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When Feng Yujie heard this, he was worried in his heart. She had already learned from Chen Xiang that the grandfather and grandson pair were going to the Heavenly Divine Profound Lake. If they were stopped halfway and asked about something, Chen Xiang would be in danger.

After hearing what she said, Feng Yujie did not continue modifying her notice and immediately went back to look for Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang had not started to refine pills yet, but had used his spirit essence to look at the Spirit blood s inside the ingredients. When he heard someone approaching and sensed Feng Yujie's aura, he immediately stood up and walked over to open the door.

"Brat, the people in charge of investigating the situation have found some clues. They are going to look for the old lady and little girl. This is their only clue." Feng Yujie said: "I heard it from the Supreme Hall."

Right now, Chen Xiang was not worrying about himself, but worried about the ancestor and grandson. He didn't know where they had gone to right now, or else he would have chased after them immediately.

Seeing Chen Xiang's worry, Feng Yujie said: "We have been waiting patiently.

Chen Xiang nodded.

"Refine well, wait until we accumulate enough strength, then we'll go take a look at the Mysterious Sky Deity's Lake." Feng Yujie comforted Chen Xiang.

After Feng Yujie left, it took Chen Xiang half an hour to calm down.

"Yuxin Dan requires three types of Inferior Grade Divine Medicines, and these are Xiaping Dan that use fewer divine medicines. It's no wonder that they're not welcomed, since the effects are not strong. If I were to add another Inferior Grade Divine Medicine to enhance the original abilities of the Yuxin Dan, then it would definitely be very popular." Chen Xiang was rummaging through the low rank divine medicine in his memory, looking at the suitable ones to go with the Yuxin Dan.

The Spirit Orb used to copy the medicinal ingredients was almost used up, and using the spirit liquid slowly, Chen Xiang felt that it would be better to refine the pills to exchange for Shen Yuan stone, and then purchase the medicinal ingredients faster.

Chen Xiang looked at the three divine medicines on top of the jade basin. These were all low grade divine medicines used to refine Yuxin Dan s.

felt that the effects of the pellet that was refined from the Crescent Moon Divine Fruit should not be too bad. The Yuxin Dan, on the other hand, was much weaker, and it must be because of some other reason that the effects of the Crescent Moon Divine Fruit could not be unleashed, and it was suppressed.

The last type was the jade-green tree roots, something that many divine trees had. When some divine trees grew to a certain age, the roots would turn into jade-like jades that could be used to concoct pills and also have good healing effects.

"The jasper root and the purple beard are both things that grow only when they have reached a certain age. They can be considered very common, but the Crescent Moon Divine Fruit is not the same as these two elixirs." After Chen Xiang carefully analysed these medicinal ingredients, he fell into deep thought, "If I want to add another medicinal ingredient, then I need to have the same special name as the Crescent Moon God Fruit. At the same time, I need to be able to combine the medicinal ingredients together with the Jadeite Tree Root and the Jadeflower Purple Bee to form a line and fuse these three types."

The fourth low rank divine medicine that was added was extremely important. Not only did it have to have a strong enough healing effect, it also had to be able to reconcile the other three divine medicines.

"What is suitable?" The knowledge that Feng Yujie had imparted to him was constantly flashing through Chen Xiang's mind.

Two hours had passed and Chen Xiang had finally found something that was more suitable for him. The specifics would need to be tried first before he could confirm whether or not they perfectly fused together.

"Let's first refine a cauldron first." Chen Xiang had yet to start concocting pills, and the reason he was concocting pills now was only to familiarize himself with the true specialties of the Yuxin Dan's various medicinal ingredients.

He only had two sets of Yuxin Dan s' ingredients in his possession. After refining this batch, he would have to make a copy which would consume all of his spirit liquid.

After a day's time, he successfully refined a batch of Yuxin Dan. His Original source refining on top of refining divine pellets also had a very good effect, allowing him to quickly finish refining them.

The first time was not going to be easy. It would take a long time and a lot of patience.

"Four pellets, if I sell one for a hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone, I wonder if I can sell it a little faster." In Chen Xiang's hands were four divine pellets that looked like purple jade beads. These were Yuxin Dan s.

If it was in the Supreme Hall, then it would need ten thousand Shen Yuan stone. The three types of Yuxin Dan's medicinal herbs were all relatively common, and if thirty thousand Shen Yuan stone could be received, then even if it was only selling for sixty thousand one pellet, it would still be worth a lot.

Of course, this was only true for Chen Xiang, because he was extremely fast in refining Yuxin Dan using the Original source refining. After familiarizing himself with it, he was able to refine one pot in half a day and could refine four pills at a time.

If it were any other Alchemist that had just touched the divine pellet realm, then it would at least take ten days, and at the most, half a month.

"This is the first divine pill that I will concoct after I become a Pill God." Chen Xiang sighed deeply as he looked at the four Yuxin Dan s.

He wanted to refine that Bone level Dan even more. He desired Bones very much, because it would allow him to have even more power.

It was night when Chen Xiang came up from the secret underground room. Seeing Feng Yujie quietly sleeping on the side of the bed, that beautiful posture of hers made Chen Xiang reluctant to move his eyes away.

Feng Yujie suddenly opened her eyes. Although she was fast asleep previously, a strong warrior of her level would immediately catch her if she made a sound, then quickly wake her up. When she heard Chen Xiang opening the stone door of the secret room, she immediately woke up.

"I'm going to take a bath." Chen Xiang laughed and immediately went into the bathroom to wash his body. He had concocted pills for a long time and was sweating profusely.

Feng Yujie snorted lightly and used the blanket to wrap herself up tightly. Hearing the splashing sound of the water in the bathtub, she couldn't help but think about it, and quickly remembered that Chen Xiang was in her Divine Sense Sea, making her feel embarrassed and embarrassed.

"With such a big bed, don't you feel empty sleeping on your own?" Chen Xiang walked out from the bathroom and said while laughing.

"None of your business. Hurry up and go to sleep." Feng Yujie's jade face was flushed red, but because of the dim light in the room, Chen Xiang did not see it.

After Chen Xiang laid on his bed, he said: "I have already successfully refined four Yuxin Dan s. Sister Feng, tell me, if I were to buy one hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone s, would it be possible for me to sell it quickly?"

At this point in time, Feng Yujie already had an extremely deep understanding of the Heavenly Alchemy. She was not surprised at all that Chen Xiang had refined four Yuxin Dan.

"It's still a little difficult. The eighty thousand Shen Yuan stone should be able to be sold very quickly." Feng Yujie said. At this time, she was also stirred up, wanting to test the Yuxin Dan with her Heavenly Alchemy, to see if she could refine four pills herself.

Chen Xiang asked: "How many herbs did you purchase?"

When he asked about the present, Feng Yujie was a little helpless, and sighed: "I was going to buy the same one today, but that guy's asking price is too high, one hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone, I didn't ask for it."

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