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If not for Bu Fang's bulging mouth chewing away, when the golden light scattered, Bu Fang would definitely look very handsome. 

A pity... The image of him chewing the Chili Strip in his mouth destroyed the beauty of the entire scene.

Jiang Ling snatched the Chili Strip that Bu Fang had flung over and her pupils contracted a little. A gentle aroma diffused into the air and it was sweet and spicy at the same time. She gave Bu Fang a deep look before grabbing the Chili Strip. Then, she stuffed it into her mouth.

To tell the truth, she really couldn't believe that Bu Fang was able to surpass her with just a single Chili Strip. How could her six-mark spirit pill be defeated so easily?

However, once the Chili Strip entered her mouth, Jiang Ling's state of mind shook. It seemed like a bell which was struck by a stick. Her entire mind started to shake.


Jiang Ling's face was turning red in the blink of an eye. Droplets of sweat appeared on the tip of her nose. The spicy Chili Strip was the cause of all this.

She did not understand… What in the world was the spicy thing she just ate? How could it taste so good?

When she bit into the Chili Strip, Jiang Ling felt as though her entire body started to quiver. The pores on her body started to open and true energy gushed out from them.


One mouthful, two mouthfuls…

The central plaza became extremely quiet at this moment. Everyone was silently looking at Jiang Ling, who was standing on top of the platform as she ate the Chili Strip silently.

Bu Fang lightly let out a breath. He had finally swallowed the Chili Strip in his mouth. It was a long time since he last ate the Chili Strip. He felt a slight sense of nostalgia.

"How is it? Do you admit defeat?" Bu Fang wiped off the stain of chili oil from his lips. He smiled at Jiang Ling who was in the distance and then asked.

Jiang Ling's figure was trembling as she lowered her head. She constantly chewed on the Chili Strip in her mouth and her head of white hair hung down and covered her entire face.

Suddenly, Bu Fang froze.

That's because he realized that Jiang Ling's figure had started to violently shake. Drops of glittering tears dripped down from her covered face, landing on the floor. Splashing sounds resounded in everyone's ears and a bunch of water stains were left behind.

Everyone was silent as they knew that Jiang Ling had admitted her defeat.

The few grandmasters all sucked in a cold breath and they felt sorry for Jiang Ling.

Originally, Jiang Ling had really hoped to be the champion of this Magical Hand Conference. If not for the appearance of such a dark horse chef, she would be the one standing on the high stage today as her fame soared into the skies.

A pity, although she could be counted as the number one individual in refining skills, in this Magical Hand Conference, a chef who didn't adhere to common sense appeared. This chef actually managed to defeat her.

"The finals of this Magical Hand Conference is over. The placings have also been determined," Grandmaster Xuan Ming coldly said. His voice spread out, shrouding the entire space in an instant.

A hum resounded.

In an instant, a dazzling screen appeared in the sky, it was a projection array that was displaying the rankings.

First place, Bu Fang.

Second place, Jiang Ling.

Third place, Mu Bai.

Bu Fang's name blossomed with golden light as it occupied the highest spot on the projection array. His name was extremely dazzling in the sky.

Bu Fang raised his head as he looked at his name. His eyes slightly narrowed and he felt extremely calm in his heart.

Mu Bai's feelings seemed to have stabilized a lot. Standing beside Bu Fang, Jiang Ling who had lost her champion position was unable to face her defeat. She left the stage early and didn't bother to receive her rewards.

"Owner Bu, do you still have any Chili Strips? Can you give me one to try? I also want to know how amazing this Chili Strip, that can defeat Jiang Ling, is." Mu Bai gently smiled as he said.

Bu Fang froze and he turned his head to look at Mu Bai with an expressionless face.

"There is no more," Bu Fang said seriously.

"Didn't you say that you had secretly stored a lot of them?" Mu Bai said suspiciously.

"They were all eaten… If you want to try, you can come over to the restaurant tomorrow to buy some. Remember, it's first come, first served." Bu Fang's lips curved upwards.

Tomorrow? Mu Bai furrowed his eyebrows.

"Owner Bu, do you not know that we are going to enter the Heaven Secret Territory tomorrow? As the top three in the Magical Hand Conference, we have the opportunity to enter the secret territory!" Mu Bai said.

Entering the secret territory? Bu Fang was stunned. Why didn't anyone tell him that he had to enter the secret territory on the following dau? Wouldn't he lose a lot of business? 

"Boss Bu, you actually didn't know?" Mu Bai had a shocked expression on his face. Fighting for the top three positions in the Magical Hand Conference… wasn't just to enter the secret territory?

That Heaven Secret Territory was an important location of the Pill Palace. After all, it contained lots of valuable spirit fields and within these fields were many valuable spirit herbs. Just like that spirit herb that Jiang Ling had used. It grew in abundance in the secret territory.

Other than the spirit herbs, within the secret territory, there were many types of opportunities. Of course, there were also many different kinds of inheritances. There were even inheritances from Divine Soul Realm experts!

The secret territory was formed because the Hidden Dragon Continent had unstable spatial spaces which were able to form small words. These small worlds could hold many mysterious things… Inheritances of experts, valuable heavenly treasures, and maybe even fragments of other continents could appear.

Any secret territory was a land of opportunity.

The Hidden Dragon Continent held the greatest power. The Royal Gardens of the Hidden Dragon was said to be the strongest power in the continent by holding onto an extremely valuable secret territory. It was obvious they had a ton of resources.

Of course, this saying might be somewhat one-sided. However, it was undeniable that the existence of a secret territory had made countless powers strong. This was a fact.

To enter the secret territory controlled by the Royal Gardens of Hidden Dragon, one had to possess enough strength. Otherwise, it would be impossible to even catch a glance of the territory.

"The opening of the secret territory has a set time. Originally it is determined that it will open a few days later. For some reason, the Heaven Secret Territory is going to open earlier this time. Luckily, the top three are already decided," Mu Bai said.

Bu Fang was stunned after hearing this; he did not have any thoughts about the secret territory. However, he was interested in the prize of this Magical Hand Conference.

Didn't they say that he could change the rewards for crystals? This was what Bu Fang wished for.

Grandmaster Xuan Ming was in charge of giving out the prizes. He looked at Bu Fang, whose face was glowing, and there was a strange feeling in his heart. When other people obtained the championship, it was partly for the sake of the spirit pill and refining manual. Of course, the main point was to enter the Heaven Secret Territory.

However, Bu Fang was a chef. A refining manual was useless to him. Hence, they could only change that refining manual to crystals.

Placing a huge box of crystals in front of Bu Fang, GrandMaster Xuan Ming looked at Bu Fang, who had an impatient look on his face. Grandmaster Xuan Ming felt as though this Magical Hand Conference was the most unique so far.

When he saw that Bu Fang took the box and was about to leave, Grandmaster Xuan Ming froze.

"Bu Fang, you know that tomorrow is the opening of the secret territory. Remember to gather at the Pill Tower on time tomorrow!" Master Xuan Ming shouted at Bu Fang's figure, which had already walked off the stage.

However, his only answer was Bu Fang's casual wave.

The Magical Hand Conference had finally ended.

The results surprised everyone and the names of the top three were instantly spread throughout the entire Pill Palace. Everyone was discussing about the results of the competition.

White Demon Jiang Ling pulled out a six-mark spirit pill and still lost to some Chili Strip. That Chili Strip made the five hundred evaluators crazy and all of them scrambled up the stage in order to get one. Furthermore, at the end, Jiang Ling herself had admitted her defeat to that Chili Strip.

The entire Pill Palace was in an uproar.

The champion of the Magical Hand Conference was not an alchemist, but a chef. This fact caused a lot of people to feel slightly dissatisfied. However, Bu Fang used his abilities in order to obtain the position of the champion. There wasn't anything more for people to say.

Some veteran alchemist bluntly spoke out, saying that Bu Fang did not deserve to be the champion and his name should be taken out. That was because a chef had no rights to become the champion of the Magical Hand Conference.

When Han Li learned about this, a light flashed in his eyes.

He crossed his arms as he stood in front of the window of a tall metal building, looking down at the scenery below. His lips slightly curved upwards… That guy was finally going to enter the secret territory!

It was time to make his move!

He could not help but think about the Shura Tower.

Within the Cloud Mist Restaurant, Bu Fang pulled out a chair as he sat in his small store. The bronze gate was tightly shut as he wasn't open for business yet.

In front of him was a huge box. This was the prize of the Magical Hand Conference. Opening the box, it was filled to the brim with crystals. When Bu Fang saw the contents, he was extremely delighted.

This was all for his cultivation…

Carefully counting the number of crystals, there were only a hundred thousand in total. Bu Fang became slightly disappointed.

After all, this was still a prize for the number one spot in a big competition! Why were there only so few crystals?

Bu Fang felt slightly unhappy in his heart, but he did not say anything. With a wave of his hand, he stored the crystals into his system storage space. Retrieving his mind from the system panel, he leaned against the chair, letting out a long sigh. He slightly narrowed his eyes, enjoying this rare moment of peace.

Within the small shop, Nethery silently walked around barefooted.

Shrimpy lay on top of Whitey's head, not wanting to see Bu Fang. This little guy was still holding a grudge against Bu Fang.

Lord Dog was still lying below the Path-Understanding Tree as it slept soundly. This lazy dog was the reincarnation of sloth.

As for the Eight Treasures Chicken, it might be because its diet had become a lot better, but the fact was that Eighty's wings had grown out, and it was currently flapping its wings in excitement as it clucked loudly.


"Temporary mission: When host enters the Heaven Secret Territory, look for the True Dragon Fruit. Use it to make the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup and bring it to the next level. Task rewards: a reward of twenty percent of true energy conversion."

Just when Bu Fang prepared to close his eyes to rest, the solemn and serious voice of the system resounded in his mind.

Why was there another mission?

Bu Fang had just decided not to go to the Heaven Secret Territory when a task popped out. He had to look for the True Dragon Fruit… The system was definitely doing it on purpose.

Bu Fang straightened his figure, and his eyebrows suddenly furrowed.

Truthfully, he really didn't want to go to that whatever Heaven Secret Territory. With that effort, why not run his business in Cloud Mist Restaurant? On the previous day, Bu Fang's Chili Strips caught the attention of the public. The business would definitely boom.

That was all cultivation...

Bu Fang really didn't have the heart to give up such a good advertisement just to go to the secret territory.

However, he couldn't give up on his temporary mission…

Bu Fang stood up with a slight headache as he paced around in the restaurant. Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something and he looked at Nethery, who was strolling around idly. His eyes lit up.

"If I make the Chili Strip first and get Nethery to sell them, won't I be able to go to the Heaven Secret Territory without worries?" Bu Fang's lips instantly curved upwards. He felt that this was a feasible idea.

Nethery felt Bu Fang's burning gaze on her and she returned him a curious look. In the next instant, she saw Bu Fang smiling at her. He turned around and walked into the kitchen.

Was he going to cook Dragon Blood Rice for her? Nethery pouted her lips. There was something to eat again! She was very happy.

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