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Chapter 80: Tiandifu is in  mess

Feng Chuge tucked Achen into the quilt and left the room….

In the middle of the night, Achen woke up.

He opened his eyes and found himself lying in his room.

In the darkness, a faint purple glow flashed across his eyes.

He remembered being in the Feng Residence’s garden. Everything was blank after he met Feng Zhaoyang there.

However, he could clearly feel the imprints on his hands, evidence that he was tied.

Looking at the marks and the scent of Feng Chuge still in the air, it wasn’t that hard to guess what had happened.

The glow flashed once more across his eyes now coupled with a chill.

This Emperor has never been so bullied!

He should never be protected by a woman like this!


In his present condition, he was no different from a disabled person….

While he was dwelling on this introspection, a shadow darted outside the door.

Although Achen has no spiritual power at the moment, his senses were still very sharp.

The door was opened at once and a black figure sprang in.

“Master….” It was a voice fraught with hoarseness.

When this voice reached Achen’s ears, he cocked an eye, “Bei Xuan —“

“Yes, master. It’s your subordinate!” After these words fell, a black figure dropped down from the mid-air and landed in front of Achen.

“Master, this subordinate is late.” The man’s voice was hoarse with black clothes covering his entire body. He partly knelt nearby Achen, his expression full of self-blame.

“Master, this subordinate has been looking for you for a long time, only to find the breath of the master when passing through a small forest then followed the master all the way here….” Continued Bei Xuan, his tone revealing hints of relief. “Master, this subordinate will take you back. This subordinate will even go all out to make them hand over the antidote.”

Achen’s little body who was now sitting on one side was surrounded with an inconceivable momentum.

“I already have the antidote.”

“That’s great. Master, then this subordinate will take you away.”

Di Jue Chen lightly leaned back, hands crossed on his chest. His eyes were narrowed, but nobody could tell what he was thinking.

After a long while, he gave an answer. “Let’s talk about going back again later.”

“Master?” Bei Xuan looked up in surprise, uncertain of Di Jue Chen’s plan.

Di Jue Chen’s lips formed a line, “I still have something to do.”

“But…” Bei Xuan still wanted to say something, but his master continued to speak, “You actually arrived right on time. Go to Yuntian Academy and do something on my behalf. Half a month later, I will be entering Yuntian Academy…”

Di Jue Chen took out a jade pendant inside a black pouch from his bosom. “Take this and find the dean. He knows what to do.”

Bei Xuan received the jade pendant, but he was still bewildered, “Master, do you really want to go to Yuntian Academy in your current condition?”

Di Jue Chen suddenly lifted his head and his pair of inky eyes gave off a cool feeling.

Bei Xuan realized that he had asked a question that should not be asked —

“Yes, this subordinate will do as told. Master, rest assured that these days, this subordinate will protect you by your side until the day your poison is completely detoxified and your strength is restored….”

“En…” Di Jue Chen nodded. “Go back first….”

“Yes.” Bei Xuan retreated accordingly.

However, when he retired, his heart was still full of doubts.

Tiandifu was in a chaotic period at this moment and there are a lot of things to deal with. Why did the Master choose to stay? Was it for that woman?

Other sources has seen that that woman has taken great care of his Master……

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