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Chapter 545: Trap

Kildan, Zorro, and close to twenty experts were currently gathering in the wastelands.  They had chased the entire way and in front of them was the famous Demon Burial Cave. The thing Kildan was most worried about was that these fellows would choose to run into the Demon Burial Cave.

How risky of a place was the Demon Burial Cave?

If Mei Ji's group entered the Demon Burial Cave, there was no need to continue this task.

The Demon Burial Cave was a legendary cave that buried countless great ancient era demons and countless fierce demon beasts, creating a very powerful resentment.  No one knew what kind of incredible being was created in this kind of extreme environment.

There were many brave explorers who had taken the initiative to explore the Demon Burial Cave, but not a single one came back alive.  Mei Ji's head could bring quite a bit of benefits, but it was not worth Kildan taking this risk.

But the Flame Demon City vice City Lord Kildan knew the danger of the Demon Burial Cave.

Mei Ji was Darkness City's vice City Lord, it was impossible that she didn't know what it meant to enter the Demon Burial Cave.

At leasts Mei Ji wouldn't take this risk and kept heading in and out of the surrounding area of the Demon Burial Cave.  Therefore, Kildan's group still had a chance, but whether they succeeded all depended on luck.

This human of unknown origin was too sly!

They could always disappear on time when they were about to catch up!

Kildan was filled with rage and he was determined to kill this human.

The Devil's Gate area was very big, so how easy was it to catch someone with innate spatial energy with this bit of people?  But it didn't matter, they would consume his energy to death!

Who didn't know that spatial energy was very consuming on spirit energy?

The human escaping alone would consume quite a bit of energy, not to mention he was carrying two people.  Just a few times would be enough to consume his spirit energy!

Who would have thought that Chu Tian wouldn't be affected at all.  Each time he avoided being chased down, he even had time to look for treasures, this was something people couldn't understand or accept!

It was the final chance!

Kildan definitely wouldn't chase into the Demon Burial Cave, but based on Chu Tian and Mei Ji's movements, they could guess their path and move ahead of them to lay an ambush.  Since they couldn't catch them, they would hide their aura and wait for them.

"Pay attention, they're here!"

Kildan and Zorro were very excited, their plan this time seemed to work because they found two figures moving quickly in the distance.  It was no one else but Darkness City's vice City Lord Mei Ji and City Lord's son Shadow.

Where was the human?

They wouldn't care that much, they would talk about it after catching these two!

These were experts of various cities that wasted all this time chasing these people down.  They were already filled with anger, how could they let them go now that they had caught them?  That human didn't matter, Kildan had more people, so how could they care about a trivial human!

"Wait for them to approach."

Zorro fused into the background like a ghost, he was already gathering his energy.  As long as his prey entered his range, he could instantly kill them. Mei Ji still charged forward without sensing anything, as the distance became smaller and they came closer.

At this time!

"Wait a minute!"  Mei Ji suddenly stopped moving forward and said to Shadow beside her, "This place isn't right, leave!"

Shadow began to escape with Mei Ji without saying another word.

"Mei Ji, your death is here!"  Kildan erupted with an angry roar that could shake a mountain, "You cannot escape!  Chase!"

The twenty ambushers were already prepared.

Although Mei Ji became vigilant before entering their ambush range, they already believed the two of them could not escape.

The Succubus and dark elf's speed was not slow, but their escape speed clearly wasn't fast enough.  Mei Ji quickly flew into the air and turned into several figures.

"Charming Shadow Dance!"

Each shadow was no different from the real one and they all escaped in different directions.

Kildan sent a palm over and most of the shadows were scattered, while the other shadows were scattered under the attacks of the other experts.  At this time, Zorro had already led four Shadow Demon experts to approach and five Soul Chasing Chains were thrown at the two of them.

Once the Shadow Demons attacked, even if it wasn't fatal, it would stop Mei Ji and Shadow from moving.  Once the other experts surrounded them, it was impossible for the two of them to escape alive.

Their goal was already reached!

The prey had already been attracted into Chu Tian's planned area!

Mei Ji felt the aura behind her become stronger and stronger.  Kildan and Zorro's attacks were about to hit and she couldn't help feeling worried.  She shouted out in a bit of a panic, "Human, if you don't appear now, will we die here?"

"What are you in a hurry for?  Aren't I here now!" Chu Tian teleported in front of them and placed a hand on each of them, "Go!"

"Damn!"  Kildan roared with anger, "He wants to use his spatial ability again!  Stop him!"

Zorro already charged in front of them and slashed down with a dark blade, trying to cut Chu Tian in half before he could use his spatial ability.

He was a bit too late in the end.

They teleported before they were hit by the blade, causing it to hit thin air……They ran, they ran again!

Kildan and the other demons were seething with rage, but they didn't have time to get angry before there was a tremble in the ground, followed by volcanic eruptions.  They looked into the distance and they saw several columns of green flame shooting into the sky.

"What is going on?"

Everyone was stunned to see the green columns of flames shooting in the sky and they couldn't react in time.  In just a few seconds, there were hundreds of green specks above them and when the came back to their sense, they found that they were meteors covered in green flames.

"We've been tricked!"  Zorro's face fell as he shouted out, "Quickly leave!"

It was clearly too late to realize it now, this attack covered several kilometers.  The countless green meteors fell down like bombs and like stones being thrown into calm water, they created might waves on the calm ground.

Each meteor did not just create a giant impact, each meteor also summoned a fierce and terrifying flame demon.  Several hundred flame demons appeared in this place with each one having a decent strength, charging at these people.

This was just the beginning.

While the meteor shower still fell, several especially big rocks fell to the ground.  There were giants that appeared in each of the large holes. These giants were over ten feet tall and they were covered in a layer of rock armour, which released flames from its slits.

Hell Fire Demons!

These were Hell Fire Demons!

They were over ten Hell Fire Demons!

Chu Tian found these dark green giant stones in the holes that were actually deep slumbering Hell Fire Demons.

Chu Tian's plan this time was quite simple.  Kildan had already been chasing them for an hour or two, they almost caught them several times, so their hearts must be filled with anger.  He intentionally sent out Mei Ji as bait to draw them into the position he wanted them in.

Chu Tian and the little fox awakened the Hell Fire Demons before quickly leaving with their spatial ability, letting these fellows play with the Hell Fire Demons.

When the Hell Fire Demon fell in Southern Summer Country's Thunder State, it almost destroyed Thunder State.

Now over ten Hell Fire Demons were awakened and they were all stronger than the one from Thunder State, being in the 9th True Spirit Layer.  The over ten Hell Fire Demons also summoned over hundreds of flaming demons, creating a very intense battle.

"We've falling into a trap!"

"Kill our way out, kill our way out!"

Kildan cleared out several flaming demons, finally sending a punch at the Hell Fire Demon blocking the way.  Although Kildan's cultivation was shocking, these Hell Fire Demons were not simple, it only moved back a few steps after taking this attack.

The rock on its chest cracked, but it wasn't injured at all.

The Hell Fire Demon was filled with anger as it immediately sent a giant fist out as a counterattack.  Kildan and the Hell Fire Demon matched punches and although the pure strength wasn't weaker than the Hell Fire Demon's, there was still the Green Abyss Flame that came from the Hell Fire Demon's body.  This largely increased its destructive power, so Kildan felt very strained.

The dark giant vice City Lord was surrounded by three Hell Fire Demons.  His strength was strong enough to barely contend with one, so was there a need to mention being surrounded by three of them?  He tried going all out against the Green Abyss Flame, but at the most critical moment of breaking through, the dark giant was covered in Green Abyss Flames and was killed with a pitiful cry.

At the same time.

The dark spirit beast was also surrounded.

The Green Abyss Flame erupted on the bodies of the Hell Fire Demons and instantly swallowed him, turning him into a fireball.  The injuries from the Netherworld Flames had not healed yet and now he was surrounded by the Abyss Flame, so he could only die being filled with hate.

"Charge out!"

"Charge out!"

Kildan and Zorro both only took out a single Hell Fire Demon.  With the two of them in the lead, they killed around half of the Hell Fire Demons and the flaming demons.  It was very hard to charge out, with their numbers falling down to eight and each person being in a pitiful state.

They never would have dreamed that.

Chu Tian would have arranged this kind of trap for them.

Now they were covered in heavy injuries, they couldn't stay here any longer.

Kildan and Zorro made the decision to stop chasing Mei Ji, but they found the three of them blocking the path.  Chu Tian had his hands crossed across his chest as he said with a smile, "You're too slow, I've already been waiting a long time!"


"You think you can kill us all with just these Hell Fire Demons?"

The demons had fallen under Chu Tian's sinister plots, so they were filled to the bones with hatred for him.  They wanted to drink his blood and feast on his flesh, cut him into pieces and burn him to ashes!

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