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Feng Yujie concocted ten batches of pills at the same time, which was also inspired by Chen Xiang previously. Su Meiyao had told her many things about Chen Xiang's concocting of pills, and Feng Yujie was really impressed by his pill refining skills.

However, Feng Yujie had not released the Magic method furnace like Chen Xiang did, in her opinion, it was not safe, and it also consumed a lot of spirit energy. It was better to use a good pill furnace to concoct the pill, so she did not need to worry about the instability of the Magic method furnace, it would allow her to control multiple pill furnaces more easily.

Chen Xiang had never tried to refine ten batches of Tianshen Dan before, but he felt that it wouldn't be difficult.

"My Yanlong furnace is only a sacred device, and your ten pill furnaces are divine furnaces. Even if you win against me, that is not something to be proud of! However, once you lose, hehe … " Chen Xiang felt that the more Feng Yujie displayed his true strength, the more he would feel a sense of accomplishment when defeating her.

"When we competed previously, we didn't talk about the limitations of the pill furnaces!" If you need me to change to a more ordinary pill furnace, that's fine too. " Feng Yujie took out 20 Tianhun fruit s and told Su Meiyao to send 10 to Chen Xiang.

"I didn't pay too much attention to the pill furnace when I was refining pills, so of course I wouldn't restrict you. If you still lose to me in this way, then I'll be even more happy." Chen Xiang checked the Tianhun fruit, he was worried that Feng Yujie would do something to them.

Feng Yujie originally thought that his ten Purple Deity Furnace would be able to scare Chen Xiang, but who would have thought that Chen Xiang was actually so calm!

"Now we have to refine ten batches of ninth stage Immortal Tianshen Dan at the same time, and we also have to refine ten batches of Dragon Blood Saint Dan in the second round, right?" She was a woman, so she hoped that Feng Yujie could win. In her eyes, Feng Yujie was her senior.

"Not bad. Everyone, wait a bit and watch carefully. Don't let that brat cheat." Feng Yujie chuckled: "Even I am starting to suspect if he used up all his divine power by refining two batches of Dragon Blood Saint Dan at the same time."

Chen Xiang snorted, nine balls of mist suddenly gushed out, translucent and hazy. They formed nine pill furnaces that were half a man tall, arranged on both sides of the Yanlong furnace, in a straight line.

Everyone present who understood Chen Xiang knew that this was the pill furnace he created with his divine power!

Feng Yujie placed the ten bubbling Tianhun fruit s into her Purple Sky Ten Furnace separately, and Chen Xiang didn't fall behind her. Using his divine power, he controlled the Tianhun fruit to enter the nine transparent Magic method furnace s and the Yanlong furnace s respectively.

It had to be said that Chen Xiang's refining technique was extremely eye-catching. Even Feng Yujie had been carefully staring at Chen Xiang's nine Magic method furnace, she also wanted to see with her own eyes how Chen Xiang refined the Tianshen Dan. She wanted to see how it was different from her refining technique, or if she had learnt something from it.

Feng Yujie had already started to release flames. Her flames were extremely strong, and even though they were inside the divine furnace, Chen Xiang could feel the terror of those flames from the weak heat they emitted, causing him to suspect Feng Yujie's identity even more!

From Chen Xiang's point of view, Feng Yujie should have long been a Ranker who entered the Gods Realm, but she had not left this place all these years.

Chen Xiang released flames. His flames did not have a trace of warmth, looking very ordinary, they surrounded the Tianhun fruit.

"Taichi Divine Arts!"

Chen Xiang released a small Taiji array from the bottom of the Tianhun fruit from the very beginning, producing a suction force that prevented the Tianhun fruit from releasing its special powers.

Seeing that he had revealed this move, Feng Yujie frowned slightly and looked more carefully, her heart also becoming heavier. Of course, she could see that the terrifying divine power inside the Tianhun fruit had already been contained and did not leak out any further after the appearance of the Taiji array. This way, Chen Xiang could refine all of the divine power within the Tianhun fruit into an Immortal Pill.

When ordinary Alchemist refining Tianshen Dan, they would always let the Tianhun fruit lose 90% of its medicinal power, and in the end, could only use 10% of its difficulty to condense it into a pill, but its effects were still much stronger than eating the Tianhun fruit alive.

Even if it was Feng Yujie, it would still be hard to prevent this kind of thing from happening. She had only done a better job than the other Alchemist, as she could minimize the loss of medicinal power.

"What kind of flame is that? Could it be that it wasn't Sacred Fire? Logically speaking, Chen Xiang should already be able to use the Rainbow Sacred Flame, isn't his God purification mainly focused on powerful flames? " She and Ji Ling'er both possessed the kind of mystical Holy Spirit Fire s, and were on the path of pill refining.

Su Meiyao had passed Chen Xiang's God purification to them, they were only at the initial stage of mastery, but now Chen Xiang was not using the God purification that they were familiar with.

"I'm not sure either! His flames are very strange! " Su Meiyao frowned slightly as she looked at Chen Xiang's pill furnace seriously.

"What kind of flame is this?" Lv Zhen also felt that it was very strange, because that type of flame did not have a unique flame characteristic.

Liu Fusheng shook his head, he did not know.

"Creation Flame!" Just when everyone was feeling puzzled, Feng Yujie said in a low voice, "It is also called a Chuangzao fire, a Fire of Chaos … In short, I have only seen him once, and the Chuangzao fire he is using right now is extremely weak. "

"This …" Ji Ling'er said in surprise, "Can my Holy Spirit Fire replicate this kind of flame?"

The strength of Holy Spirit Fire s was that they could copy the special natures of other people's Fire Soul and flames.

"No!" This is not just a simple flame. I don't know how he cultivated it either. In short, this type of flame is extremely mysterious and strange.

This kind of flame, was precisely released by Chen Xiang using his lifeforce. The Azure Dragon had also mentioned it before!

"What good eyesight, you can actually recognize this kind of flame!?" Are you afraid? " Chen Xiang laughed.

"So what? Your flame is so weak, yet you still have not started to refine the Tianhun fruit, while I have already refined thirty percent. " Feng Yujie smiled slightly: "If you rely on this kind of flame, then you still won't be able to defeat me!"

In Chen Xiang's pill furnace, there was only one Taiji array under every Tianhun fruit, and the Tianhun fruit was also wrapped by his, without any changes.

"Don't be happy too early!" Chen Xiang snickered, only to see that the fiery red ball of light from the nine Magic method furnace s was suddenly enveloped by a layer of white light.

Alchemist who had refined Tianshen Dan before knew that this was the pure medicinal power that leaked out of the Tianhun fruit when it was refined.

The amount of white light outside the red ball of fire grew more and more, while Chen Xiang's ability to use it also grew stronger and stronger. The reason he was so slow was because it was his first time refining ten batches of Tianshen Dan, and he needed some time to get used to it.

Now that he had gotten used to it, he could begin to use his supernatural power to quickly decompose and refine the Tianhun fruit.

The light grew brighter and brighter, like nine white suns, constantly emitting blinding white rays that were constantly rotating!

The white brilliance was actually the divine energy within the Tianhun fruit. After being refined, it was like falling into a whirlpool, spinning around the upper level of the pill furnace and condensing into a pill there.

Looking at the endless flow of medicinal power gushing to the top of the furnace, Su Meiyao who had refined Tianshen Dan before knew very clearly that the amount of pills Chen Xiang produced would be extremely terrifying.

Ji Ling'er exclaimed: "This little brat is too scary!"

In the past, Ji Ling'er and Red Cloud had specially helped Chen Xiang by selling a large number of high grade pellets. Now, they had finally seen with their own eyes how Chen Xiang had concocted high grade pellets in bulk.

Feng Yujie's face turned a little ugly. She no longer said anything, slightly gritted her teeth, and became a little nervous. She couldn't understand why Chen Xiang always had such a strange method of refining pills! However, she felt that she could still win, because she felt that the medicinal power she had refined from the Tianhun fruit would not be less than Chen Xiang's.

But not long after, when Feng Yujie saw that Chen Xiang was still madly squeezing out the medicine from within the Tianhun fruit, she became even more nervous. This made her feel like she was about to lose, but she quickly calmed her restless heart.

"Infinite refining! Destroy them all! "

Chen Xiang was also a little nervous, but that was because he was too excited. Back then, when he was refining the Tianshen Dan, one furnace was enough to tire him to death. Now, when he was refining ten batches at the same time, he was still full of energy.

The Infinite refining was a method to strengthen the foundation of Tai Chi. At this moment, the Taiji array at the bottom of the nine Magic method furnace could be seen with the naked eye constantly emitting lines and lines of runes.

The nine Tianhun fruit inside the Magic method furnace instantly exploded as a huge golden light shone out, enveloping a radius of several tens of kilometers. With the nine Magic method furnace as the center, an extremely thick light pillar appeared and shot high into the sky!

Feng Yujie's residence was currently enveloped in a huge, semicircular golden light barrier!

Lv Zhen, Liu Fusheng, Bai Yaowei and the rest were all enveloped by the golden light, unable to see anything, but they were all using their powerful divine powers to feel the changes happening inside Chen Xiang's pill furnace.

The shocking golden light gradually faded, causing everyone to be surprised. And at this time, Chen Xiang had formed the nine Magic method furnace s, they were condensing a white ball of air, as if they were being kneaded by snow, releasing a sparkling and translucent multicolored light.

With just a glance, one could tell how many Tianshen Dan could be condensed!

Seeing this scene, Feng Yujie almost could not continue, but she still held onto a glimmer of hope that Chen Xiang would fail at the last moment!

Chen Xiang smiled as he looked at Feng Yujie. At this moment, Feng Yujie was completely naked in front of him!

With a thought from Chen Xiang, the balls of Qi inside each pill furnace were split into twelve small balls, which then quickly converged and merged together, eventually forming into a bubble like pellet.

"I'm done refining!" Chen Xiang took out a relatively large jade box. With a wave of his hand, the Magic method furnace disappeared and all of the Tianshen Dan fell into the jade box!

Ten batches, twelve pills per batch, a total of 120 pills. All of them were of high quality. All the experts in the refining process had witnessed the entire process without any cheating whatsoever!

"Monster!" Lv Zhen exclaimed: "If a sacred pill could be used to refine such a method, wouldn't it be overturning the heavens?"

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