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He was the current head Dan Immortal of the Fire Divine Palace s. This Alchemist was able to obtain a high grade pill furnace, which showed that his alchemy level was very high.

Li Baojun was the Alchemist that everyone knew, however, his master Li Tianjun had already lost to the Bi Xia Dan Immortal, so could he win against the disciple of the Bi Xia Dan Immortal to save face for master?

Now, both of them had simultaneously entered the later stages of the Core Formation stage, and their strength was evenly matched. Everyone was looking forward to the result even more.

The two pill furnaces shook and shook. Waves of hot air were released, forming a wave that rose high into the air, causing everyone watching to feel extremely hot and stuffy.

"It seems like both of them might form the core at the same time. If we want to win then it will depend on the quality and quantity." Su Meiyao said: "At most, this Flying Dan can only produce one pellet, it is very difficult to refine two, one Nine Death Soaring Flower is not enough to refine two pellets, but that is not absolute, maybe someone can refine two pellets, it is just that I have never heard of it before."

There were very few Nine Deaths Ascending Flower to begin with, which resulted in such pills being very rare. When many Alchemist were able to refine one, they would only be able to refine one batch at a time when their skills far surpassed the level of the lower Heaven level. They simply did not have the opportunity to try refining more than one batch.

At this time, Li Baojun's expression was extremely calm, but the flames he released, and the fiery aura he emitted, made people feel as if he was roaring. His master lost to his opponent's master, and now he absolutely could not lose.

Chen Xiang could feel his determination right now.

Everyone looked at the two Alchemist s attentively. It was extremely quiet, because the results would be out very soon.

After that, the two Alchemist s both opened their eyes. It was actually completed at the same time, and this was not a coincidence, but rather the highest level that the high ranking Alchemist s could issue out. When refining the Flying Dan, this was their fastest time, and it was also not a coincidence that the two Alchemist s did not open their eyes at the same time.


The Fire Divine Palace was a little dissatisfied with this result. Although there was still no difference between victory and defeat, the other party was actually able to compete with him in terms of time, which meant that the other party was at the same level as him. This made it difficult for him to accept, because he came from the Heaven Realm, and was actually unable to compete with Alchemist, who was born and raised in the lower realms.

"Your time is the same as mine, but that doesn't mean you can be on the same level as me." The Fire Divine Palace said with a sneer: "You are mistaken to think that you can compete with me in this competition, the quality of the ascension is very hard to control, and this is my strength."

The Alchemist s of the Fire Divine Palace felt that the quality of the Flying Dan that Li Baojun had refined was inferior to his.

Li Baojun smiled slightly: "Of course I never thought that I would be able to tie with you. Perhaps you will lose."

"Open the pill furnace."

Wang Qiongjin was very curious about the results, but she had a lot of confidence in her Alchemist. She believed that Li Baojun would definitely lose this match, after all, his Alchemist had a very strong Fire Soul, and he had grown up in the Heaven Realm, so he had a lot of resources to use up on his training.

The first to open the pill furnace was at Fire Divine Palace's side, holding a light yellow pill in the Alchemist's hand high up, letting everyone see the Flying Dan.

"It's of high quality." Wang Qiongjin laughed.

"Of course, I haven't refined a low quality pill in a long time." Alchemist said proudly, because he saw that many experts were staring at the Flying Dan in his palm, their faces were filled with worship.

Just a single day and night later, he would be able to refine a Flying Dan of high quality. This level was indeed very high, because according to the rumors, some Alchemist s would need a very long time to refine Flying Dan, and their quality would not be guaranteed either.

Li Baojun nodded his head: "It's true that it's of high quality, but this does not mean that you can win."

He opened the lid of the pill furnace and calmly took out the pills. The people in the air immediately cried out in alarm, because they could see the two yellow clouds emitting from the furnace with a single glance.

It was actually two pills. After everyone was shocked, they started to discuss among themselves.

When the people of Fire Divine Palace saw the two new Flying Dan s in Li Baojun's hands, they were all stunned. Their expressions were filled with shock, disbelief and jealousy.

"You lost." Li Baojun said indifferently, after he finished speaking, he destroyed his own pill furnace, causing everyone to be shocked once again.

A pill furnace that could be destroyed with one palm, it was definitely not something good. Li Baojun had actually used such a low grade pill furnace to refine a whole batch of Flying Dan.

The pill furnace used by the Fire Divine Palace was a top-grade immortal furnace, but it couldn't compare to the other party's broken pill furnace. Previously, he was so arrogant, but now, he was beaten up so badly by the other party using a broken pill furnace.

Two high quality Flying Dan could easily defeat their opponent, and at the same time, they used the same amount of time. From this, Li Baojun's strength could be seen to be much stronger than his opponent.

"Bi Xia Dan Immortal's disciple is only this strong. I thought he was that strong." Chen Xiang sneered from the side. No one knew his identity, so he didn't have any misgivings. Even though that Wang Qiongjin was an Immortal King, he didn't see through him.

"You …" The old man snorted, kept the pill furnace and walked behind Wang Qiongjin.

Although they had lost one match, Wang Qiongjin was still very calm. There was no loss at all, it was as if they would never lose.

Wang Qiongjin walked out and said to Li Baojun: "I see that you're the only one in your Dragon Subduing School that can compete with us. I wonder if you'll be able to continue fighting on."

"It's a pity that our Leader is sealed by you." Duan Chong shook his head and sighed. "Even so, it does not mean that only Elder Li is allowed to refine pills."

Fire Divine Palace had always avoided sealing Chen Xiang, since he had sealed someone else's Leader, so it would not be glorious for him to come to another person's territory and cause trouble.

"Next, I'll compete with you. Who are you going to send out?" Wang Qiongjin laughed sinisterly, and glanced at Chen Xiang and the others.

The one who was going to fight in Fire Divine Palace was this old lady, she didn't look like a Alchemist.

Chen Xiang was also very surprised. This Wang Qiongjin was a Devil Cultivator, there were many who knew how to refine pills.

At that time, she was very famous in the area of Heaven level Pills, even among the Heaven Realm. Her flame power was already good, and she had such a high position in the Fire Divine Palace, so it is possible that her alchemy level may have increased a lot. "Ling Chen:" … " Su Meiyao said.

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