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It was extremely difficult to kill Yu Fan, not because his strength was lacking, but because of the Penalty Heavenly God. Furthermore, a large portion of Yu Fan's strength was sealed, making killing was much easier.

Chen Xiang said: "Let me think again, I will definitely think of a good way! Next, I will feign to help him hunt Divine Deity. If I am unable to think of a way in a short period of time, I will leave this place! "

Yang Yan nodded: "Then it's best if you don't come see me too often. It's not good for Yu Fan to discover me, and if you leave at that time, there's no need to say your goodbyes anymore. I believe we can reunite in Gods Realm."

"Then let's drink to our heart's content today!"

The two of them drank until deep into the night. Chen Xiang rushed to Yu Fan's residence without stopping!

When Yu Fan saw that Chen Xiang had arrived, the doubt in his heart had already been dispelled.

"Lord Yu, thank you for the Divine Deity. I have successfully condensed my soul essence." Chen Xiang revealed an extremely grateful expression, "I've made you wait for a long time!"

Yu Fan nodded his head, then sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "I have long since helped you find a target, that guy's name is Jin Yang!"

Yu Fan tapped the center of Chen Xiang's brows with his finger, transmitting the details of Jin Yang to Chen Xiang's mind.

"This fellow is quite formidable, he might need some time!" When Chen Xiang heard Jin Yang's detailed information, he already had a plan in mind.

"As soon as possible!" Yu Fan nodded.

Chen Xiang was immediately powerful, Yu Fan frowned as he looked at Chen Xiang's message, and sighed, because he could only rely on the God of Fortune to work together with the Hell Devil Emperor, and at that time, Chen Xiang would definitely be done for, and that was why he got Chen Xiang to help him hunt Divine Deity as soon as possible, otherwise, he would not have the chance to do so in the future.

"This guy thinks you're dead for sure again, but he's not stupid and wants you to kill someone like Yang Yan!" Long Xueyi laughed.

"If he wants me to send myself to my death, then his losses will be great, because he has already used a Divine Deity on me. Furthermore, he has also given me many benefits, but it is not like he will lose money. As long as I help him get a set of Divine Deity, he can make a comeback. "

Chen Xiang said: "The guy who went to kill was not very strong, but he was very fierce and had been expelled by many cities. Although Jin Yang did not kill anyone, he liked to beat people up.

Because Jin Yang was forbidden from entering the city, he could only stay in the outer parts of the mountains. The place Chen Xiang wanted to go to right now was the very mountain where Jin Yang frequently visited.

"Have you decided how to kill Yu Fan?" Long Xueyi asked: "It's best for you to leave quickly, if the God of Fortune decides to join in, then there will be a huge problem."

"I have already thought about it, but I will need the help of Elder Sister Meng'er and the others!" Chen Xiang left the city, and after confirming that no one was following them, he released the Azure Dragon Cloak.

"What do you need our help for?" Liu Meng'er asked: "We don't know how to kill people."

"I'm good at it, but I'm not strong enough for now!" Leng Youlan shouted excitedly.

"I'm not asking you to kill someone!" It's time for you to make something for me! " Chen Xiang stood on top of a tall mountain and released his divine power to search for Jin Yang.

Xue Xianxian said: "You want us to refine a fake Divine Deity to trick Yu Fan?"

Chen Xiang laughed: "I guessed half right, I want you all to refine a piece of true Divine Deity, and explode it within a set amount of time, and blast Yu Fan to death!"

"This is not easy to refine!" You are an alchemist, and you even refined those destructive Ice seal Dan, you should be more skilled at it. " Dongfang Xinyue said.

When the time comes, Yu Fan will definitely hide his Divine Deity inside the Divine Sense Sea, completely isolating himself from the outside world. I remember that there is a method to refine Divine Deity into an offensive treasure in that Divine Book. Think about it again carefully and see if there is one that can explode at a fixed time. " Chen Xiang quickly located Jin Yang's location.

"Alright, let's temporarily suspend the refining of the divine vessel and go read the Divine Book first!" Liu Meng'er said.

Chen Xiang used the Azure Dragon Cloak and instantly appeared behind Jin Yang.

This Jin Yang had a delicate and handsome appearance. One couldn't tell that he was a notorious violent madman. It was said that those that had been beaten by him would be crippled. Since he didn't kill anyone, he wouldn't go to hell.

Jin Yang had also cultivated Emperor soul, which could be considered a demigod, just like Chen Xiang.

Seeing that Chen Xiang had suddenly appeared in front of him, Jin Yang did not say a word, took out a huge rod, and smashed fiercely towards Chen Xiang, his pretty face turned sinister, as if he wanted to smash Chen Xiang into a meat patty.

Jin Yang's rod fiercely smashed into Chen Xiang's body, smashing half of his body into smithereens.

"You overestimate yourself!" Jin Yang looked at Chen Xiang who had half of his body smashed away, and snorted coldly!

However, what he did not know was that the one that was smashed apart by Chen Xiang just now was a illusion created by the spell Chen Xiang released.

The real Chen Xiang was at a high mountain in the distance, pulling open the Suzaku bow's profound bow, and a silver white arrow suddenly appeared on it!

"Let's test the strength of the Suzaku bow!" The bow that Chen Xiang formed used a large amount of divine power, along with the power of his soul force's innate ability.

The golden sun walked towards the illusion and was about to kick the Suzaku bow. The Suzaku bow's bow shook and with a swoosh, the silver white bow arrow pierced through Jin Yang's body and exploded inside him in the blink of an eye.

Jin Yang howled in pain as he looked down at the gaping hole in his stomach!

"So strong!" Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, but that arrow just now had consumed half of his divine power.

Chen Xiang kept his Suzaku bow and came over to the crazy Jin Yang's back. He summoned his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and chopped his head off, then used Soul Absorbing Devil Spell and Devouring magic kungfu to skillfully absorb the Divine Deity and the divine soul.

"Isn't this guy pretty good!" Chen Xiang did not expect to succeed so easily.

"Isn't it all because of the Suzaku bow's power, taking advantage of the moment when the others weren't prepared, attacking from afar, and furthermore, focusing its power on a bow, it would be strange if it wasn't powerful! However, if you were to fight with this guy normally, the amount of divine power you would use up would probably be just a little. " Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang placed his Divine Deity inside the ring, allowing the girls to think of a way to refine it. At this time, he also returned to Bane 2.

"Senior, there is news that is considered good news for you. However, it is also bad news." Chen Xiang said.

"What and what? Hurry up and say it! " The Azure Dragon did not understand.

"Hell Devil Emperor intends to cooperate with the other gods. As long as you work with him to kill me, when he obtains the Heavenly Alchemy, he will share it with the gods! I heard that there are many Empyrean Gods who are ready to make a move. Even the God of Fortune is thinking the same thing! If the God of Fortune also joins, then there will be a lot of profound God and War Gods who will come here to deal with me! " Chen Xiang said.

"This is good news!" The Azure Dragon immediately became excited. "Come on, come on! Come practice with me!"

Chen Xiang laughed bitterly: "The bad news is, if I had left, they would not have come!"

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