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The Cloud Storm raged over the square once again, but unlike Lin Li before, Cromwell had no Torrent of Elements Ring on his hand…

Endless lightning fell and several gold snakes danced through the square. Even with Cromwell's infinite proximity to the strength of an Archmage, he was almost swallowed up in an instant by the Cloud Storm. Electric arcs twirled around the Elemental Shield, giving off sizzling sounds. The power of a level-fourteen magic spell was completely revealed in the moment.

This was a stunning scene for everyone. No one could've imagined there to be a drastic change in the duel that was nearing the end. Cromwell, who had had complete advantage earlier on, was suddenly engulfed by the Cloud Storm. Among the hundreds of spectators on the stands, perhaps only the leaders of the 18 forces could see through the series of changes before this.

Under the flash of the electric arcs, the black diamond on the ring was emitting a faint light. There was no doubt that all this was because of the ring.

"The ring is too scary…" After figuring out the key point, almost all the leaders of the forces expressed similar sentiments at once, but what really scared them was actually Lin Li's forbearance.

This was a character who sent chills to their hearts. He was completely suppressed by Cromwell from the start and did not seem to have the ability to fight back; he even received dozens of wind blades in succession towards the end. Although these wind blades were not fatal, the cruel torture was not something ordinary people could bear.

In such an unfavorable situation, the young mage remained unmoved and endured until Cromwell unleashed the Cloud Storm.

This almost perverted forbearance sent a shudder down the leaders' spines.

It wasn't until this time that some of them suddenly realized what a terrible monster the Guild of Magic had.

This was a real monster.

He was only in his twenties but was already at the level of a Magic Shooter, not to mention his proficiency in pharmacy… But for the leaders of the forces, this was not the worst.

What really made them shudder was the young Magic Shooter's forbearance that was far beyond that of ordinary people. This kind of enemy was undoubtedly the most terrifying. He was like a venomous snake hidden in the darkness, waiting patiently for a fleeting opportunity. Once you revealed your flaws, what awaited you would be a fatal blow.

Just like Cromwell, who was engulfed by the Cloud Storm currently. He had absolute superiority in terms of strength. The battle between mages was no longer a battle of levels once the gap between the two sides exceeded two levels. But the young mage Felic had dealt a powerful strike to Cromwell, who was far more powerful than him, at the very last minute with his forbearance.

The leaders of the dozen forces in the stands were all shrewd people. None of them wanted to make such a frightening person their enemy. Among them, Ysera and Reuben were secretly grateful that they had swung towards the Guild of Magic early…

Under the power of the Cloud Storm, even Cromwell, who was close to the level of an Archmage, could not avoid being mauled. It was the Elemental Shield that helped him absorb most of the damage and the magic resistance attribute of the Soul Branding Robe that saved him from danger at last.

Even so, Cromwell's injuries were no less serious than those of Lin Li, who had received dozens of wind blades on his body.

After the Cloud Storm had struck Cromwell heavily, Lin Li stood up shakily from the ground. The wounds cut by the wind blades were dripping blood as they dyed the Daylight Square red. His wounded knees were still weak, but with the support of the Winter Staff, Lin Li stood up steadily.

The one-sided battle earlier on was reversed almost in a flash.

Looking at Lin Li standing up slowly, everyone in Daylight Square believed that victory would eventually belong to the Guild of Magic.

With the exception of two men—Old Merlin and Cromwell.

Although this duel had gone out of their control, the Merlin Family's biggest secret weapon—the Aether Staff—was still there. With the staff, Cromwell could win the duel with a spell that could go up to level-nineteen.

Old Merlin gazed at the middle of the square with calmness in his eyes.

And when Cromwell struggled to get up from the ground, he even had a victor's smile on his face.

Battered by his own Cloud Storm, Cromwell had always thought of himself as the victor of the duel, for he still had the Aether Staff in his hand!

Through the activation of a trace of mana, the level-eighteen magical crystal on the Aether Staff began to emit a dazzling light. Massive magical elements surged in the Daylight Square, and an incomparable fear filled everyone's heart. Whether it was Archmage Gerian or the Chief Mage of the Castellan Mansion, Andrew, all of them felt an alarming magical wave from the Aether Staff.

This power was far beyond their imagination. He was stronger than Old Merlin and Gerian. From what they saw, it was even close to the level of Grimm Burnside…

Gerian's heart had just been set down, and in an instant it was hanging up again. This power was horrifying. Even with his strength, he could not help but tremble under it, let alone the injured Felic.

Absorbed in the immense power of the magic spell, no one noticed that an empty glass bottle was left where Lin Li had fallen…

Amidst Cromwell's high-pitched recitation, Lin Li waddled his way through without any Elemental Shield nor Mana Retroaction. With the support of a mere Winter Staff, he walked towards Cromwell step by step…

"Is he crazy?" Everyone was bewildered; no one knew what he was going to do.

And then… Everyone saw it. He pulled out a dark metal rod from his pocket and lightly tapped it on the tip of the Aether Staff!

The 13 magic nodes on the gold rod were activated as the source of magic turned to work from the end of the stick.The pure ruby was emitting a brilliant light and the gold rod coated with deep silver was so trenchant that the magical crystal at the tip of the Aether Staff was restored to the purest magic essence in a flash.

The level-eighteen magical crystal that was just exuding its own terrifying power was brought to a halt by the touch of the gold rod. The massive magical elements around it were instantly silenced. The pressure that shocked everyone suddenly vanished without a trace. Cromwell, who was reciting his spell in a loud voice, seemed to have been strangled at his throat…

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