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Chapter 626: Surpassing Everyone from The Past!

Translator: Yorasu  Editor: Fireclaws


Yet another breakthrough!

Su Hao’s aura was rough; its might was getting stronger than ever as the radiance of extreme continued to emit its terrifying light. Raising his hands, one could already sense the feeling of invincibility from his aura.

This was the confidence brought from every battle he won!

This battle, he must win too!


The light was still shining.

Many students from the beginner class could no longer open their eyes. With Su Hao’s breakthrough right in front of their eyes, they experienced inexplicable awe towards Su Hao.


Three consecutive breakthroughs!

Su Hao had been suppressed as a level one professional esper for too long. The moment he broke through, he actually managed to up three levels at once. If he’s to face the man with three eyes and the others now, he would probably be able to stomp them.

“Resist!” The man with three eyes shouted, “Defend! Defend!”

While Su Hao was breaking through, one absolutely mustn’t resist Su Hao! After all, during this moment, his strength would multiply! However, for someone like Su Hao to experience such a phenomenon, it’s definitely one of a kind!

The first ten seconds after he broke through, Su Hao was like an invincible God of War!

He’s unstoppable!


Su Hao once again blasted a student with his fist, “What are you afraid of? Afraid of my strength or could it be, something like dying under my fist?”

Su Hao continued forward one step at a time.

His strength skyrocketed to the limit that it made one have goosebumps.

Only he understood why there would be a ten second moment during his breakthrough which made him invincible. During a major realm breakthrough, he could guide the energy into Circular World; however, this small breakthrough could only have the energy retained for a moment!

However, that moment was sufficient.

“Die then!”

Su Hao’s figure dashed. Each punch of his was packed with powerful might.

“Let’s wait until after you finish breaking through. Then you will know how we’re going to toy with you!”

The man with three eyes was deeply shocked. He had come all the way here, but when has he suffered such humiliation? Even when facing the other geniuses from the intermediate class, he didn’t pale in comparison!

However, today, he actually became Su Hao’s victim of abuse!

This is an absolute humiliation!

“Oh, you still want to behead me?”

Su Hao once again blasted another punch of his.

“Do you want to kill me too?”

The light emitted from the third eyes flashed, passing through Su Hao’s body. However, Su Hao’s actions didn’t stop. One student failed to evade in time and got killed!

One punch, one death!

“You!” The man with three eyes was furious.

However, he could only swallow it down. Meanwhile, his heart was silently counting. There are three seconds left. Based on the previous two breakthroughs of Su Hao, this strange state would last no more than ten seconds!

As long as they could hold on until then, Su Hao would be killed!




The man with three eyes gathered the energy within his body and was ready to attack Su Hao the moment when Su Hao’s strength is exhausted. However, at this critical moment, his face turned pale instead.


A wave of powerful force broke out!


This man couldn’t help himself but curse loudly.


There is yet another breakthrough!

A fourth time!

Level five professional esper!


The berserk aura reappeared once again. The man with three eyes and the others who were about to attack suddenly changed their mind. They gave up their offense and switched back to a defensive stance instantly. However, not everyone could react that quick like the man with three eyes.

Just when Su Hao’s aura swept across the surrounding.


A student couldn’t react in time and died instantly!

Yet another student died!

“God damn it!”

The man with three eyes was furious. How many people had Su Hao killed today? However, in addition to anger, he couldn’t help but have a lingering fear in his heart too. Su Hao’s strength…



This time everyone had learned their mistake.

While facing Su Hao’s attack, they would defend like a turtle shell. This included the man with three eyes. No matter how provocative Su Hao is, they would never attack!

Those remained, assisted each other and actually managed to hold on!

The ten seconds period was finally over.

This time, the man with three eyes didn’t command everyone to attack. Even though his mind didn’t think ts is possible, he would rather waste this golden chance to attack instead.



With a bang, Su Hao broke through yet again!

The radiance from his body flickered.

It’s like the sunshine from a sunrise!

The radiance emitted from Su Hao’s body hadn’t diminished, suppressing the man with three eyes into a sorry state. The battle which should be equal had turned into a totally one-sided match after Su Hao’s continuous breakthrough.

“Defend! Defend!” What the man could say to his mates are these words.

Currently, the nearby students have been stunned for a long time.


It’s totally different from what they expected at the beginning!

Su Hao’s burst of energy is akin to an invincible god of war! In front of him, even when all the geniuses from the intermediate class join hands, their effort isn’t enough to take him down.

Moreover, Su Hao’s breakthrough…

How many times was it?

Five times!

This had reached the limit of what a human’s body is capable of!

In history, the longest breakthrough ever recorded is six successive times! And that man is an almighty world esper! An esper who has absolute authority!

Su Hao…

Could it be that he wanted to go beyond that limit?

Everyone was shocked.

Even those teachers who were in a heated battle couldn’t help but subconsciously slow down their fight. Su Hao’s crazy breakthrough caught everyone’s attention!


This time, before that ten seconds duration was up, Su Hao broke through again!

The man with three eyes and his mates who were eagerly waiting for the ten seconds to end didn’t expect Su Hao to break through in advance, and they nearly got killed by the sudden burst of aura!

The sixth time!

Everyone was going crazy from this scene!


This is the absolute potential!

Whatever rumors of him being unable to reach world realm for the rest of his life, it’s all bullshit. To breakthrough sixth time consecutively, is there anything crazier than this? Are they witnessing the rise of a future world esper powerhouse?

“How is this possible?” Lin Zhonglei muttered to himself.

Other people might not understand this fact but not him!

Su Hao’s rebirth after his death had caused him to be unable to reach the world realm no matter what. His potential was about to run out, but what’s with this sudden burst of potential?

Six times in a row!

This is already not something that could be explained with logic. It has already reached beyond the limit! He can’t touch the world realm? Even Lin Zhonglei had some doubts about whether he made a mistake previously.


A killing move appeared.

Lin Zhonglei was stunned that he quickly retreated a few steps back. A layer of his hair got cut off.

Teacher Mo’s mouth revealed a smile. “Head Lin, to be absent-minded at this moment isn’t a good thing. What if you accidentally die? Don’t blame God by then..”


Lin Zhonglei turned around and once again battled with Teacher Mo.

While the two domain espers were clashing with each other in mid-air, an unimaginable strength erupted. Just when this new round started, these two men were stunned and halted again as they looked somewhere in disbelief.


A strong aura rose to the sky!

The seventh time!

An absolute breakthrough!


The man with three eyes was too terrified that his soul nearly left his body. Even his facial expression couldn’t be described any more. Seven times, this had already exceeded their understanding.

In history, even the strongest only managed to breakthrough six times!


Without waiting for them to comprehend this, Su Hao made his move.

The seventh breakthrough!

Especially this time around, it had brought an entirely new concept to his strength. The deduction of illusion and spiritual field within his body had entered the final stage. That key to unlock this puzzle is now clear in Su Hao’s view. He just needs a tiny bit more to push this door open.

His strength kept multiplying non-stop!

“Defend!” The man with three eyes yelled.

He couldn’t even keep count of how many times he had shouted the same word.

Right now, any hint of calmness was already gone. All that remained on his face was fear. Without any chance to attack, all they could do is to defend!

With the seventh breakthrough, Su Hao had killed many people!

More than a dozen people attacked him; later, ten men besieged Su Hao. Now only five remained!

Only half of them managed to survive…

“Go to hell!” Su Hao’s figure flashed.

With another punch, a student got wrecked.

However, this time, that student didn’t die. Turning into a light ray, he tried to flee into the distance. Su Hao smirked. Summoning Xinghe Arrow, an arrow packed with terrifying energy was shot out and killed him!

“More!” Su Hao’s feet flashed.

Mountain Breaker, Water Split, these simplest tricks had all become his killing moves! Under the influence of the powerful energy, these geniuses who had been so proud of themselves all this time did not even stand a chance to resist.


Su Hao killed another student!

“You’re still not taking any action?” Su Hao looked at the man with three eyes.

Among the students, the man with three eyes is the strongest. If he was to activate his ability talent, those students might still have a slim chance to live but no matter what, this man will never take any action.

What a determined heart!

Su Hao’s eyes shone. He knew this man with three eyes was waiting!

He would rather watch his companions dead while waiting for the golden opportunity. After all, having this third eye, he knew Su Hao’s strength better than others!

“What determination! You are ruthless!”

Su Hao ridiculed, “Since you’re not taking any action, then don’t blame me for being unreserved. Well fellow friends, it’s your mate who isn’t trying to save you. Don’t blame me and just drop dead!”


Su Hao once again used all his might!

With the activation of shadow cloak, this Nitai artifact allowed him to quietly appear behind a student, easily killing this clueless student!


Everyone raged.

“Haha, are you going to defend to death?” Su Hao laughed out loud.

There are still three people left, and this man with three eyes still showed no signs of taking action!

Su Hao’s mad laughter instigated them to be unrest. Do they wish to defend until their death? Of course not!

“I can’t accept this!”

“Ah! Ah!!”

The other two students made a war cry and charged forward!

Meanwhile, the man with three eyes still remained indifferent. They finally could no longer hold it back. Watching Su Hao killing the others freely, they finally retaliated. Even if they are going to end up dying, at least they wanted to die in a dignified way!


Two illusion attacks were directed towards Su Hao.

“A great chance!” Su Hao’s eyes flashed in coldness.

As his figure flashed…



Su Hao killed two students with a combat strength of 28 points!

Of course, this is something to be expected. Su Hao originally had 25 combat strength. Now that he mastered the foundation of illusion and Illusion Decryptor Pupils plus his seven successive breakthroughs, only he knew how strong he currently is. Not to forget, the current Su Hao was still influenced by this unique state of invincibility.

“Su Hao!”

The man with three eyes stared at Su Hao with deep hatred, “I will never make a move. I will hold on until your energy is exhausted and then kill you to avenge them!”

“I want you to die!”

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