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Chapter 625: Breakthrough! Breakthrough!
Translator: Yorasu Editor: Fireclaws

“Unlimited Water of Jinshan!” A student from beginner class exclaimed.

This is an illusion technique they read before in the textbook. It’s a powerful advanced illusion. Unlimited Water of Jinshan, once this technique is activated, its might is equivalent to a real tsunami. Definitely a terrifying technique!

This powerful Unlimited Water of Jinshan is enough to submerge a whole city!

Although this student’s current mastery of this technique isn’t really that profound, for a single person, to compare this to the level of the tsunami is not an exaggeration!

First, Apex of Mountain Tai and now Unlimited Water of Jinshan, those students are indeed geniuses!

As the seawater surged, instantly engulfing Su Hao as if it wanted to immediately kill this student who was on the verge of breaking through.

Earth shook.

This was the aftermath of the tsunami!

The nearby tall trees got their roots pulled up when the seawater washed over them. What kind of power is this?


As the seawater spread to the surrounding, it gradually dispersed.

After all, this wasn’t a real tsunami so it wouldn’t last for long.

When the seawater disappeared, there was nothing in front of them. When everyone had a quick glance, they couldn’t help to have their heart skip a beat.

It’s literally like a swarm of locust rampaged through here!

What a terrifying scene.

“Su Hao?”

“Is he dead?”

“But his body isn’t here…”

Everyone was puzzled.

Suddenly, a dazzling light flashed out of nowhere, and a sphere akin to a star popped out beside the student who made a move earlier. The strong light was so bright that it blinded everyone.

“It’s Su Hao!” Someone exclaimed.


“Have you finished messing around?”

With a cold voice, Su Hao directed his fist down. That student who literally had zero strength left was shocked by that fist.


That student vomited blood on the spot as he was blasted away. As for whether he was still alive or not, it was unknown.


Several intermediate class students were furious.

“I didn’t wish to make a move, and you guys really think that you can get away with these?” Su Hao’s voice was so loud that it sounded like thunder in everyone’s ears.

“Your breakthrough is broken again.”

The man with three eyes smirked, “Indeed you can move. Just that each time you do so, your sense of breakthrough will be reduced. After making a move twice, how much of that is left? Today, you are destined to die!”

“You don’t have to worry about it.”

Su Hao said indifferently, “My talent is not something you can comprehend. Even if I keep making moves, it won’t hinder my breakthrough.”

“Stop being in denial!” The man with three eyes ridiculed, but didn’t realize that it was the truth!

With thousands of computers running in his mind concurrently, the final deduction was ongoing at a rapid rate. Su Hao felt that the entry point to the spiritual world had become clearer and clearer.

Everything for his breakthrough didn’t require his control at all!

The situation is totally under control.

“Kill him!”

The man with three eyes pointed at Su Hao, and another student made his move.


A huge berserk beast appeared. Its face looked sinister while being entangled in flames. With a roar, it charged at Su Hao.

“What kind of ferocious illusion is this? ”

“It’s actually him?”

Su Hao was stunned for a bit and immediately laughed.

With illusions, one could actually create an existence which he had met before as his own attack. In front of him, it was indeed a giant, powerful beast. However, it’s fine if you use anything else but him!

Long time no see, Emperor Flame Tiger!

Su Hao’s mouth flashed a smirk.

One step forward at a time, without even using an origin technique at all, his figure was faintly discernible. With a strike towards the sky, this berserk beast instantly died!


That huge figure dropped to the ground.

This scene shocked countless people.


The man with three eyes finally had a change in expression. Even without the breakthrough, the current Su Hao’s strength being displayed already frightened him to the extreme. Is this really an esper at the level one professional realm?

Such strength…

Even if they had a combat strength of 28 points, they’re still a nobody against him!

“Attack together!”

The man with three eyes gritted his teeth before yelling, “We must not allow him to have a chance!”


With a bang, all the students who besieged Su Hao finally rushed forward and directed all kinds of powerful illusion techniques towards Su Hao.

In an instant, the surrounding illusion energy converged, full of dense murderous intent.

“With just you all, you wish to kill me?” Su Hao roared and then charged without hesitation.

With his body illuminating, any illusion will be weakened as it approaches Su Hao. Su Hao then activated both Illusion Reality and Illusion Decryptor Pupils at the same time. Under this situation, there is nothing to consider. One just has to face the enemies head-on since there is no retreat. This is a one versus ten.

The surrounding people had long been dumbfounded.

OMG, who are they?

A total of ten illusion geniuses!

Being able to comprehend advanced illusion techniques at such an age, no matter which one they are, they’re all the pride of Heaven which one could only look up to. But now?

These ten students besieged Su Hao and only managed to be in a stalemate!

Not even enjoying the advantage of having the upper hand!

Everyone felt that their worldview has collapsed. Su Hao’s radiance all over his body has not vanished. Instead, the longer he engaged in a battle, the more powerful he became.

“Is this Su Hao’s true strength?”

“One versus ten, this is a true demon.”

Everyone trembled.

Many students from the beginner classes had red fanatic eyes. The gaze they had on Su Hao was filled with endless worship. This is what a true battle is!

A bottomless heroic act!

Unrivaled bravery!



Su Hao, who was currently radiating with light, had each fist of his filled with strong killing intent. With Dark Moon Dream Destroyer, it instantly brought everyone into the illusion! Xinghe Sword formed on his fists like gloves, permeating a dazzling glowing light on his fists! Each punch of his could easily injure the enemies!

While under such brilliance, Su Hao’s red and blue eyes and the occasional hint of light would disappear from his eyes. If one could see through his pupils, it would be like thousands of worlds happening at once!

This is extremely terrifying!

The current state of Su Hao was akin to demon god!

“You all want to kill me?” Su Hao asked in a clear tone.


His origin avatar flickered.

Su Hao instantly killed one student. With a fist slamming on his chest, he died on the spot!

“Who gives you the right to do so?”

Su Hao once again left a sentence while his footsteps were rapid. Using Phantom Sprint to aid his movement coupled with support from countless basic illusions, he created many afterimages.

Su Hao killed another person!

With two sentences two students actually died?!

The ones who attacked started sweating heavily. How could this be? Su Hao’s strength, how could it turn out to be this terrifying? Even if it had reached to the extreme, it still can’t be this powerful!


The radiance all over Su Hao’s body intensified!

As for the man with three eyes, he kept staring at Su Hao all this time. Finally, his face turned pale, “Damn it, we have been tricked!”

“He is actually still breaking through?!”


Everyone turned wild.

How is this possible?

The breakthrough of illusion, which one of them doesn’t require enlightenment and then have to meditate to secure the chance? Even if it is a breakthrough during a battle, one still needs to go back and train in order to make the newly obtained strength his own. Otherwise, one will likely fail.

But Su Hao…

How long has he been in this state?

The radiance emitted from Su Hao has not stopped at all. Everything he did earlier was just an act. His real goal is to hide his progress.

“God damn it!” The man with three eyes shouted, “Quickly kill him!”


His third eyes shone.

Finally, the man with three eyes took action. With the light shrouding his side, every student who passed through this light started moving even faster!

Su Hao’s movements became unconsciously slow.

“What a terrifying talent!” Su Hao was amazed by this.

However, facing such a situation, he didn’t need to be reserved. As he felt his power growing with every second, he suddenly burst into laughter, “It’s too late if you only noticed this now!”


His whole body was flashing.

The aura emitted from Su Hao instantly skyrocketed. The terrifying effect from the man with three eyes on Su Hao instantly vanished.

“This is…” The man with three eyes said in a shuttering tone, “He broke through…”


He broke through!

No matter how hard they tried to disrupt him, Su Hao still broke through!

If they used their trump card earlier, perhaps they might have killed Su Hao. But they didn’t! Nobody would have expected such a state from Su Hao. With more than a dozen top students from the intermediate class, not only did they fail to prevent him from breaking through, they actually hastened the process instead!


The aura continued to spread to the surrounding violently!

Right now, Su Hao’s combat strength had soared and completely suppressed everyone!



Su Hao perfectly utilized the aura which was acquired during the time of the breakthrough. With that unrivaled aura, he applied it to all of his enemies and caused them to vomit blood!

The perfect application of origin technique!

Soon, the aura gradually disappeared, and Su Hao’s strength returned back to normal. At this moment, the man with three eyes realized Su Hao’s combat strength didn’t increase by a huge margin.

A level two professional esper!

“Hahaha, it’s not a realm breakthrough or something. Just a level up, what’s there to be arrogant about?” The man laughed, “Every card of yours has been exposed. So what if you are now level two? We will still fight you!”

“Really?” Su Hao’s mouth sneered.


More aura was emitted!

Everyone around him had their face discolored!

Another breakthrough!

He is actually still breaking through!

After just stepping into level two professional esper, Su Hao’s strength actually soared again?

“Haha, again!” Su Hao madly laughed, and once again used the aura to suppress everyone.


The man with three eyes was literally hanging to his last soul.

Continuous breakthroughs! It’s quite common on this road of talent, but Su Hao’s continuous breakthrough is a nightmare for them!

“It’s just two breakthroughs…”

The man with three eyes who was getting ready to kill Su Hao suddenly turned pale because, at this time, there was another rise in aura!

The third time!

He’s actually still breaking through!

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