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The system sounded out once again. If they were to continue, it would be deducting their one hundred thousand points points.

Long Fei was immediately angered, and said: "Continue your sister."

"I might as well go and play with the Fishing Machine."

At this moment.

Long Fei moved and said to the Yan Huang ancestor: "Ancestor, is it done yet?"

The Old Patriarch did not respond.

Just as Long Fei put away the idea and was about to exchange his points for the Fishing Machine's bullets, a sound came out from inside the broken Pubes.

Yan Huang ancestor said weakly: "It's about time, we just have to wait for him to evolve himself."


Long Fei's heart sank, and said: "Ancestor, what's wrong?"

Yan Huang ancestor smiled indifferently: "Nothing, I just used too much strength. I need to rest for a while."

He was like an old man who had run out of energy. He didn't even have the strength to speak.

As soon as his voice faded …

It was as if the Yan Huang ancestor had disappeared into Long Fei's body, and he could not even sense his existence.

"What in the world did I do to get so tired?" Long Fei muttered. He still wanted to ask if they could get him some holy artifact to supplement his body, but the Yan Huang ancestor didn't respond.

It was too tiring.

In order to save Dark Crow King, he had almost used up all of his Profound Qi.


Other than Raven King helping Long Fei enter the Underworld, he had other reasons why the Yan Huang ancestor was doing this.

This time …

When he woke up again, his strength would increase.

Because …

There was once a power within the Raven King's body!

He did not tell this to Long Fei.

… ….

Half an hour passed.

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The god's devil ancient case suddenly moved, and the box automatically opened. A colorful Nether Bird flew out with a long tail, and its entire body flickered with the aura of hell.

He flew into the air, landed beside Long Fei, lowered his head, and said without any strength in his voice: "Master!"

"Nine Secret Underworld Finches?"

Long Fei's mind shook, and he muttered: "This is the Nine Secret Underworld Finches, the Divine Bird that can freely pass through the Underworld?"

The Nine Secret Underworld Finches said, "I can enter the Underworld, but … It's not free access. "


"Come on up, I'll take you into the Underworld and find the three souls and seven souls that you're looking for." The Nine Secret Underworld Finches did not describe her power in detail.

Long Fei said: "Can I go now?"

The Nine Secret Underworld Finches said: "Yes master, you can go anytime you want."

Long Fei replied, "Alright, let's return to Sea Demon City first. I also need to make some preparations."

He did not immediately enter the Underworld.

What kind of place was the Underworld?

It was definitely extremely dangerous, and stealing Xie Qin's soul and spirit was even more so dangerous. Long Fei did not dare to let down his guard, he had to prepare some things.

Back to Sea Demon City.

Long Fei bought all of the Spirit Grass in the Demon City.

All sorts of things.

More than a thousand spirit stones had been wasted.

Alchemy were burning money. If one wanted to become a Alchemist, then they had to burn a pile of money. All of the Alchemy Masters, Refiners, and Inscriptionists … In addition to his talent, a series of Auxiliary Method Masters would also need to have a huge amount of money as a backup, crazily burning away money.

Demon Imperial Palace.

Ever since the Old Devil Red Spirit was killed, this place had been turned into ruins, and had been robbed by the people inside the Sea Demons. After that, no one dared to enter again.

In a clean courtyard.

Long Fei took out the 'Xuan Ming devil pill'.

This is a Magic Pill that can raise one's realm, and also a deathly pellet. It can crazily stimulate the potential in your body, and at a high level of cultivation, but after a certain period of time, your body will wither, and then die.

When Long Fei exposed this' Xuan Ming devil pill ', he was thinking of when he could improve this pellet and eliminate the side effects of the pellet.

"If we can eliminate the side effects of this Xuan Ming devil pill, then …" Long Fei exhaled a breath of relief in his heart, the idea moved, "Enchanted!"

To refine a Magic Pill, one must be bewitched.

Long Fei transformed into his Sky Demon form and then summoned his' Magic Panacea Furnace '.

He was not in a hurry to refine a Xuan Ming devil pill, so he placed the pill inside instead.

Slowly, the Xuan Ming devil pill began to decompose from the furnace.

Long Fei looked at them very carefully, taking all of the broken down Spirit Grass into his heart. These were the key to refining the Xuan Ming devil pill.

In order to improve his pill, the first step was to refine it.

He would look for ways to improve the pill concocting process, just like he had looked for the Dragon Spirit Pill.

"What a complicated program."

"There are sixteen different kinds of Spirit Grass, and every single one of them are incomparably fierce Spirit Grass. Merely fusing together these fierce and medicinal Spirit Grass is already extremely difficult."

Long Fei frowned, he had never refined a Magic Pill before.

Magic Pill.

It was to be more like a mad demon.

Without a care for the consequences.

Just like Xuan Ming devil pill, the sixteen types of valiant Spirit Grass s were like incomparably fierce aphrodisiacs that could cause one to instantly become excited and powerful, however … This way, his body would be hollow.

The Xuan Ming devil pill was more than a hundred times stronger than the Yang Strengthening Medicine and directly swallowed all the Profound Qi in his body.

An hour passed.

Long Fei clearly understood the attributes of the sixteen types of Fierce Demon Spirit Grass.

"Huff …"

Long Fei calmed down and said: "Let's begin."

The true qi moved.

As the Demonic Qi entered, the auras of the Magic Panacea Furnace started to converge.

Long Fei stared at the pill furnace with a strange technique. He threw a Spirit Grass into the pill furnace and it started to seep into the furnace, paying attention to every change in the Spirit Grass.


"Refinery failure!"


"Refinery failure!"


After repeated failures, Long Fei was not discouraged and continued to refine.

It had been three days since the failure of the first Spirit Grass, and now he could finally bring out the sixteen types of Spirit Grass's fierce medicinal properties.

Within three days.

He raised the Alchemy Technique to the sixth level of the profound stage.

"It's not enough!"

"It's not enough, it's still not enough!"


Long Fei would stop to summarize every time he failed, and after that, he would start to refine crazily.

The fifth day!


"Refining is a success!"

Long Fei was secretly happy, "In these five days, I finally know how to refine Xuan Ming devil pill. The rest of the time will be spent on refining Magic Pill."

At this moment.

Long Fei opened the god's devil ancient case and faintly said: "Now it depends on how much you can help me with."

A while ago, Long Fei had categorized the Spirit Grass he had bought, placed all the Spirit Grass that were used to refine Xuan Ming devil pill into the god's devil ancient case, and had them frantically grow again. Strongest Upgrade System:

The energy in the pool could make these mature Spirit Grass become stronger again, and increase the medicinal properties of their Spirit Grass s.

"Fierce Demon Grass!"

"Since it's a fierce force that stimulated the potential within my body, then... I will let it become even more powerful, and use its unyielding strength to break through the Xuan Ming devil pill's shackles! "

This was Long Fei's crazy idea!

Chapter III

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