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After making up his mind, Lyu Liang passed his thoughts to the founding father of Sword Character through the Messaging Jade. The founding father of Sword Character pondered for a moment and agreed. At the same time, he reminded Lyu Liang to go to tell Shangguan Ying this news so that she could prepare early.

In order to not be seen by others, the founding father of Sword Character personally brought Lyu Liang out to go straight to Xuan Nyu Sect.

Xuan Nyu Sect was not far from the Sword Character Immortal Palace. On the dark black ship that the founding father of Sword Character took out, it only took thirty minutes to reach the protection formation at the edge of Xuan Nyu Sect.

When the ship had just emerged from the Void, the protection formation of the Xuan Nyu Sect automatically flashed a path, and two figures floated out. One of them was Aunt Qing, and the other was a fairy in white that Lyu Liang had not seen before.

At this point, the founding father of Sword Character had already kept the ship, smiling to the two fairies in front, "I shall trouble the Green Dragon and White Tiger lords to lead the way for me."

Lyu Liang followed the founding father of Sword Character into the Xuan Nyu Sect, and he was amazed by the picturesque view inside!

Wherever he glanced, it was either a pavilion or a stream with a bridge. Also, countless ladies were looking at Lyu Liang with curiosity. In the beginning, Lyu Liang still kept his smile on, but afterwards he had to keep his head down while walking. Not because he didn't want to see them, but because those eyes were staring at him like they staring at a strange treasure, it really made him felt weird and uncomfortable.

Finally, they had reached the main hall of the Xuan Nyu Sect, just in time to see the Xuan Nyu Fairy welcoming them. Shangguan Ying, who was behind her, happened to look straight into Lyu Liang's eyes. At first, she was happy, but then she seemed shocked, she blushed and lowered her head, and seemed to be thinking about something. Lyu Liang was already used to this. If one day, Shangguan Ying really dared to look at him straight, he would have to doubt whether she was the real person.

Aunt Qing and the fairy in white had already left. After the founding father of Sword Character and the Xuan Nyu Fairy sat down, Lyu Liang and Shangguan Ying also stood behind their respective Masters.

"Little Liang, come and stand in front of us."

"Ying'er, come and stand in front of us."

The simultaneous words of the founding father of Sword Character and the Xuan Nyu Fairy made Lyu Liang happy, and the first thing he did was to walk to the front. As for Shangguan Ying, she was going to walk to the front as well, but when she saw Lyu Liang's happy look and his radiant eyes, she slowed her pace down unconsciously.

"He, he, no, does he want to... Impossible, we made an appointment! But this scenario..." Shangguan Ying began to think nonsense once again.

Xuan Nyu Fairy looked at Shangguan Ying who was helpless and smiled. Then she said to Lyu Liang, "Little Liang, tell Ying'er the reason for your visit, you have chosen her right?"

"Ah? Oh, Ying'er, actually, I want to be with you... Oh, no, I mean I want to ask you to go to the Land of Origin in the Demon Realm together twenty years later." Xuan Nyu Fairy's teasing words made Lyu Liang panic, and the agreement of calling the name 'Fairy Shangguan' in front of others was long gone.

Although she understood what Lyu Liang had said and she had already learned about the Land of Origin from her Master, when she heard Lyu Liang calling her 'Ying'er' in front of the two elders, she was so shy that she could only answer with a faint 'Yes'.

For Lyu Liang, after the initial panic, he had now calmed down. Then he said his thoughts and the other two candidates. Like the founding father of Sword Character, the Xuan Nyu Fairy did not have any doubts. For the last candidate, the decision was passed to Lyu Liang.

After everything was fixed, the founding father of Sword Character left with Lyu Liang. At this point, Shangguan Ying raised her head and sighed for a long time. Although she had been shy and lowered her head, she already had some thoughts in her mind, "Twenty years, with his talents and that Virtual Land thing, he should at least reach the Middle-stage of Gold Core, and maybe even the Late-stage. I have to work hard too to reach the Peak of Gold Core in twenty years so that I can help him more confidently!"

Thinking of this, Shangguan Ying's expression became determined and bright. She clenched her little fist tightly and returned to her own cave residence to continue practicing.

After returning to the Sword Character Immortal Palace, Lyu Liang went straight to Li Wuyi's residence at the mountain front. He was just in time to catch him and his two followers chatting. Lyu Liang did not say much. After all, this matter had to be kept secret. He only said that after three days, it was just the day of eating and drinking in the herb garden, so he invited him to go with his two followers.

Of course, Li Wuyi agreed. Since the incident last time, his crush for Lyu Xinyun had faded. According to his logic, whoever treated him well, he would treat that person well too. Since Lyu Liang and Lyu Xinyun were already a couple, he would only raise his hands excitedly in approval!

Lyu Liang considered this very comprehensively. After all, this operation twenty years later was very important. According to the founding father of Sword Character, there was both opportunity and risk. That meant the trip would neither be too dangerous nor too smooth.

After the deadly confrontation with the two blue-robed men, Lyu Liang realized that it was essential to cultivate more people of his own. Especially with the continuous improvement of cultivation, there would be more and more difficulties and obstacles in the future. It was better to have help from others to conceal the secret instead of doing all the covering up by himself.

So far, except for a few senior Ancestors, only Zhao Tianding and Lyu Xinyun knew all his secrets. These two people were definitely trustworthy. Of course, there was still the blue-eyed Giant Tiger, although it was a demon beast, sometimes it was more reliable than humans.

As for Xu Mubai and Li Wuyi, Lyu Liang could tell them about the things regarding the Demon Emperor Horn. However, he would keep confidential his own identity and the existence of the Virtual Land until he had a deeper understanding of them.

After coming out of Li Wuyi's residence, Lyu Liang went to look for Zhao Tianding and told him about the situation. He then invited him to the party at the herb garden three days later.

After that, Lyu Liang went to the Hunyuan Sword Immortal and was sent directly to the trial field to find the Giant Tiger that was cultivating. He did not say anything else and just called it to go to the herb garden three days later to eat and drink.

After returning to the back mountain, he went to the herb garden to see the old herb man and informed him of the situation three days later. The old herb man did not have any objections. Anyway, the things that Lyu Liang gave him last time were enough to sustain a year, even if more people came this time, it was not a big deal.

Three days later, the herb garden at the back mountain had the most lively night ever.

At the table, Lyu Liang first introduced his relationship with Zhao Tianding and the Giant Tiger. One was his fellow mate and the other was his servant. As for Zhang Ran and the old herb man, they belonged to the fixed personnel of the back mountain, and everyone knew them without introduction.

Shortly after dinner, everyone behaved like a mortal. They drank wine with one another, they joked and had endless fun. Even Zhao Tianding, who always liked to put on an indifferent look, made a toast to everyone, and it was apparent that he was happy from the bottom of his heart.

At present, these people were also the most trustworthy people around Lyu Liang. What Lyu Liang hoped to see was that they could familiarize themselves with each other and thus take care of each other.

During the banquet, everyone first congratulated Lyu Liang for breaking through on both his cultivation and Sword Tao. Later, Li Wuyi also disclosed the awakening of his Mysterious Soul Body. It turned out that people with a special constitution like the Mysterious Soul were hard to awaken. They must integrate the Soul Fixation Pearl into their Divine Soul to be awakened. The most incredible part about the Mysterious Soul Body was that they could neglect bottlenecks during cultivation, even when they had to survive the heaven ordeal and face the most frightening Inner Devil, they could pass it easily.

Everyone sighed and looked at the Li Wuyi with envious eyes. The Mysterious Soul Body was born to be cultivated to the Almighty Immortal! No wonder the two blue-robed men were so obsessed with Li Wuyi.

After listening to Li Wuyi's words, everyone consciously made a life-bonded vow to ensure that no one would reveal his special constitution. After all, this constitution was the ideal body that many cultivators yearned for! The crucial part of the Mysterious Soul Body was the soul. There were countless evil ways in the world to steal or take the soul. If someone with evil intentions learned about Li Wuyi, he would hardly be safe for the rest of his life.

After four hours, everyone was mostly done with eating and drinking, and they began to say goodbye one by one. Lyu Liang brought Xu Mubai and Li Wuyi back to his cave residence. As for the two followers, Zhang Youshan and Li Xiaobai, Li Wuyi decided to let them go back first. After all, Lyu Liang only called him.

Upon returning to the cave residence, Lyu Liang first stimulated the ban. Then he took out the Demon Emperor Horn from his arms and told them in detail about the Land of Origin.

"You are saying that we need to improve our cultivation to at least the Middle-stage of Gold Core in twenty years? Brother Xu is currently at the Late-stage, and I am still at the Early-stage. However, with my Mysterious Soul Body, I should be able to reach the Late-stage in twenty years," Li Wuyi patted his chest with confidence, it seemed that upgrading was as simple as eating and sleeping.

"Well, although my constitution is not as good as that of Taoism peer Li, and my talent is not as good as Taoism peer Lyu, I will try my best to upgrade to the Peak in twenty years. Thus, we will have a better advantage during conflicts in the future!" Xu Mubai was very excited. He had always been peaceful, but now his eyes were sparkling with burning desire.

After discussing it for a while, the three of them agreed that the rest of the time would be spent on upgrading their cultivation. After twenty years, they would meet again at the back mountain of the Sword Character Immortal Palace.

Before their separation, Li Wuyi suddenly banged the table and stood up with one knee kneeling on the ground. He said solemnly to the two of them, "My two brothers, though I am stupid, I know who is really good to me! On that day when you saved me when I was in danger, I said, if you guys don't detest me, I would like to be a brother to you for the rest of my life! We shall stick together through thick and thin! What you think?"

Looking at the sincerity in the eyes of Li Wuyi, Lyu Liang and Xu Mubai took a glance at each other and kneeled together! In the end, all three of them made a life-bonded vow. Xu Mubai was the oldest and would be the elder brother, Li Wuyi would be the second brother, and Lyu Liang who was the youngest would be the youngest brother. After the vow, their three palms held together tightly!

On this ordinary night, three strangers who had different personalities made a vow to become lifelong brothers by the arrangement of fate.

Years later, even if they embarked on different paths, even when they fought against each other, they would never forget the three palms that clung to each other tightly...

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