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Chapter 718: Shameless man

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“He actually dared to threaten me?!”

“Who gave him such guts?”

The head of the inspection department’s voice could be heard echoing within the association. He was so enraged that he nearly stormed out from his room. After having such authority for many years, this is his very first experiencing someone who actually dared to threaten him. How could that not make him angry?

Everyone in the inspection department went silent.

Nobody dared to make any noise. At this time, who would be so stupid to step on this landmine?



The department’s communication device rang. A staff member anxiously went to answer, and his face turned pale. Looking at the head department, he dared not speak.

“Who?” The head of the inspection department gloomily asked.

“The Federation…” The staff member was about to cry.

“What is it about?” The head department calmed himself down. After all, he still needed to listen to the contents.

“They say, regarding the new body strengthening drug, don’t use any underhand tricks.” That staff conveyed the message in a trembling voice. Carefully looking at the department head, as he expected, the head’s face already changed color before he finished his words.

“That’s it?” The head department was somewhat calm.

“Yes.” The staff replied.

However, all of the staffs’ communication device in the department quickly rang.

After they had a look, everyone’s face had a change of color.

There is no need to guess. It must be people demanding that they should not attempt to do anything improper!


The department head smashed a desk. Once could only hear his enraged roar, “Who the f*ck do they think they are? I’m the head of the inspection department! I’m the head!!! Did this daddy ever say anything about tampering with the results? Damn it! I’m so mad!”



The office was in a mess. Everyone couldn’t bear to look any longer.

A moment later, the head department silently walked out with a grim look. Taking a deep breath, he forced himself to calm down, “Bring over the drugs Su Hao sent. We will start to test it immediately.”

The staff: “This…”

“Bring them to me now!” The head department roared.

A staff member bravely stepped forward in a cautious manner, “Head, we still haven’t received it, it is probably still on its way here.”


The head department looked at Su Hao’s statement on the virtual screen. One could see the veins on his forehead bulging out. This brat hasn’t even sent the goods here, yet he dared to publish this online? Wouldn’t he be held responsible for delaying this matter? If this is to be delayed any longer, he would probably be cursed to death!

The head department fiercely suppressed his anger.

He felt that if he couldn’t calm himself down, sooner or later, he would be angered to death by Su Hao.

“What are they using to send?” The head department asked.

“Countryline Express.” The staff replied in a soft voice.

“Countryline…” The head department clenched his fists, “With a special machine to deliver it, it should only take only two hours. However, he chose to use express delivery and also the slowest one!”


“Daddy will wait for him!”

“Is there any tracking number?”

The staff quickly searched for it, “There it is.”

“Then, that’s great. Get all the instruments prepared!”

The head department clenched his teeth, “Then we will wait for them! Let’s see how slow this Countryline Express is.”


Everyone rushed to prepare.


The head department had still overestimated the legendary slowest Countryline Express. This was the longest period of time he had ever waited for a delivery.

Seven days later.

When the head department received the item from Su Hao, his face turned black. Seven days! In this era, there is still a delivery which requires seven days?! Seven days to deliver an item in this era?

The head department was fuming.

Inside the office, once again, there was an angry roar from him, “Su Hao!”

Since the item had arrived, it was time to test it.

Although the head department wished to throw a big fat zero back at Su Hao, he knew that the results of this test would be announced to the public.

“Test it seriously!” The head department laughed, “Use the most strict standards and inspect it in details!”


The staffs were also enraged.

However, they didn’t realize that as the former vice president of the association, how could Zhang Zhongtian be clueless of these standards? Long before the delivery, Zhang Zhongtian had been testing the drugs based on the standards no less than ten times stricter, and the result was only one word.


All qualified!

Everything is exactly the same as described. Even though there is a side effect, it doesn’t deviate much! Everything is within the permissible limits.

“No problems?” The head department gave a stare.

“Yes.” The staff bitterly smiled, “We have done some investigation. Before they sent it here, they already asked some organizations to test it. The reason they sent the drug here is just to fulfill the procedures.”


The head department slammed on a table again.

It was not only from anger. Although he received pressure from all sides, he still knew that he belonged to the association. The final decision would be still theirs to decide. And the association had made a decision, instructing him to delay as long as possible to find any reasonable problems.

And now?


Forget about reasonable problems, even if it’s something unreasonable, he still couldn’t find it!

He could still grit his teeth and withstand the pressure from the outside world, but he couldn’t disobey the orders from the association. The headquarters already extracted a sample for themselves.

As for what they’re trying to do, he understood.



With the drugs Su Hao sent, they hoped to be able to make a similar one from their study and resolve this crisis!

Otherwise, why would he be instructed to buy them some time?

For each minute he delays, he would be giving an additional minute to those men.

“Check again.” The head department calmly said.

“But we have already repeated the procedure for three days straight…”

Some staff members said with some guilt.

“Humph, for security purposes, we need to keep testing it. Understand?” The department head stared at him, “Are you the department head or am I?”


Three days, another three days!

Every day, Su Hao would post a pre-sale countdown on the Internet and then included a video of the effect after consuming the drug. In the end, he would tag the official social media account of the head of the inspection department to ask about the progress.

One didn’t have to guess anything.

The department head was furious.

Because of this new drug, the daily visits on Su Hao’s page had exceeded 100 million! As for the department head who will always appear at the top of the page, naturally, he would be the target. To test for twelve consecutive days plus the seven days of delivery, he had been cursed to death.

It wasn’t just him, but every staff in the inspection department was receiving curses from the netizens.

They were under a lot of pressure.

“Head, we still haven’t finished the test?”

A staff member wanted to cry but no tears came out. They had done the test so many times. He knew that his boss was trying to delay for time, but there is really no problems with the drug. They couldn’t continue doing this forever!

Previously, when he walked out on the street, people would give him present, but now they all wished to throw eggs at him!

What is going on?

“You think I’m willing to do this?” The head department also raged, “Isn’t it because of those wastes in the research department?! 9 days, after 9 days, there is actually no progress from their study! The higher-ups had instructed us that before the research department finishes, we must never release the results! This daddy can’t do much here.”

“Then what are we supposed to do now?” Another weak voice could be heard, “We just keep delaying like this? We’re about to be cursed to death.”

“Calm down.” The head department knew that he couldn’t blame them for this and could only console them, “Don’t worry. Do you think other people are idiots? The reason they paid so much attention to this is not because of Su Hao but the effect of this new drug. As long as we are able to reverse engineer it, they will still buy it.”

“Keep enduring, as long as the research department finishes their job, hehe.”

“Su Hao, who is he to be trying to lead the pace?”

Jianghe City, a pharmacy store.

Zhang Zhongtian was somewhat worried. As a former vice president, he understood what that group of old men are trying to do, “Is this really alright? Although I increased the difficulty for them to decipher, at most, one month later, they would be able to get the formula.”

“Don’t worry.” Su Hao smirked, “They won’t have thirty days.”

“Huh?” Zhang Zhongtian had some doubts.

Su Hao smirked, “Seven days delay from the delivery, twelve days of research, bringing it to a total of nineteen days. Some matters, it’s about time for them to break out.”

“Now, let’s see who will last till the end!” Su Hao still maintained his composure, “Master, how much stock do we have?”

“One million bottles. I literally invested all my money in this.” Zhang Zhongtian looked grave.

“Great! Continue!” Su Hao nodded with a cold light flashing from his eyes, “There is only one chance. We must not waste it. We must not give the association any chance!”

“Also, we can start the online reservation.”

That day at the association headquarters, the research department’s staff were crazily researching this drug. It seems that Zhang Zhongtian’s 30 days estimation was a bit too much of an underestimate.

“Give me three more days and I will decipher it!”

A staff member made a solemn vow.

Three days, plus twelve days, that only added up to fifteen days! Such speed was far beyond Zhang Zhongtian’s expectations. To reverse engineer a drug is still a field which Zhang Zhongtian had not mastered.

“Great, then continue!” The vice president of the association was very happy.

Three days, as long as they have three more days, they would be able to launch a counterattack!

As for the pressure from the public?

These few days were indeed hard to pass, but he had a great understanding of their mindset. As long as the association releases the news about their new drug, their opinion will immediately change 180 degrees!

So what if they cloned it?

Who cares about plagiarism?

Who launches the drug first, who sells it cheaper, that would decide the final winner!

“Humph, Su Hao?” The vice president proudly stood up, “To use the public to suppress us is not bad, but too bad, you’re too inexperienced. The final victor will still be us, the Pharmacist Association. Hahaha.”

As he thought about it, a figure suddenly rushed inside in an anxious manner.


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