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The carriage took half a day of travel to leave the capital.

The sun was extremely hot, as if a ball of fire that hung above people’s heads, roasting off their layer of skin.

Nan Yan was almost drained of her strength to death.

In fact, this time, her luck was quite good. When Imperial Concubine An sent someone to kill her, Ran Xiaoyu helped her.

When Consort Kang tortured her, she only slapped her face. Though she did not give severe punishment, as a result, her physical strength was able to hold up till this time.

But, after all, she was still a girl, compared with the men around her, she was too weak to walk all day. When the night fell, she had collapsed from exhaustion.

However, she turned to look at the imperial carriage she was following. From beginning to end, the curtain did not lift a bit.

She couldn’t help thinking, wasn’t it stuffy inside? That kind of shelter, even though the carriage was spacious and comfortable, now it should be like a boiler, the people inside were not afraid of being cooked?

Maybe, it’s not better than herself either.

Thinking of this, her heart felt better. At this time, a water bag was handed to her.

Looked up, it was Ye Zheng riding on the horse who carefully handed over his water bag. He uttered: “Take a quick drink, you are sweating a lot.”

Nan Yan’s throat inside was dried up. This time, she immediately opened it and drank quite a few mouthfuls. At last, she felt a bit comfortable.

Ye Zheng took back the water bag and said softly, “Ahead, we are about to reach the resting place. You should hold on.”

Nan Yan nodded.

After walking for a while, they finally arrived at the garrison.

As soon as the imperial carriage stopped, the deputy of the garrison had already knelt to welcome. The curtain slowly lifted, Zhu Feng and Jian Ruocheng came down from the carriage

Nan Yan could not help but look up.

Sure enough, both of them were covered with sweat, especially Zhu Feng. She remembered that he didn’t like hot weather and his clothes were almost soaked with sweat.

Nan Yan couldn’t help but clench her teeth. She was thinking that Zhu Feng might punish her.

Zhu Feng got off the carriage and found her almost immediately. In front of a dense crowd  kneeling down, her figure increasingly appeared petite and weak, the back of her clothes was wet.

However, after walking for almost a whole day, he didn’t hear a word from her.

He snorted coldly and walked past her.

Nan Yan was relieved.

That night, she followed the line of more than a dozen palace maids and crowded in a big room. In the surroundings filled with delirious ravings and snores, she barely got a good sleep.

Getting up early the next morning, she felt that her whole body was sore and tired, but she had to keep her spirits up and go out. She was still going to walk beside the imperial carriage.

The sun was hotter than yesterday.

Ye Zheng rode on a horse and watched her the whole time.

From yesterday to today, even the hefty fellows around her had been complaining incessantly. But she had said nothing and walked quietly.

Seeing that her steps were somewhat heavy, Ye Zheng whipped the horse and walked a few steps forward. He handed her his water bag. Nan Yan was startled, she raised her pale little face and looked at Ye Zheng.

At the sight of her face, Ye Zheng couldn’t help sighing and whispered, “Are you alright? Drink some water to shed off from the hot weather.”

Nan Yan was a bit dazed. The sun was shining overhead and seemed to scorch everyone. However, her face felt a little strange and cold. She reached for the water bag and took a sip.

Ye Zheng said, “Drink more, drink more.”

She nodded unconsciously and raised her water bag again, but as soon as she looked up this time, she felt that the sunlight above her head suddenly became stunningly dazzling. She couldn’t see anything and fell softly.

“Nan Yan!”

End of Chapter

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