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"If you want to work with him, then you might as well work with us." Hearing the conversation between the succubus and Wei Suo, Sage Pan Long's expression immediately changed. He immediately said, "As long as you cooperate with us, not only can we take you out, I can also give you a Great Shun Dao Pill after we leave. "The Great Shun Dao Pill is made from the Demon Shun Fruit, it will definitely greatly increase your demon essence."

"Cooperate with you? "So you're saying, we should keep him?" A mocking expression appeared on the face of the Demonic Enchantress, and she pointed at the white sword.

"He has a servant beast bag on him, we can kill him and take you out with us." "You should be able to tell. It would be much easier to kill them by cooperating with us."

"I asked you to keep it in a servant beast bag?" "After that, you two bring me to your sect. I want to be killed by you two and refined into a magic tool. Do you think I'm stupid enough to run into a beast bag that I can't control? "

"Then can you guarantee that he won't deal with you if you cooperate with him?" A hint of a cold smile appeared on the face of Adept Coiling Dragon. "Do you think that just because you helped them, you would be able to deal with me?"

"At least I saw him clearly. To be honest, although I also hate this person, he did not abandon this companion of his despite the circumstances before. He still has a bit of a sense of trust." The Succubus glanced at Wei Suo. "As for whether or not I can deal with you guys, we'll find out after we try."

"Very good! I would like to see what kind of methods you have to speak so arrogantly! "

Taoist Master Pan Long was a supreme elder of a super sect like the True Martial Sect. His status in the cultivation world was much higher than cultivators of the same cultivation level. Now that the succubus did not give him any face, he immediately growled.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

The air above his head exploded and a yellow Jindan rose from the top of his head along with rays of yellow light.

His golden yellow pellet was shockingly about the same size as Wei Suo's. It looked extremely frightening, and within the multicolored light that it emitted, there were specks of splendor, as if talismans were floating within it.

Although Spiritual Master Pan Long was in the later stages of the third level of the Aurous Core Stage and his cultivation was one level higher than Wei Suo's, Wei Suo had also obtained a lot of elixirs, which was why his aurous core was so huge. With the size of his aurous core, it was clear that the cultivation technique he cultivated was also a Heaven Realm cultivation technique.

"Now that you've decided to cooperate with him, that's up to you. However, I also want to negotiate a deal with you."

However, the Ancient Alligator Cave Master behind Wei Suo and Qing Ping wasn't as arrogant as Spiritual Master Pan Long. Instead, he was even more scheming. Looking at the succubi, the Ancient Alligator Cave Master said in a seductive voice, "Later on, if you discover that you two are definitely not a match, you have to stop them from destroying the fragment of the Longevity Tablet. Otherwise, no matter what, none of us will be able to get out. As long as you help me stop them from destroying the Longevity Monument, you can choose to trust me once and I'll be able to take you out of here using my slave beast bag. "

"Alright, then it will depend on whether you have the ability to make such a deal with me." The succubus revealed a faint smile on her face.

"Then it's a deal." The Ancient Alligator Cave Master didn't waste any more time on words. Both of his hands pressed down, and waves of gray true essence flowed into the giant black crocodile beneath his feet.

"Pa Pa Pa!"

Strands of black aura were emitted from the Golden Crocodile under his feet. At the same time, a tremendous pressure from the Spiritual Qi spread out.

"Xuan grade magic treasure!" Wei Suo, this thing's power seems to be no less than that of the Golden Bridge, and it's also a low-grade Mysterious rank Dharma treasure! " The green-robed elder cried out in shock.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kid with the surname Wei, their magic treasures are so powerful. I have another condition. " Seeing this scene, the succubus had a crafty expression on her face as she spoke to Wei Suo.

"Daoist friend Qing Ping, this magic treasure is for you to use first." Wei Suo drew a line in front of Qing Ping and asked with a frown, "What condition?"

"If you are able to deal with these people and their magic treasures fall into your hands, I won't be able to rest at ease. When I help you deal with them, put everything they have on me first. I'll give them to you when I get out. In any case, we are unable to control all the treasures that you cultivators possess. " Streams of red light rose around the succubus' body.

Her voice had already been assaulted by the Spiritual Sense that she was adept at. It was obvious that the movements of the Coiling Dragon Sect disciples had become slightly slower. As for Wei Suo and Qing Ping, they were not affected at all.

"Alright!" In this sort of situation, he could only think about it after leaving. As for the rest, that was not what he needed to consider right now.


Adept Coiling Dragon seemed to have become impatient long ago. He let out a furious shout.

Following this thunder-like roar, his Aurous Core stage glow exploded with a hum, transforming into a yellow coiling dragon.

In the mouth of the yellow coiling dragon formed from the golden light of the Aurous Core, there was an even brighter yellow light.

This yellow brilliance was a yellow lute.

Top grade heaven-rank magic art!

Generally, when a technique was above middle level Heaven Realm, besides its power being terrifying and enormous against the enemy, it would also have many other mysteries. Adept Coiling Dragon's top-grade Heaven-ranked art could actually fuse with the power of the Jindan.

Originally, the power of Spiritual Master Pan Long's aurous core condensed light was at most comparable to Wei Suo, who had refined his own life treasure. However, the power of this yellow coiling dragon, which wielded his lute, was actually far beyond the power of a low-grade Mysterious rank magic treasure!

No wonder, before Adept Coiling Dragon took action, he had immediately brought out his Jindan.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

As he released this yellow coiling dragon, a large amount of greenish-yellow origin energy shot out from the bridge in front of him, condensing into an enormous greenish-yellow skull.

The ancient alligator cave master's black giant golden crocodile had also transformed into a black rainbow light as it charged towards Wei Suo. As for his figure, it stopped where he was and continued to pull apart the distance of three thousand feet from Wei Suo. As he flicked his ten fingers, another six white pillars came crashing down from the sky.

His technique was clearly of a high rank as well, possessing at least the power of a semi-mystical rank. Adding it together with the yellow coiling dragon that held the pipa, it was roughly equivalent to the power of two low-grade Profound Rank magic treasures.

Adding two true Xuan level Magic Treasures!

In this instant, it was as if four true Xuan level Magic Treasures were flying towards Wei Suo!

"Hua la!" "Crash!"

The might of these four Darkrank Dharma treasures was extremely terrifying. Once Daoist Master Pan Long and the Ancient Alligator Cave Lord attacked, the air around Wei Suo and Qing Ping's bodies was instantly pressured to the point of forming streaks of astral winds.

"The two of you, help me deal with Adept Coiling Dragon!"

Wei Suo slapped his storage pouch and a black light flashed. In an instant, the Abyssal Bone Lord appeared beside him.

At the same time, he stretched out his hand, and a peacock tail feather magic treasure was activated. It emitted a multicolored light that enveloped the enormous black golden crocodile that was charging from behind.

The black golden alligator whose strength had reached the true profound level was actually stopped in mid-air, surrounded by the multicolored light emitted by his magic treasure.

"What kind of magical equipment is this? It can even stop a Xuan level magical equipment?"

"Dealing with Adept Coiling Dragon?"

Upon seeing Wei Suo take action, he immediately stopped one of the Ancient Alligator Cave Master's Mysterious rank Magic Treasures. A strange glint immediately flashed in the succubus' eyes, but she did not hesitate in the slightest.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Qing Ping had also aroused Clear Sky Si Nan. At the same time, she had also formed the red sphere with the blue lightning core.

A world-shaking explosion rang out as the light emitted by the Heavenly Enchantress Deer, Abyssal Bone Lord, and Qing Ping forcibly shattered the yellow coiling dragon with the pipa activated by Sage Coiling Dragon.

At the same time, the purple dragon and huge wave that were activated by the Veso Golden Pellet also smashed the greenish-yellow skull that was formed by the Golden Bridge into smithereens.


Amidst the shocked cries of the Ancient Alligator Cave Master, Wei Suo didn't pay any attention to the six white pillars that had fallen from Adept Ancient Alligator's head. With a flash, a tiny dark golden sword aura appeared in front of Adept Pan Long.


The instant the six white pillars smashed onto Wei Suo's body, an enormous red fire lotus appeared on his body. However, upon contact with the red lotus, the six white pillars instantly crumbled, transforming into dust.


The thin dark golden sword aura of Wei Suo's was extremely terrifying. With a flash, it pierced through the green light protecting Adept Coiling Dragon's body.

"How is this possible!"

From the nostrils of the Coiling Dragon Priestess, two yellow lights immediately shot out and struck the dark golden sword aura of Wei Suo.

However, what caused shock to appear in his eyes was that his two yellow lights instantly shattered, unable to withstand Wei Suo's sword light!


In the blink of an eye, Adept Coiling Dragon was able to dodge in time before the streak of sword-light struck him directly in the left side of his chest.

With a sound similar to crackling silk, it seemed as if half of the power of this attack was blocked by the cloak. However, a hole was also pierced through the cloak, and a bloody light emerged.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The Ancient Alligator Cave Master's hair was about to explode. He didn't dare to act like before and stopped more than three thousand meters away, crazily closing in on Wei Suo.

"Adept Coiling Dragon!"

At this moment, the originally scattered eyes of Daoist Master Treasure Fan, Bai Jian Kong, suddenly became clear-headed. Upon seeing the bloody light emanating from the chest of Adept Coiling Dragon, his eyes were filled with amazement as well.

When he bit the tip of his tongue, a fluorescent light appeared in his hand. The edges were irregular, as if they were fragments.

With a "chi" sound, this object, as he concentrated his true essence into it, immediately shot towards Wei Suo.

The light on this object grew brighter and brighter, and its aura grew increasingly terrifying.

At the start, this object in the air was like a silver white flame. But after flying for several dozen feet, this object had already turned into a silver white meteor.

The glowing silver light emanating out from the object actually formed into the shape of five Dao Sovereigns. The five Dao Sovereigns held each other tightly as they circled in front of the object.


"What the hell!" The demoness gulped down her saliva as well, her face turning pale.

The power of the item that Bai Jian Kong had activated was actually far above the yellow coiling dragon that Spiritual Master Huang Long had just released. It caused the succubus to feel that it was a fatal threat.

"Even he couldn't control it, do you really want to be put into a servant beast bag?!" Seeing this, Wei Suo roared angrily at the succubus.

"Why are you being so fierce? How can you blame me for this?" How can I keep him under control in this kind of battle? "And now that he bit the tip of his tongue, I don't know what sort of technique he used to calm his spiritual sense …" The Succubus glared at Wei Suo.


However, at this moment, streams of yellow spiritual energy suddenly exploded from the Coiling Dragon Priestess' body. The true essence strength of a Coiling Dragon Daoist Master suddenly increased explosively!

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