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After Chen Xiang and Ba Ye finished their discussion, they started to arrange for the little elves to enter into his Dark Jade Ring. The space inside was very large, it was enough to accommodate the entire race of elves.

Baye had already told him about the occupied holy land, and now he was heading towards the two occupied holy lands!

According to what Ba Ye had said, the Sacred Land they were building was actually a very huge formation. This formation could absorb the energy of heaven and earth to maintain its operation, and this formation could transform all kinds of energy into an immortal power that could be absorbed by a fairy.

This kind of power didn't have a good effect on humans. This was because the human body was completely different from Wisp's, because the human body needed a lot of energy to maintain itself, especially the bodies of the strong ones, which needed to absorb a lot more energy to maintain themselves!

Chen Xiang was also very curious about the Little Fairy's Sacred Ground. He quickly arrived at the side of the Sacred Ground, their Sacred Ground wasn't very big, in total, it was just a house. To humans, there were only a few Sacred Grounds, it was such a small place.

With just a glance, one could tell that it was built later on by the humans that occupied the Sacred Land. They definitely knew the use of this Sacred Land, and their intention of occupying it was clear; it was to obtain longevity!

Those little elves were so gullible. They must have leaked the secret of their own clan, which was why they were in trouble!

The Sacred Ground Chen Xiang saw now was the most ancient one of the Little Fairy Clan. They had only built another one after the Sacred Ground had been occupied.

There were only a few people in the house, so they were not considered strong. From the Qi they were releasing, Chen Xiang guessed that they were probably gods who possessed four Divine Deity!

When Chen Xiang created the Double bone level, his strength was already comparable to the gods of the Four Divine Deity, and could even be said to be much stronger than these gods.

"Where did these guys come from?" Chen Xiang discovered that there were five people inside, all of them looking like middle aged men. They were all cultivating in their own rooms, apparently absorbing the energy produced by the Sacred Grounds, which would cause living beings to live forever.

Chen Xiang had learnt from Ba Ye that they had been in this place for a long time and that no one had ever come to this forest before. However, over a hundred years ago, a group of people suddenly appeared and occupied their Sacred Grounds. Afterwards, they no longer built it. Instead, they waited for these people to leave this place before they brought it back.

Fortunately, these little elves all had their own life-saving abilities. If these people wanted to attack them, they could use their innate abilities to hide in any kind of plant.

Because these elves had once told those people that once one of them died, the Holy Land would lose its effectiveness. Therefore, those people no longer dared to kill them because it was not easy to find a path to immortality.

Chen Xiang snuck into one of the rooms, and the people inside were extremely relaxed. It seemed that it was because they had not encountered any dangers while staying here, that made them not on guard, which showed that they had no experience!

Chen Xiang secretly condensed Six Realms' Power and activated it. He wanted to use his mind to attack and directly attack his opponent's Divine Sense Sea!

"Everyone else is cultivating. You can start now!" Yue'er confirmed the movements of the others.

Chen Xiang used the invisible six divine powers, transformed the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell into an extremely strong mental attack, and fiercely rushed towards the middle aged man who was cultivating on the bed. At the same time, he released his ice cold energy and froze the middle aged man's head, preventing him from making any sound.

The middle aged man's body was still bound by the water vines Chen Xiang had released. After being attacked by Chen Xiang's mental attack, he struggled due to the intense pain.

When Chen Xiang used his Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to attack and devour the opponent's memories, he knew some things from their memories, which was the origins of this group of people. What he did not expect, was that these people all came from the Heavenly Fire Divine Country!

"They were sent to guard it because there is a Suzaku Divine Weapon here!" Chen Xiang told Yue'er everything he knew.

"Looks like Divine Nations already knew the location of these Divine Weapons. They probably already knew that Divine Weapons can release the Nine Divine Kings from the Nine Heaven Devil Palace, so it would be best for you to quickly find the last Divine Weapons so that they won't find out and snatch them away!" Yue'er replied, "I find it rather strange. Since they have already discovered the Divine Weapon, why didn't they take it away and leave it here instead? Why don't you just send someone to guard it and take it away? "Why bother?"

Chen Xiang said: "Because Divine Weapons are intelligent, they are not so easy to take away. Now, they have determined the location of the Divine Weapons and they have to wait for an opportunity to take it away!"

In just a short moment, Chen Xiang used the same method as before to kill off all the people who were cultivating here. They occupied Little Fairy's Sacred Land, which was originally not a good thing, as if that Heavenly Fire Divine Country lackey, Chen Xiang, would naturally not show mercy!

He quickly found the second Sacred Ground. It was a little bit small here, and there were a few middle-aged men, all of them were cultivating, greedily absorbing the power of immortality produced by the Sacred Grounds, but they, who were currently striving for immortality, were unknowingly killed on the path of immortality. If they did not occupy the Sacred Ground of the little elf, they might have been able to live for many more years.

After exterminating all of these Heavenly Fire Divine Country s, Chen Xiang also harvested more than twenty Divine Deity s, which could be used to refine medicinal pellets.

"This is the place, the Suzaku bow is hidden here!" Chen Xiang came to the bottom of a very large ancient tree in the forest. He pressed his palm on the tree trunk, then released the profoundwu clothing and took out the Azure Dragon Divine Saber, this was the only way he could make the Suzaku bow appear by itself.

Not long after, the tree trembled slightly. A raging fire suddenly erupted from a part of the tree trunk. A seemingly ordinary longbow fell out of the flames!

Chen Xiang's heart moved, the Suzaku bow that dropped to the ground immediately flew towards his hand. It had not merged with Chen Xiang yet, but it was actually very intelligent, which made Chen Xiang very happy.

The Suzaku bow looked no different from the ordinary longbows that the hunters made themselves. The only difference was that there were many Spirit grain s on top of the longbows. These Spirit grain s looked rather thick and messy, but upon closer inspection, there were many extremely small Spirit grain s inside every single one of them.

Right now, he already had three ancient godly weapons in his hands. Through these three godly weapons, he immediately found out the exact location of the fourth godly weapon!

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