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When the sword beam was thrown aside, Su Feihun's expression clearly changed.

The chubby Minister of Rites glared at him and said, ""Watch what the f * ck you are doing. If you want to fight, then fight. If not, then scram.""

An Zeng couldn't help but have a whole new level of respect for this Minister of Rites. This fellow was like a clear spring to the Ministry of Rites.

The people from the Grand Cauldron Academy behind Su Feiheng also seemed to sense that something was wrong. Many of them stood up and walked towards the north side of the Golden Hall Square.

Right now, the headmaster of the Grand Cauldron Academy was standing at the top of Nanmen City, accompanying the King of Yan in watching the competition. They had no one to decide on, so they had to quickly find Su Pei.

Su Feiheng was not angry. He swung his long sword and the sword beam flew back. Like a whip, it unexpectedly exploded in mid-air. Then, he chopped down towards An Zhan once again.

No matter how An Zhe's body moved, the quiver remained floating at a distance less than a foot away from him.

It was as if there was an invisible hand steadily pulling the quiver for him, just like how he would move the quiver no matter what.

After avoiding the sword, An Zhe pulled the bowstring of the Rierwood on the cliff. A fine steel arrow automatically flew out from the quiver and hung on the bow. Then, he released An Zhe's grip, and the fine steel arrow flew out.

After the first arrow was shot, An Zhe pulled the bowstring up once again without the slightest hesitation. The bowstring was like a full moon.

Six Fine Steel Arrows flew out of the quiver and landed on the bowstring at the same time. With a snap, the bowstring snapped back, and the six Fine Steel Arrows shot out like flames.

Su Feiheng twirled the long sword in front of him, and the sword light formed a circle around it to form a sword shield.

The first steel arrow landed on the sword shield, and that solid steel arrow was actually shattered into countless pieces by the sword Qi.

The moment the fragments flew out, the six Fine Steel Arrows arrived.

The six steel arrows pierced through the countless fragments, creating sparks as they flew.

It was as if six huge warships had broken through a dense cluster of small stars in the sky.

Su Feihun's eyes turned cold. He did not hold the sword in his hand, but kept his fingers together and mouthed a single word.


Along with this light shout, an angry dragon seemed to circle around the sword shield.

The sword qi transformed into a furious dragon and wrapped around the six steel arrows as it rotated.

The draconic body formed by the sword energy tied the six arrows together. Then, the draconic body twisted … and the six steel arrows were simultaneously minced by the sword energy!


The crowd clearly heard a dragon's roar.

But at that moment, the seventh arrow arrived.

The seventh arrow shot out at the perfect time. Just as the sword and shield changed, the draconic body of the seventh arrow shot out at the same instant it crushed the six arrows in front of it.

There was no time for the sword beams to change once again. The sword beam passed through the gap in the sword beam and headed straight for Su Feiheng.

Su Feihun's fighting spirit was instantly aroused. He originally thought that An Zaiyue was no match for him, but now, his fighting spirit was surging!

The longsword in Su Feihun's hand was drawn into a sword-flower. It was not a sword-flower that was pulled out for the sake of beauty, but a genuine sword-flower that could truly kill.

When the sword turned, a small white flower appeared on the tip of the sword. It looked just like the small white wildflowers that were commonly seen on the street. It was very ordinary.

Five petals, the flower was not beautiful.

But in the instant that the flower bloomed, it was as though a gate had opened into the world of ice and snow.

Ice flowers bloomed, and the five petals were covered with ice crystals.

The seventh arrow was blocked by the sword flower, and the arrow collided with the sword flower.

Then the ice broke and so did the Fine Steel Arrow.

An Zaiyue strode forward and once again pulled the plow and cliff apart. This time, four Fine Steel Arrows flew out of the quiver, but they did not fly out at the same time.

An Zhe shot out arrow after arrow, and the four arrows were launched consecutively, without even a blink of an eye.

The four arrows formed a straight line in the air and shot forward in the same trajectory.

At this distance, the moment the arrow was shot, it was already in front of Su Feihun.

Su Feihun's longsword turned back, and the ten-meter long sword light spiraled back. The sword light actually formed the dragon head at the very front, and the sword light behind it was the dragon body.

The dragon's head was in front of it, and then it opened its mouth and let out a roar.

The fine steel arrow accurately hit the dragon head, but it was bitten by the dragon's mouth!

But there were three more arrows, and the second one struck the tail feather between the first and pushed the one that was blocked forward.

The third arrow hit the second arrow, and the fourth arrow hit the third arrow. The following arrow was shot out by the second arrow, and the third arrow was hit by the third arrow.

Everyone could almost hear a muffled sound … It was the sound of a dragon's head being pierced through at the first moment.

Four consecutive arrows pierced through Su Feihun's sword shield.

Su Feihun's face became more and more excited. The previous casual expression could no longer be seen.

An Zhe seemed to have completely aroused his will to fight. After seeing the arrow pierce through his sword shield, his excitement became even more obvious.

Su Feiheng thrust his longsword forward and the tip of the sword accurately met the tip of the arrow.

The sword cut the arrow in half right in the middle. The meter long arrow was split into two halves.

However, Su Feihun did not stop. The longsword in his hand continued to move forward, slicing through the three arrows behind him.

It was a very slow description, but in reality, it happened in a split-second.

Su Feihun cut open four of the steel arrows. His men were less than two meters away from An Ying.

A sharp glint appeared on the tip of the sword, thrusting straight towards An Zaihai's throat.

While An Zaiyue was struggling to back up, he actually raised both his hands up.

With one hand he held the bow, and with the other he drew the bowstring.

At this moment, Su Feihun's sword ray arrived right in front of him.

At this moment, An Zeng's upper body was leaning backwards, both hands pulling back the wooden longbow of the Steel Plough Breaking Cliff, and the sword ray just happened to be at his chest.

An Zeng abruptly loosened his fingers, the bowstring bouncing off the sword ray. He actually used Su Feihun's sword ray as an arrow and shot it back!

The sword light bent and stabbed towards Su Feihu's forehead.

At this moment, Su Feihun was already very close to the sword ray. This time, it was too sudden. By the time the sword ray was ejected, it was already in front of Su Feihun.

Su Feihun's reaction was quick. He raised his other hand and flicked his finger. With a ""pa"" sound, the middle finger flicked on the sword ray. The sword ray then flew out and slashed towards An Zong's chest.

He was still leaning back, but his feet had already slid back on the ground.

The sword light fell to the ground and shattered the stone slab with a bang. Amidst the rubble and dust, Su Feiheng continued to move forward. With a shake of the sword light, a long dragon bit towards An Zeng's throat.

An Zeng turned the longbow in his hand behind him. He lowered his body forward and pulled the longbow behind him.

As he dodged the sword ray, three Fine Steel Arrows flew out from the quiver and rested on the bowstring. With the release of his fingers, three arrows shot out from his back.

Su Feiheng's longsword struck out in quick succession, as if he was nodding like a phoenix.

Three strikes shook off one of the steel arrows.

As the first arrow flew out, it pierced through a willow tree far away, and at the spot where it was shot through, it seemed to have opened a fan formed by air ripples. That thick willow tree was cut in half by the fan and fell down with a loud thud.

The second arrow flew high into the sky and turned into a dot of light. It had been a very long time since it had fallen down.

The third arrow flew up to the tower and, with a loud thud, pierced a thick pillar. The wooden splinters flew out of the window and flew into the tower before piercing through the heavy bricks at the back of the house.

With a wave of his hand, a few more arrows flew out from the quiver.

Su Feihun's sword stabbed out, the sword qi surged, and An Zhe had no choice but to dodge. The few arrows were cut off by the sword qi before they could land on the bowstring.

With a twist of the sword qi, it split the quiver of arrows that was chasing after An He.

With a snap, the quiver broke.

The rest of the Fine Steel Arrows were also broken into two, landing on the ground with a crashing sound.

Su Feihun placed his long sword behind his back and looked at An Zeng. ""Without an arrow, can you still fight?""

An Zeng slightly raised his chin, ""Just keep the bow in place.""

He actually pulled the bowstring again, and then let go.

There was not a single arrow on the bowstring. It was clearly empty, but Su Feihun's expression changed.

A suffocating half-moon shaped ripple of light shot out from the iron-pear tree bowstring on the cliff. The ripple was three to four meters long, and its speed was beyond imagination.

Su Feihun's reaction was already extremely fast, but he still could not dodge.

However, in the blink of an eye, the half moon arrived in front of him. Su Feihun could only raise his longsword to block in front of him.


The half moon was blocked by Su Feihun's longsword, but the half moon brought along a hurricane as it rushed over.

The place that had been left for the war was already extremely large. The only thing they were afraid of was that such an expert would accidentally injure the onlookers.

However, even with such a large area, it was still unable to reduce the intensity of the hurricane.

Everywhere the hurricane passed, the limestone tiles that had been laid neatly on the ground flew up.

Each piece of limestone was a meter in length and nearly an inch thick. It was extremely heavy.

However, under the hurricane, not a single piece of limestone could fit on the ground.

The civilians who were watching from afar were terrified and could not run. They could only watch as the hurricane brought the bluestone rubble flying towards them.

However, no one expected that the hurricane would come to a halt at the edge of the field. The bluestones also fell to the ground, as if there was an invisible wall blocking them.

However, no one took action. It was just that they had calculated the extent of their attack when the fight had begun.

Amidst the dust that filled the sky, the crowd could vaguely see An Zeng charging towards Su Feihun.

The dust was so thick that there were no more people to be seen after that.

A moment later, a bright ray of light soared into the sky like a bolt of lightning.

That straight sword ray seemed to be able to pierce through the horizon, causing one to feel suffocated.

Wherever the sword beam passed by, dust would fall down as if it had been electrocuted. The shattered limestone tiles were instantly reduced to dust by the sword Qis.

Behind the sword beam, a roar like that of a tiger's exploded. Everyone's heads buzzed with it. Some of them could not help but hold their heads and squat down.

As the dust settled, the crowd rubbed their eyes and saw An Zhe and Su Feihun standing facing each other in a daze.

There was a distance of about a meter between the two of them, and there weren't any wounds on their bodies.

A moment later, Su Feihun took a deep breath. ""You are very strong.""

An Zou nodded. ""You are also very strong.""

Su Feihun said, ""Unfortunately, in the end, that Iron Pear Wood from Broken Cliff is not your magic tool.""

If General Wang Kai Tai were to use this attack, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to withstand it no matter what.

However, you are not familiar with the bow and are not familiar with this move, so you are still a little weaker when using it.

The timing of your subsequent attack was just right. If I had been even a bit slower, you would have already won. ""

An Zeng looked at him quietly and didn't interrupt.

Su Feihun continued, ""I originally thought that you wouldn't have such strength, so I always felt that my only opponent in the academy was Nie Qing.

""Now it seems that I was wrong. Although you were just a little bit slower, you are still admirable.""

He lifted a finger to point at his struggling heart, and when he lowered his head, he saw that there was a hole in his shirt, but it didn't hurt his skin.

An Zhan smiled. ""To be able to take the time to stab me, that's quite impressive.""

After saying that, he turned around and left without saying a word.

The Minister of Rites, who had been watching the whole time, cleared his throat and said, ""We will fight for victory!""

Su Feihun's expression changed, ""Why?!""

The fat official rummaged through and found a small mirror, which he handed to Su Feihun. Su Feihun puzzledly received the small mirror and looked at it, and then his expression changed greatly.

With a ""pa"" sound, the mirror was shattered into pieces by him.

At some point, there was a word written on his forehead … 'An'.

He stabbed with his sword, and Anjou wrote a single word. It was clear who was superior and who was inferior.

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