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Territory Pioneering 3

After a few seconds of sitting in the bath with the lolibitch pressed up against my shoulder, I was able to hear another familiar voice come from my side.

"P-Pardon the intrusion."

A leg appeared in the corner of my vision and went into the water between Ester-chan and myself. The familiar thick thighs were now at eye level and this was all I needed to see to know who they belonged to. It was Edita Sensei.

I had observed Edita Sensei's thighs and panties hundreds of times at this point. I was certain that I could even pick those beloved thighs out of a lineup. There was almost no space between Ester-chan and I, so for Edita Sensei to get into the water there, her thighs had to almost brush past my face. Her thighs are a dangerous weapon and she knows how to wield them.


As Edita Sensei's thighs went by my face, I could hear Ester-chan click her tongue in a rather audible fashion.

She stepped into the water between Ester-chan and I before moving in front of us and lowering herself into the bath. I could easily reach out my hand and touch her.

This is the best.

It's almost enough to make me cum right now.

I can feel an intense pleasure running down my spine. If I were to let it leak out now, I wonder if I were to concentrate hard enough, would I be able to release it in such a way that it was able to brush up against Edita Sensei's skin. The perfect crime.

But, why would Sensei betray me like this?

Why would she come into the bath wearing a towel that covers everything?

Now is the time to use that sacred phrase.

Wearing a towel in the baths will dirty the water.

No, if I say it now my ulterior motive will be obvious. I just want to see her pu●●y. I need a sign in place to backup my words. I could just say, "Oh, it’s not me, I’m just following the rules." And of course, they’re my rules. I’ll need one to be put up in every bath that’s easy for everyone to see.

I should’ve planned ahead but I wasn’t expecting guests already.

This sign will be a top priority for Gonzalez tomorrow.

"Uuuaaaaooo~…why does this feel so good…?"

As Edita Sensei immersed herself in the hot, soothing waters of the baths, she let out a groan you’d expect to hear from an old lady rather than someone that looks so young.

Her eyes narrowed before she leaned back into the water and allowed her upper body to float freely. A gentle smile spread across her face. Yes, this has to be what her face looks like when she climaxes. Her entire body is also trembling from the pleasures provided by the bath additive. Thank you for the material.

"I’m glad that you seem to be enjoying it."

"Yeah, I’m enjoying it. I could get used to this, aaa~…."

She does seem to be enjoying it quite a lot.

I want to reach into her half open mouth and pull out her tongue to complete the erotic expression. I can imagine how amazing my loli Sensei's sloppy expression would be.

"I-I could make your penis feel good too if you’d like!"

"Ester-san, why would you say something like that here?"

Then there’s the lolibitch who has no idea how to use her sex appeal or natural eroticism and whose go to move is to throw herself at me. She needs to learn from Edita Sensei and use the weapons she was born with.

I do want to have sex though.

I would love to have bath sex with Ester-chan if I’m being honest.

I want to do with someone that loves me.

This is only the natural instinct of any human and this desire burned strong in my virgin brain.

Luckily, I was pulled away from the dark side when the noble mage tapped me on the shoulder.

"I’ve been meaning to ask, but did that Dragon give you our message?"

Is he being serious right now? There’s a bountiful feast of exposed skin in front of him and the one loli is right next to him, but he’s just asking about the loligon. How is he possibly able to control himself?

"Are you talking about Christinsan?"

"That’s right. We sent her from the capital to find you…."

"To find me?"

This is the first I’m hearing of this

I was reminded of her casually walking through town when the noble mage first arrived.

"I mentioned it before, but there was trouble back in Kalis involving you and especially your maid."


I thought she came here for her own reasons.

She never even mentioned Kalis or Sophichan to me.

"Did she not mention me?"

"It might actually be my fault. She never mentioned a message from you, but I also asked her to help my build my territory almost as soon as she arrived."

Ah, this is uncomfortable.

I told him I’d support him in his pursuit of the loligon, but I’ve spent the past several days alone with her.

"…I see."

I could see sadness in the noble mage's eyes when I told him this.

I feel so guilty.

"I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have kept her here for so long."

While standing in the bath, I gave him a deep bow.

If we’re going down the route of failed loves, I’m sure I have enough material of my own to provide the noble mage with to make him feel better. Although, I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be speaking honestly with this ossan about my own failures in love.

"If you’d like, I could ask her to join us."

It was at this time that the sound of a door opening echoed out through the bathhouse. The pitter-patter of bare feet slapping against the wet floor reverberated across the stone walls.

Everybody’s attention was drawn to the sound.

Then, the subject of our conversation, Christina, appeared before us.

She must have come to investigate the sounds coming from the bathhouse. She was still fully dressed in the outfit the Twilight Company had provided for her. What they called 'traveler’s clothes.'

I also felt the need to apologize for this. The dress she usually wore was given to her by the noble mage. If she was still wearing it, I could potentially convince the noble mage that she wears it because it was a gift from him.

"What is this? Why are there so many humans here? Are they here to declare war on my town…?"

"Christinsan, these are our first guests."

"…hou, really? Didn’t you say it would still be a couple more days?"

"Some unexpected things occurred that led to this informal pre-opening."


The loligon glanced around the baths at all of the nobles present before she seemed to make her mind up on something.

"If that’s the case, I’d like to hear what they have to say."

The loligon's eyes scanned the bathhouse before eventually locking onto the one person not enjoying themselves in the bath, Nannuzzi-san. She was sitting in the corner trying to make herself as small as possible with her knees pressed against her chest. She reminded me of a student trying to avoid participating in gym class.

Or rather, in this case, a noblewoman that’s been sentenced to death.

"What do you think? Isn’t this the most amazing bath you’ve ever seen!?"


"You see that sculpture over there, the pattern on the floor here, umm oh and the spout where the hot water is coming from? All of that was done by me. That human over there can’t make such fine carvings on his own so I made all of them! What do you think!?"

The loligon was really excited.

Her innocent smile is the best.

She’s like a kid telling her friends about the new toys she got.

She has been working hard for the last few days, so seeing her enjoy herself like this is nice.


"Isn’t there something called a mayor in your human towns? Aren’t they the humans that have accomplished the most for a city? So that must mean I’m the most qualified to be mayor of this city. Don’t you agree, human!?"

The miserable looking woman wasn’t much of a conversation partner.


"Don’t hide over here in the corner when the bath is just right over there. I know it looks like normal water but trust me, it feels amazing. It’s such a waste for you to be standing over here so get moving!"

I wasn’t expecting this.

Is the loligon actually showing concern for a human being?

This is a huge step forward.

It’s a moving sight.

I wasn’t sure if it would be possible, but the noble mage might actually have a chance. That’s amazing. Truly amazing, loligon. It could actually be possible with this loligon.

Majestic loligon. Cute loligon.

"…be quiet."

"Oh? What was that?"

Nannuzzi-san finally spoke as she was slowly getting to her feet.

And —

"I told you to shut up and leave me alone you annoying brat!"

Nannuzzi-san lunged forward and hit the loligon's cheek.

She slapped her.

The sharp crack of flesh hitting flesh reverberated around the bathhouse.

It’s likely that Nannuzzi-san assumed Christina was a normal peasant girl. She’s wearing clothes suitable for a commoners and she’s covered in dust from working outside all day. In fact, it will only make sense for her to assume that Christina is a normal commoner. Why would anyone suspect that a massive dragon is hidden behind her loli exterior?

"That’s what you deserve for so casually addressing your superior…."

The broad smile that was on her face remained, but her eyes were now open wide in shock and her fingers were tracing a circle around the bright red spot in her cheek.

This isn’t good.

"Christinsan, just wait a moment…."

"You hit me?"

Her voice sent a chill down my spine and I realized that there wasn’t a single thing I could say to stop her.

The loligon responded to the slap with a straight punch directly into Nannuzzi-san's abdomen.

For a brief moment, the entire bathhouse fell into complete silence as Nannuzzi-san glanced down to see what had happened. It almost seemed as if she were trying to say something, but before any words left her mouth, her body began to emit a sickening crunching sound.

Those of us in the bathhouse were unable to even manage to scream as we were left watching this disturbing scene transpire in front of us with our mouths hanging agape.

A crimson mist splattered the back wall as bits and pieces of what had formerly been Nannuzzi-san were sent flying across the bathhouse. The power behind that attack must have been immeasurable. Even her bones had been turned into mince.

The only part of her body that remained intact was her head and it was sent flying across before hitting the wall with so much force that it ricocheted up and hit the ceiling. It hit another wall before landing on the ground, tumbling a few feet, and finally coming to a rest.

Her mouth was still open; her lips forever locked in position for whatever word she was about to speak.


What am I supposed to do?

I just need to stay calm and speak up as the manager of this establishment.


Her shoulders started to shake before she turned to face me.

The streaks of red across her porcelain skin created a jarring image.

"S-She started it!"


"Stop looking at me like that! It’s not…. I-It wasn’t my fault!"

With blood still dripping off of her body, the loligon took off flying out of the room.

For maybe the first time since meeting her, I wasn’t planning on criticizing or blaming the loligon.


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