultivators, he came to Spirit Mountain City." Nangong Yuqing glanced at Wei Suo and said, "Later on, my parents also killed their demon beasts while hunting them outside the sky. They died at the hands of the demon beasts, and I was the only one left."

"Who did your parents have a grudge with?" He had never heard of the name Deer Horn City, and it was definitely an unremarkable small city in the middle of the Profound Sky Continent. However, with his current cultivation, after hearing what Nangong Yuqing said, his first thought was obviously to help Nangong Yuqing and teach the cultivators who had grudges with her parents back then a lesson.

"There is no need to pursue this grudge anymore. According to my parents, my mother's teacher wanted to betroth her to another cultivator. Thus, she and my father ran all the way to Spirit Mountain City." Nangong Yuqing's face turned even redder, "I don't know how my mother's sect is doing now. The reason I told you all this is not because I want you to help them. After all, my mother's sect did not harm her and my father. "The reason I'm telling you this is because my mother's sect wanted her to marry another cultivator. It was for a very big reason."

"It's a big reason. What's the reason?" Wei Suo was getting more and more confused.

"My mother's physique is a bit special." Nangong Yuqing looked at Wei Suo and said.

"Is there something special about your physique?" Is it a spirit root cultivator? " Wei Suo was stunned.

"It's not Spiritual Roots." Nangong Yuqing shook her head, "With her physique, if she were to become a dao companion with others and practice dual cultivation techniques, it would bring additional benefits for male cultivators. There is no such thing in the Tian Xuan Land, but it is said that in other continents, those physiques that have such female cultivators are called ¡­"

"Exquisite Furnace Cauldron?" Before Nangong Yuqing could say anything, she was interrupted by Wei Suo, whose eyes were bulging in disbelief.

"That's right. According to what the Cloud Spirit Continent says, the physique that a female cultivator has is called the Mysterious Furnace Lord's." Nangong Yuqing nodded.

"You're telling me this, but your physique ¡­ shouldn't be ¡­" Wei Suo's eyes widened for a long while before he swallowed his saliva. He looked at Nangong Yuqing with a strange expression as he spoke.

"I heard my mother tell me that my physique is the same as hers." Nangong Yuqing looked at Wei Suo and nodded.

Nangong Yuqing was also a wondrous cauldron body? It was no wonder that there were so many beautiful female cultivators. However, Nangong Yuqing had a temperament that was different from ordinary female cultivators.

If he remembered correctly, Wei Suo remembered that Yin Hua had told him that Han Weiwei also possessed a wonderful body.

When Wei Suo learned of the matter regarding the Exquisite Cauldron from Grandmaster Xuanyuan and Li Yizhan, he also clearly knew that the physique of the Exquisite Cauldron was the same as that of the spiritual root. It was also extremely rare.

But now, Nangong Yuqing had the body of a wondrous furnace. This was truly too inconceivable for Wei Suo.

After hearing about the mysterious furnace, Jia Ya once told Wei Suo that she was regretting that she was not in possession of the furnace body. Otherwise, she would have been able to bring even more benefits to Wei Suo by doing the same thing with Wei Suo. However, at that time, Wei Suo only laughed vulgarly and caught Jia Ya again. He said that hard work could make up for one's lack of talent, so even if everyone's cultivation talent was lacking, it would be worth it for them to practice it a few more times. In the end, that time, Ji Ya was so embarrassed that she was forced to repair the furnace again by Wei Suo, causing her to not dare to easily mention the word 'wondrous cauldron' again.

"I didn't expect you to have the physique of a wondrous cauldron body." After recovering from his shock with great difficulty, Wei Suo looked at Nangong Yuqing and asked, "According to what I know, there are many different types of 'Exquisite Cauldron Body'. What kind of physique do you possess?"

"I don't know either." Nangong Yuqing seriously answered Wei Suo, but her face involuntarily blushed again, "My mother only knew that she had this kind of physique, but I don't know what sort of physique she has."

"I understand. "You can put me in a knapsack now." At this moment, the green-robed old man, who had yet to appear, suddenly called out.


After hearing the last part of the green-robed old man's words, Wei Suo thought that he knew what kind of wondrous furnace body Nangong Yuqing had. However, after hearing the other half of the green-robed old man's words, Wei Suo was stunned, "Old man, what exactly do you mean by this?"

"What else can it mean?" The green-robed elder's figure appeared, and he looked at Wei Suo with extreme contempt. "You idiot, why don't you try out what kind of wondrous furnace it is?" Since she came here to tell you all this, isn't it because she wants to see what benefits she can bring you, to cultivate double with you? Nangong Yuqing, why don't you stop being his dao companion? This fellow is too stupid, and he doesn't understand our relationship.

"This ¡­" When Wei Suo heard the green-robed old man's words, he couldn't help but look towards Nangong Yuqing.

Even when Nangong Yuqing and Wei Suo were together, they did not put on airs or show any shyness. Now that the green-robed old man said this and Wei Suo looked at him again, his face immediately flushed red. He did not know what to say.

When he saw Nangong Yuqing's silent appearance, Wei Suo immediately reacted. Very vulgarly, he grabbed the Spirit Raising Pot and prepared to store it in his treasure bag.

"Wait a minute!" However, at this moment, the green-robed old man, who seemed to have expected this outcome, suddenly made a gesture of halt and shouted.

"What's wrong? Didn't you say you understand? " Wei Suo said as he looked at the green-robed elder.

"I just remembered something, don't blame me for not reminding you." The green robed old man looked at Wei Suo with disdain and snorted, "Originally, you had to use other Yin Qi elixirs to refine the Sans Yang Ganoderma that you obtained from the gambling with the people from the Tian Luo Priestess, in order to strengthen your Yang Qi and Yang Qi. However, with your dual cultivation technique, you should be able to refine it directly, which will bring you two a lot of benefits."

"Mighty Yang Ganoderma?" Wei Suo slapped his storage pouch and took out a transparent crystal pill bottle. Inside was a mass of green light pulsating non-stop. It was a root in the shape of a seahorse, the Yang Strengthening Ganoderma that Wei Suo had bet with Tian Luo Daoist.

"Just remember what you promised me." The green-robed old man rolled his eyes and with a flash of green light, he retreated back into the Ghost Tank.

With this, Wei Suo naturally kept the Spirit Nurturing Pitcher into his storage pouch.

However, after putting the Spirit Nurturing Pitcher into his treasure bag, only Wei Suo and Nangong Yuqing were left. Wei Suo was holding the Mighty Yang Ganoderma in one hand, making him feel extremely awkward.

"Wei Suo, take this Mighty Yang Ganoderma." But at this time, Nangong Yuqing looked at Wei Suo and spoke seriously.

"Huh?" This time, Wei Suo almost choked on his own saliva.

"I've come to look for you with the same intention as your green-robed elder." However, the expression on Nangong Yuqing's face calmed down. She looked at Wei Suo and said, "No one knows what kind of dangers you will face when you go to the Green City Ruins. Life and death between cultivators was a very normal thing to do, so no one could guarantee that they would see each other again after they left. Your parents also went out as usual, but they never came back. Even though your current sacred art is not something an ordinary rogue cultivator can compare to, since I agreed to be your dao companion and this dual cultivation technique is also useful to you, I will naturally hand over my body to you, and we will become true dao companions. "

According to what Wei Suo thought of him, if a beautiful female cultivator had said this to him before, Wei Suo felt that he would definitely have immediately rushed up to her in a wretched manner, and was overjoyed in his heart. However, after hearing Nangong Yu say this, Wei Suo discovered that there was actually an unspeakable feeling of solemnity in his heart.

Staring at Nangong Yuqing's beautiful eyes, Wei Suo suddenly laughed, "But we have yet to soak in a hot spring together."

"Then we'll talk about it after the next hot spring." Nangong Yuqing glared at Wei Suo with both anger and amusement as she deliberately turned around to leave.

"Wait a minute, sister." However, Wei Suo suddenly pulled her hand and chuckled.

"What the hell are you doing now?" Nangong Yuqing's palm was slightly hot and she could not help but want to knock Wei Suo's head.

"Look." After Wei Suo smiled, he went all out to refine the water bamboo that he had used before he got up.

One after another, streams of light blue water elemental energy were continuously refined by Wei Suo from the water bamboo. And with so much water elemental energy, Wei Suo didn't need to use it to refine the Black Water Lotus.

As more and more water spirit elemental energy gushed out, the water spirit energy first condensed into crystal clear water droplets, then more and more water droplets gathered together. Once all the water spirit energy had been refined, the water spirit energy that was extracted actually formed into a huge ball of water with a diameter of twenty to thirty feet in the air of this quiet room.

Following which, waves of white fire shot out from Wei Suo's hand and coiled around the ball of water, scorching the air outside the ball of water.

The temperature of this gigantic ball of water had obviously risen.

In just a short moment, Wei Suo retracted his Primordial Fire. A single point of the Black Water Lotus and the four petals of the Black Water Lotus bloomed. Like a bowl, he placed the ball of crystal clear water on top of it.

The Black Water Lotus came into contact with the water ball formed by the amazing water power. Naturally, it was constantly absorbing water power. However, judging from its speed, it would take at least half a day to completely absorb the water ball.

"How is it? My hot spring isn't bad, right?" Nangong Yuqing let out a low cry of surprise. Wei Suo first released a soundproofing light barrier and even released the Abyssal Bone Lord to guard the door. At the same time, he pulled Nangong Yuqing and the two of them simultaneously rushed towards the ball of warm water.

At the same time that they flew up, their outer robes fluttered down like butterflies.

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