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Leng Youlan patted Chen Xiang's shoulder, and laughed: "Brother, you're really good!"

Xue Xianxian tugged on her white hair and laughed: "Good girl, hurry up and dig the hole, letting you do such fine work, you are truly wronged."

Leng Youlan laughed heartily, unsheathed the greatsword from her back and rushed up to a cave, the other girls followed behind her, they did not want to stay idle, and wanted to help, although they were women, they could not show any weakness.

"Qianqian, you should be able to try as well!" Chen Xiang said. Although he was faster than the girls, he needed time to finish them all. There was still a lot of work to do after he finished carving the lines.

Wu Qianqian nodded his head, and followed Chen Xiang's example of releasing a small amount of fire droplets, but they were only five small fire balls, not as many as Chen Xiang's.

It was only then that Wu Qianqian realized how exhausting it was to control the small balls of fire and release heat to burn the ground. This made her realize her own inadequacies and the gap between her and Chen Xiang.

"Elder Brother Xiao Xiang, how many Best spar do you have?" Xue Xianxian asked.

"How many Best spar s do you need to set up this formation?"

Xue Xianxian frowned and thought for a while before replying, "About 300 of them. This is the Exquisite Pagoda Formation that Master gave me. It is very suitable for use on a mountain.

Chen Xiang took out a large piece, and gave it to Xue Xianxian: "This should be enough!"

Xue Xianxian stuck out her tongue, then laughed: "Elder Brother Xiao Xiang, you are truly rich, no wonder Old Zhu always wanted me to find out more about you, and even wanted me to speak good of him in front of you."

These few days, Xue Xianxian and Chen Xiang's friends had chatted a lot and he could also learn a few things about Chen Xiang from them. Moreover, Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong were both extremely interesting.

However, what she couldn't take was that Yao Haisheng actually called her master with his thick face. After Chen Xiang heard this, he almost burst out laughing. Of course he knew that Yao Haisheng no longer held any grudges towards him, and he knew that it wasn't a wise decision.

Chen Xiang gave Xue Xianxian many middle tier Spar s, which he used to lay down the formation array. Chen Xiang was not lacking in any of these things, so he did not feel any heartache at all.

Xue Xianxian carefully cut through the Best spar, and only then did she solve the problem after cutting for more than two hours. At this time, she called Leng Youlan out, and got him to help her put the Spar in a specific place, and after that, she would need to add a pure fire attribute Innate Qi into the patterns and connect all the Spar together to form a huge array.

Chen Xiang was surprised that Xue Xianxian actually knew how to use fire. Previously, he saw Xue Xianxian using the cold Innate Qi, and he suddenly understood that Xue Xianxian was also a Ice Fire Vein, and Liu Meng'er was also like that, which was why he accepted her as his disciple.

Chen Xiang's master and senior brother were both from Yin Yang Veins, and Liu Meng'er himself was an ice Fire Vein. That was why he had carefully raised Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian. He knew that the rank of Xue Xianxian's ice Fire Vein was definitely not low, at least, his Heaven Meridian, or even his Divine Veins.

An entire day had passed and the entire small mountain was filled with criss-crossing patterns. Amongst these lines, there was a Spar embedded at every few meters. Xue Xianxian had placed three hundred Best spar evenly on the large formation. This was also the first time Leng Youlan and her had set up this large formation.

Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan were both very suspicious, because they had learned the same way to arrange formations, but they understood the relationship between Divine Weapons Heavenly Country and himself, so they did not suspect much. Chen Xiang had promised Liu Meng'er that he would never tell him about her, but now it seemed that Liu Meng'er had treated the two girls pretty well, and had passed on the same things to them.

"Now there's only the powerful flame left. Brother, your flame is more powerful, and your compressing power is also very high! If you fill this formation with fire, it might be able to make this formation even more powerful. " Leng Youlan said.

With everyone working together, the array was set up, the caves and tunnels were dug up, and the warriors at the fourth level of True Martial Realm were able to beat away the Beast devil and the Human Demons. Although they encountered many difficulties, they were able to resolve them all in the end.

Chen Xiang jumped up to the top of the mountain and said: "I'll try!" Flames suddenly emerged from his body, the hot waves of air immediately surged in all directions. Everyone was extremely shocked by this flame, they now understood why Chen Xiang was already a fourth stage Alchemist at such a young age, relying on this kind of flame, he was fully deserving of it.

Chen Xiang used his strong consciousness to control the overflowing flames, and poured it into those tiny cuts. His flames had been compressed and looked like it was very little, but any little bit was enough to burn the entire forest.

Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian were also using their senses to guide Chen Xiang's flames into the patterns, and at the same time, they had to make the flames fuse with the Spar, otherwise the Spar would explode from the flames. There were hundreds of thousands of Spar on this mountain, and the power that several hundred thousand of them were releasing at the same time was extremely terrifying.

Deep in the night, within a pitch-black wasteland, there was a small mountain that was shining with red light. The mountain was covered with fire red Spirit grain s, making it look extremely beautiful and profound. Chen Xiang had continuously released many flames, which had nearly consumed his Suzaku genuine qi.

's flames were already very terrifying, and they thought that Chen Xiang wouldn't be able to release too much of it. But now, after several hours, the flames on his body were no weaker than before.

"Completed!" Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian shouted at the same time. Their foreheads were also filled with sweat and they had consumed a lot of their consciousness. When they were cultivating normally, Liu Meng'er had very high expectations of them, especially their consciousness.

At this moment, many of the disciples had realized the disparity between them and those young and famous people. If it was them, they wouldn't be able to last much longer. Of course, they knew that others had paid a lot.

Chen Xiang withdrew the flames and took a deep breath. The Spirit grain that was emitting red light on the small mountain also disappeared without a trace, even the engravings on the ground had disappeared.

Those Spirit grain s were already very mysterious, and after the Spirit grain absorbed the energy, Chen Xiang did not find it strange at all.

"What if the hill is attacked and the formation is broken?" Zhu Rong asked worriedly, he knew that he had used up a lot of Spar. Although the Spar was not his, he still felt a heartache.

"Don't worry, this formation has already been fused into one. Unless the power is used up, or unless someone knows how to destroy the foundation of the formation, it will be very difficult to break through. Of course, this formation is mainly used to stall for time and let everyone escape through the tunnel. Leng Youlan said.

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