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Chapter 1571 - The Leaf Has Roots

The old man pointed at the country of Zhao and said to this disciples, "The Lord of the Sealed Realm grew up here. It is called the country of Zhao. This is the real holy land of planet Suzaku!"

Before the four of them, there was a flash of light around the border of the country of Zhao. This light surrounded the country of Zhao, forming a formation.

The role of this formation was to prevent outsiders from going in.

"All of planet Suzaku and its nine major sects can be visited as long as you present a token. This is the only place that foreign cultivators are not allowed to enter. This was the most resolute request that Zhou Wutai, the leader of planet Suzaku, had when planet Suzaku was being transformed.

"Anywhere else can be changed, but not a blade of grass can be changed in the country of Zhao!" The old man stood outside the light curtain and his voice was very calm.

His three disciples looked at the country of Zhao with respect in their eyes. They looked at the faintly visible peaks and clasped their hands at the country of Zhao.

"Anyone who doesn't abide by the agreement and enters the country of Zhao is severely punished!" The old man's eyes lit up as he spoke and looked into the distance at Wang Lin and the madman.

His three disciples were startled for a moment and looked over at Wang Lin. They glared angrily and sneered.

"Although planet Suzaku is not big, we always seem to see annoying people!"

"Those two are so vulgar, they are really an eyesore."

The madman also saw the four of them, and he immediately became excited. He began to happily yell at the four of them.

"Little girls, we meet again, ahaha. It looks like we are fated with each other. For our connected fate, come, come, come, this king has rewards."

Wang Lin seemed to not hear the madman's roar as he silently looked at the country of Zhao. His vision became blurry and a burst of sadness appeared in his heart. The unspeakable mood made him walk closer and he gradually closed in on the light around the country of Zhao.

The old man's three disciples were all filled with anger by the madman's words. If not for the fact that their teacher was present, they would have gone up an taught the madman a lesson.

The old man frowned and was about to speak when his eyes narrowed as he looked at Wang Lin. He saw Wang Lin get closer and closer to the formation as if he was going to break it.

His expression sank and the old man no longer paid attention to the madman. He stepped toward Wang Lin and said with a grave tone,

"Fellow Cultivator, the country of Zhao, home to Lord of the Sealed Realm, is not a place outsiders like us can enter. I hope you can control yourself!" The old man's words were like roaring thunder and shook the surrounding area, scaring the madman.

The madman stared at the old man and began to roar.

"Damn it, you scared this king. You have to repay me, you scared me!"

Wang Lin turned a deaf ear. There was no light formation in his eyes. The only thing he felt was the familiar feeling from the country of Zhao. This feeling became more and more clear, making him remember everything.

With one step, he closed in on the light formation and immediately caused ripples to spread out. It was as if a giant vortex had appeared before Wang Lin. The vortex became more and more intense until the ripples spread across the entire formation around the country of Zhao.

"Fellow Cultivator, stop!" The expression of the old man changed and he charged at Wang Lin without thinking. He tried to stop Wang Lin. In his eyes, Wang Lin's action had already offended the hometown of the Lord of the Sealed Realm and he would need to be severely punished.

Since he saw it, he had to stop it!

However, he was a bit too slow. A breath before he closed in, the vortex before Wang Lin formed. It was as if two invisible hands were gently opening up a hole in the formation.

Wang Lin's body didn't pause at all this entire time. He entered the country of Zhao from that gap with melancholy and homesickness in his heart. He wanted to find that familiar feeling once more.

He stepped onto the land he was familiar with!

There was a flash of coldness in the old man's eyes and he hesitated for a moment. He then let out a cold snort and chased through the gap.

"What great courage. You dare to break open the formation of Zhao and enter? You have already brought a big disaster upon yourself. It won't be long before someone comes to punish you. Since this old man has witnessed it, I won't let you offend the Lord of the Sealed Realm like this!"

The old man stepped into the gap and chased after Wang Lin.

The moment the formation was opened by Wang Lin, all the powerful cultivators on planet Suzaku noticed. Their expressions changed; they were angry and gloomy.

"Whos dares to break into the Lord of the Sealed Realm's hometown? He's courting death!"

"This old man wants to see who has the guts to break the formation around the country of Zhao!"

Rays of light flew out from all directions on planet Suzaku and flew toward the country of Zhao! At the same time, nine powerful auras flew out from the nine great sects and rushed toward the country of Zhao.

Breaking open the formation around the country of Zhao and entering by force was a great matter for planet Suzaku. It was an unforgivable offense to the Lord of the Sealed Realm, so that person had to be punished!

Outside the formation, the old man's three disciples were in a daze. They had seen the gap open in the formation and Wang Lin entering. Then their teacher had chased him in, and they didn't know what to do for a moment.

Instead, it was the madman who clapped and his eyes became filled with excitement. He roared and charged toward the gap.

"Haha, so fun, so fun." The madman's body flashed and he stepped into the gap with a flash of gold light. The old man's three disciples hesitated for a bit. They looked at each other before clenching their teeth and charging in.

Wang Lin looked at the familiar mountains and rivers below him. He looked at the Heng Yue Mountain in the distance. He looked at the pavilion on the mountaintop from 2,000 years ago. The more he looked, the more familiar everything became.

"Heng Yue Sect…" Bitterness appeared on Wang Lin's face and he gently took a step forward. Ripples appeared under his feet and he disappeared.

The moment he disappeared, the old man caught up. His expression was gloomy and his pupils shrank.

"Spatial Bending!! I already can't see through his cultivation, I didn't expect him to know Spatial Bending! However, this is the home of the Lord of the Sealed Realm, and there are many powerful cultivators stationed here. Even though his cultivation level is high, he can't escape punishment!" The old man's eyes lit up and his divine sense spread out. Ripples appeared under his feet and he also used Spatial Bending.

There was a mountain village outside the jungle below the Heng Yue Mountain.

This mountain village had already changed into a city. This city's name was changed to Emperor Ancestor City… Wang Lin already knew this when he came here before. However, inside this city, there was an old house that seemed to remain eternally the same.

This old house was Wang Lin's old home...

There was a large courtyard around his old home. There was an old grave rebuilt by later descendents. It seemed to be waiting for the wandering son to return home.

There was no one inside the old house, and the surroundings were extremely quiet.

Under this silence, Wang Lin's figure silently appeared inside the courtyard, before the grave. He looked grave and tears silently flowed down his cheeks.

Wang Lin shed tears and knelt down before the grave.

The memories of his childhood didn't appear in his mind like in the past. At this moment, he was filled with exhaustion, and tears continued to flow before his parents' tomb. As he looked at the grave, sorrow filled his mind, but he was calm.

It was as if only here did his heart belong to himself and could finally rest.

Everything here didn't change, everything here was the same as in the past. Here was his real home...

He raised his trembling right hand and touched the tomb. Feeling the names carved into the tomb, more tears flowed from Wang Lin's eyes.

Hadn't he returned to planet Suzaku to pay his respects to his parents' tomb? Hadn't he returned to planet Suzaku to see his parents once more...

Hadn't he returned to planet Suzaku because his parents were buried here...

Planet Suzaku carried half of Wang Lin's memories and his memories of his parents, his everything. Whenever he became tired, he would look at the sky and dream of planet Suzaku.

Leaves have roots. When they fall, they return to their roots. Humans have souls, and the soul feels sorrow when remembering one's parents.

"I can give up everything… As long as you all are live… Let me, Wan Er, and Ping Er reunite… I can give up everything…" It had been a long time since Wang Lin last cried like this.

He really missed his parents, his heart ached as he recalled his parents.

His painful cry lingered in this quiet world.

All people have parents. The sadness of losing both parents seems to slowly dissipate as time passes. However, in truth, it is buried deep within your bones. Who can forget...

As one gets older and older, the feeling of grief gets buried deeper and deeper. Once it is released, that sadness is heaven-shaking!

Humans have emotions, that's why they're called humans!

"You dare to charge into the Lord of the Sealed Realm's house…" Just at this moment, ripples echoed across the sky and an elder stepped out. His expression was gloomy and his eyes were filled with anger. He respected the Lord of the Sealed Realm, so he wouldn't allow someone to invade the Lord of the Sealed Realm's hometown.

He chased over and immediately saw Wang Lin kneeling before the tomb. He saw the tears on Wang Lin's face and heard those sad words. He immediately swallowed his words.

He was startled and body trembled. His mind went blank and a thunderous rumble echoed in his mind. He knew what place this was and he knew who was buried here. He knew that there was only one person qualified to kneel there and cry like this!

He also heard the person kneeling before the tomb mutter something. His body trembled and his eyes were filled with disbelief.

"Father, Mother… Tie Zhu came back to see you…" Wang Lin touched the tombstone. It was as if his parents were standing before him. Their kind gazes seemed to penetrate time itself, reaching here from 2,000 years ago.

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