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Chapter 211: Cheat

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He immediately chose to leave the group. He did not dare interact with the female patrons. Better if he hid.

Seeing Fangzheng running off the moment he entered, the women immediately burst into an uproar. They blamed each other for being too ruthless…

Yu Guanze also felt a headache regarding this matter. Indeed, things were sometimes troublesome once there were too many women.

Other than these seductresses, there were Zhao Datong, Hu Han, and company’s occasional greeting. Fang Yunjing would also send him messages. She had returned to normal and was quiet and reticent. When she left a message, they did not seem to imply any sparks. “Master, we are planning our spring holidays. We can visit you when the time comes. Are you still not going to provide for our meals?”

Fangzheng replied, “The monastery is small and I am poor. Meals cannot be provided. Patron, you will probably have to settle your meals yourself.”

Fang Yunjing did not reply. From the looks of it, she was offline. Since she was in the mood to organize a spring break holiday, it meant that she had completely extricated herself from her psychological scars. Fangzheng felt relieved, it was a good thing that it had turned out well.

Fangzheng’s cell phone screen turned red! A page appeared with the red warning color, extremely eye-catching. It was filled with English text. Fangzheng did not know any of the words written. Although he was taught English at middle school, Fangzheng no longer remembered any of it after years of disuse. Furthermore, even if he still retained his knowledge, his tiny vocabulary bank was insufficient to read such a complicated English page.

Following that, an addition paragraph of text appeared. Fangzheng remained dumbfounded. What did it mean?

Simultaneously, in an underground room of a particular city in another country, a fat man was drinking Coke. He was chuckling as he looked at the screen in front of him. “My first test subject has been found. Time to see if it works. Smith, come over. Let’s see if this Chinese guy is rich.”

Smith was an African-American with curly hair. He hung a tiny skull necklace around his neck. He did not look like a hacker but more of a street thug.

Smith said, “The Chinese are so poor. Why did you target him? There won’t be much to earn.”

“Bullshit! The Chinese are really rich, look at the streets of Paris and London. The Chinese hold wallets filled with cash. I can’t think of any country richer than China,” said Luca.

“Is that so? Yesterday, I extorted someone from Taiwan. You have to admit that the Taiwanese always believe they are richer than the mainland Chinese. I thought they would be rich. In the end, my god. You have no idea what I encountered.” Smith covered his face that had a painful expression when he mentioned the Taiwanese.

Luca asked, “What did you encounter?”

“He told me that he only earns four hundred US dollars a month. Heavens, is the salary of the Chinese even lower? That’s not even enough to buy our food with! Also, they are great at haggling. He chatted with me for half an hour! Can you imagine? Half an hour! I could have used that period to extort more than a dozen Americans! I really thought too highly of the Chinese’s income. I pitied him, I unlocked it for free,” Smith smiled bitterly.

Luca looked oddly at Smith, “Smith, do I really need tell you?”

Smith looked puzzled.

“You are way too unprofessional when it comes to extortion. According to what I know, the Taiwanese are rather rich. At least, they earn more than your previous job… Your salary might not even be enough to foot the bill of a few meals.”

Smith’s face turned livid.

Fangzheng’s response finally showed on his screen.

Luca pointed at the text on the screen. “Oh my god! What is this guy saying?!”

Smith used a machine-translation software to translate. “He asked you what YOU are saying.”

“I… He doesn’t know English?! Are the Chinese all like that? If that’s the case, are we still going to extort him? Do I need to learn Chinese? That would be such a hassle. Chinese… Chinese is difficult, right? I’d rather learn Japanese, German or even some aboriginal language,” grumbled Luca.

“I refused when my mother made me take programming lessons. Later, my mother sent me to learn Chinese.”

“Then what?” asked Luca.

Smith stated matter-of-factly, “I transferred schools three days later and took programming lessons.”

Luca let loose a string of curses.

“Translation software is inaccurate. We should try our best to speak as simply as possible. Let us hope the translation software is reliable…” As Lucca spoke, he sent a paragraph of English text for translation.

“Robbery?” Fangzheng was stunned. He stood up and surveyed his surroundings. There wasn’t anyone around!

Fangzheng replied, “Patron, stop joking. What are you talking about?”

Luca was left dumbstruck when he noticed that the first word that was translated was ‘donor.’ He looked up at Smith, “Why is he calling us donors? Do we f**king have to donate?”

Luca did not know that ‘patron’ when translated to English meant ‘donor.’ In his rage, he went straight to the point. “Your cell phone has been planted with a virus. If you do not tap the bottom right corner and pay us 0.212 Bitcoin, your cell phone will turn into a brick. You will lose all your documents, forever irretrievable. My patience is limited. It’s best you make up your mind as soon as possible. Friendly reminder, your cell phone cannot do anything now other than chat with me.”

“Virus?” Fangzheng was worried a bit. He had never heard of something so complicated. Yet Fangzheng refused to have his beliefs shaken so he tapped the X on the top right corner.

“He’s indeed a cheat. What do you mean it cannot be used? It works just fine!” Fangzheng shook his head as he ignored the situation and continued reading other webpages. He then put away his cell phone and called out to Monkey. It was time to eat.

The moment Monkey heard that it was mealtime, he threw the broom away and ran over. Lone Wolf and Squirrel ran to the table and waited. Having not eaten Crystal Rice for two days, all of them were salivating at the mere thought of it. Squirrel rubbed his belly, demonstrating how hungry he was…

Fangzheng himself was just as hungry. When he opened the lid, he first tasted a mouthful. As he reveled in the fragrance of the rice, he closed his eyes in bliss. Indeed, one could not separate man from food.

Fangzheng had a great time eating with Lone Wolf, Monkey, and Squirrel.

On the other side, Luca and Smith waited in front of the computer till the cows came home.

“Darn it, how did he do it? Does he not want his cell phone to work? It looks like I need to come hard on him. I will make his cell phone turn into a brick!” As Luca grumbled, he issued the format command. He planned on formatting away everything on Fangzheng’s cell phone.

“Eh, what’s happening?” Luca was shocked to realize that his virus had asked if he wanted to infiltrate the cell phone in question!

Smith grinned at him. “Luca, no wonder he ignored you. You didn’t manage to infiltrate, not even close mate.”

“Are you stupid? If I didn’t manage to infiltrate, then who the hell was I chatting with?”

Smith was taken aback momentarily before he said, “Then, what happened?”

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