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Long Xueyi gnashed his teeth, and said angrily: "Old thing, I did not offend you in the past, although I was at that time the Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, and was the strongest amongst the dragon race, but I have never harmed you in any way, nor did I treat you as dogs, but you still tried to kill me like you did, taking advantage of the absence of my Divine Deity, to kill me together, today even if I had to die, I will die together with you."

I admit that at that time, you wouldn't harm our interests and you would even seek for more benefits for us. Furthermore, you already have the Divine Deity, so it won't be long before you can go to the Gods Realm.

Dragon Emperor laughed sinisterly, his old face full of anger and hatred. His withered hand had already turned into a black dragon claw, with patches of terrifying black scales on top of it.

It's all because of jealousy, which tends to make people do a lot of crazy things.

"Die, I am the real Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord." The Dragon Emperor shouted sinisterly, the dragon claw suddenly grew larger, a cut appeared on his palm, from within, ten black tentacles shot out like black light towards Long Xueyi, in the blink of an eye Long Xueyi was tied up.

"This is the power of the Evil Dragon, you actually changed to evil." Long Xueyi clenched her teeth and shouted, her hands and feet were tied up by the tentacles.

The Dragon Emperor had already closed in, and the other black dragon claw had gathered together, its five sharp claws gathered together, like a cone, and pierced towards Long Xueyi's chest.

"In order to obtain power, I will do anything I can. As long as I can obtain Divine Deity, I can become a god even by cultivating the evil way, haha …" Dragon Emperor laughed sinisterly, his dragon-like sharp claws fiercely thrusting towards Long Xueyi.

Long Xueyi was entangled by those black tentacles and was unable to unleash any divine powers. She was unable to even circulate her energy, so she didn't know how the Dragon Emperor cultivated its evil ways to actually possess such a terrifying power.

"Heavenly Refining Lock." Chen Xiang crossed his arms in front of his chest, his body ignited with bursts of blazing fire.

Chen Xiang then controlled a fire chain, and threw it towards the tentacles, cutting them apart. After Long Xueyi was saved, he immediately went to Chen Xiang's side.

"You should not have exposed the great evil power you obtained from cultivating the evil way." The chain that Chen Xiang released suddenly turned gold, and on the chain links, there were dense "Zhen" characters.

The chain had fused with the Holy Devil-suppressing seal.

"Come here." Chen Xiang controlled the chain to retract, dragging Dragon Emperor who was struggling over. Then, he pinched Dragon Emperor's throat with one hand, squeezed very hard, causing Dragon Emperor's eyeballs to pop out, but he did not die.

Long Xueyi heaved a sigh of relief as she stood behind Chen Xiang with a cold smile on her face. The White Dragon Sword in her hand quickly stabbed out a few times, piercing through Dragon Emperor's body and even into his vitals, causing the wounds on the Dragon Emperor to emit waves of intense evil energy.

Chen Xiang took out the Demon God's Suppressing Pagoda, and just as he was about to put the Dragon Emperor in, he heard Lv Zhen's voice.

"This tower can't take him down, he has the Hell Devil Emperor's Evil God soul within him."

After hearing Lv Zhen's sound transmission, the Dragon Emperor who was in extreme pain shouted, "Lord Demon Emperor, help me!"

"Don't give him a chance, hurry up and think of a way to kill him." Lv Zhen anxiously transmitted to Chen Xiang.

Dragon Emperor's body started to crack and expand. From the cracks on his body, some terrifying black muscles started to emit, Dragon Emperor's entire body started to expand, all seven of his orifices were emitting black mist, from his mouth came out waves after waves of hoarse growls.

Jiang Sheng and Qi Shi anxiously transmitted to Chen Xiang, telling him to control the Dragon Emperor quickly, otherwise the consequences would be dire.

"He has been possessed by the Evil God's soul of the Hell Devil Emperor. Since the Hell Devil Emperor is in hell, he can give him a very powerful force. If he succeeds in his evil transformation, he will become very terrifying. He has at least ten percent of the power of a god, and ten percent of a god's power will be able to kill thousands of us."

Chen Xiang had already thought it was strange that the Hell Prince did not act anxiously, and the rest did not express much either. It turned out that they really wanted to see the Dragon Emperor in such a state, it was beneficial for them.

"All of you are doomed. This is the Evil God Contract, it is you who allowed royal father's power to appear here, haha …" The Hell Prince laughed out loud: "His body has already been transformed into an evil being, even if all of you join hands to attack him, it would still be difficult to destroy his body.

Chen Xiang sneered: "Really? Don't be happy too early."

He took out a jade box and poured a large amount of powder into Dragon Emperor's mouth.

Before, Chen Xiang had refined a few that were very old. Although they were still far from the "Corrosive God" realm, they were more than enough to corrode Dragon Emperor's body.

Originally, Long Xueyi was nervous too, but when she saw Chen Xiang take out the God-eclipse powder, she heaved a sigh of relief.

Dragon Emperor, who had been screaming miserably the entire time, suddenly stopped. The moment his throat came into contact with those God-eclipse powder, he started to corrode, causing chunks of black flesh to fall out. It was extremely disgusting …

In just a short period of time, Dragon Emperor's body had turned into a pile of black mud.

Without the Dragon Emperor's powerful dragon body, the energy channeled by the Hell Devil Emperor would not be able to contain anything.

"The Supreme Dragon blood is actually all on him. No wonder this fellow is so terrifying, it's able to contain ten percent of the Hell Devil Emperor's strength." Long Xueyi reached out to grab it, only to see a translucent ribbon appearing in her hand, emitting a bit of coldness. This was the ice dragon's Supreme Dragon blood.

"I will return it to Ice Dragon Race." Long Xueyi sighed, took out a specially made bead and sealed the Supreme Dragon blood inside.

Chen Xiang activated the Devouring magic kungfu, devouring the Dragon Emperor's soul and merging it with his Divine Deity. The Evil God's Soul inside the Dragon Emperor's body, was also a very nutritious thing for Chen Xiang.

"Are you alright? Let's go help them. We have to finish this quickly." Chen Xiang caressed Long Xueyi's face and smiled at her.

Long Xueyi stared blankly at Chen Xiang. The current Chen Xiang was no longer the little scoundrel in her eyes previously, but he had actually become so powerful, and she was secretly happy in her heart, because Chen Xiang was her partner.

"I'm fine. I'm just a bit tired, but it's okay. Let's go help them." Long Xueyi laughed, "From now on, Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord is still me."


Although there were many Strong of Lord Stage who were loyal to the Hell Devil Emperor, only the Dragon Emperor and the Hell Devil Emperor had a contract with an Evil God. As long as the Dragon Emperor was willing, he would be able to obtain the Evil God's power, and the price would be that he would forever become the Hell Devil Emperor's servant.

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