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Long Yu's Fire Dragon Sword had been knocked down, but Chen Xiang pursued him relentlessly, appearing beside Long Yu like a ghost and smashed it with his hammer again!

Long Yu's arm was in pain, his movements were affected, he was unable to dodge, and his shoulder was struck by Chen Xiang!

Chen Xiang now felt that this godly hammer was much bloodier than the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword. With this hammer strike, it was as if Long Yu's shoulder was forcibly peeled off.

In Chen Xiang's eyes, Long Yu was just a gift to him. He saw it enough, with his five fingers held together, like a sharp awl, he directly pierced into Long Yu's heart. He then activated Devouring magic kungfu, and in a split-second, he absorbed the other party's golden Fire Soul, and condensed it inside his dantian!

"Honorable son …" An angry voice boomed, shaking the entire field.

This was Long Tengyu's voice, the Great Leader of the Sacred Dragon Mountain, the number one expert!

At the same time, Long Huishan also jumped up, and rushed towards the shadow that was flying over. Her body shone with white light, and a set of domineering ice armor appeared.

After Chen Xiang obtained the golden Fire Soul, he was no longer hesitant. He swung his hammer hard at Long Yu's head, releasing a burst of berserk flames.

The power of the divine hammer exploded outwards as it enveloped Long Yu. With a 'shua' sound, the moment Long Yu was smashed to pieces, he was instantly burnt to ashes!

Following that, Chen Xiang's swift sword aura and sword sheath clashed against a middle-aged man with a short beard. The middle-aged man's face was filled with anger, and the golden robe on his body was exuding true The power of the holy dragon.

"Aren't you willing to admit defeat? This is a fair and square competition! " Long Huishan said coldly, but she was secretly surprised, she did not expect Chen Xiang to be able to take care of Long Yu so easily, and he did not even have much time to use the Innate Qi, she just did not know how terrifying Chen Xiang's body was.

Only Hua Xiangyue knew the terror of Chen Xiang's strong and sturdy body. Even if Chen Xiang did not use the Innate Qi, just his body alone was sufficient to make him invincible within the same level of power, let alone using that god-like hammer.

"Just you wait!" Long Tengyu was furious. Not only had his outstanding son died, but he had also been looked down upon by a little girl.

"Yo, the number one expert of the Sacred Dragon Mountain, actually couldn't afford to lose, I truly regret competing with you guys, and have disgrace towards my status!" Long Huishan scoffed.

Regret and Sacred Dragon Mountain's competition? If he had to regret it, it should be Sacred Dragon Mountain who regretted it, right? He had lost the Fire Dragon Sword and died in battle, but he had also lost face for Long Yu!

Long Teng Yu was so angry that his entire body was trembling. He got everyone to quickly disperse!

Suddenly, a few fire figures flashed towards Long Teng Yu. Five old men wearing cannons appeared. They stood side by side with Long Teng Yu in the sky. It looked like they were all very strong!

"Humph!" The five armored elders snorted at the same time, a red fire energy wave surged towards Long Huishan.

Long Huishan dodged hurriedly, but he was still a little too slow, the ice armor on his body had been melted away!

"Six Immortal Kings, are you trying to bully a woman together?" Du Hai suddenly appeared in the sky and laughed coldly: "It's still the Fire Divine Palace. Are you going to destroy the Long family?"

"Who are you? Don't meddle in other people's business, or we'll kill you too! " An old man from Fire Divine Palace said.

"We don't care about that. Today, we must take back the Ice dragon sword s and the Fire Dragon Sword s. Unless the Long family can hand them over, the Long family will definitely be killed!" Another old man from Fire Divine Palace looked at Chen Xiang who was on the ground.

Long Huishan was afraid that Chen Xiang would be attacked, and hurried to his side.

Chen Xiang took the Ice dragon sword from Long Huishan's hands and shouted to the people high up in the sky: "I will give you all a chance. If you all don't leave, I will summon the ice dragon and when that time comes, all of you will die!"

Chen Xiang didn't want to waste this move on these fellows, because he only had one chance to summon the Ice Dragon's avatar.

At this time, a few more people appeared beside Long Tengyu, all of them strong warriors from the Sacred Dragon Mountain!

"Brat, stop bluffing, and hand over the Ice dragon sword. We can let bygones be bygones." An old man said.

"Bullshit, the Long Family gifted the Ice dragon sword to me. I won the Fire Dragon Sword from the guy who beat me, what do you mean by letting bygones be bygones? This is all fair and square, but you fellows can't afford to lose! " Chen Xiang held onto the Ice dragon sword tightly and continued: I gave you guys a chance, since you guys are not listening, then I will send you all on your way!

Chen Xiang held onto the Ice dragon sword, and channeled his divine power inside. Very quickly, he could sense the avatar left behind by the ice dragon inside the Ice dragon sword.

"Senior Long Han, it's me!" There are a few fellows who want to destroy the Long Family and snatch the Ice dragon sword s, we can't beat them! " Chen Xiang hastily transmitted with his divine soul.

"I'll be right out!" Long Han said.

Chen Xiang immediately raised the Ice dragon sword high up, and a ray of white light suddenly sprayed out from the Ice dragon sword, covering the entire plaza in ice and snow. Following that, a gigantic ice dragon slowly appeared, and at the same time, a spatial seal appeared, sealing the entire plaza!

The ice dragon appeared! Long Huishan's mouth was wide open. She had thought that Chen Xiang was just trying to scare him, but she didn't expect him to actually call out the ice dragon!

Everyone was shocked, especially the patriarchs of the other three great families and the experts of Fire Divine Palace. They were all Immortal Kings, but the strength of this ice dragon far surpassed theirs!

The dragon that appeared in the sky seemed to have been carved out of ice. Its huge body even emitted an icy white mist. It was extremely shocking!

After the ice dragon appeared, it immediately transformed into a human. It was a middle-aged man wearing white clothes.

"It's those guys. Kill them all!" Chen Xiang shouted. His voice made the faces of the Fire Divine Palace and his men turn ashen.

"Bullying my Ice Dragon bloodline? Even if the Holy Dragon's Dragon Emperor comes, I will still annihilate him! " With a wave of his hands, a wave of white ice and snow surged towards the group of people like a tidal wave.

Although they were just the incarnations of the ice dragon, they were still extremely powerful. The people of Fire Divine Palace and the Sacred Dragon Mountain were still acting arrogantly earlier, but they were currently fleeing in fear, but they could not escape the spatial enchantment. Furthermore, they were quickly covered by the wave of ice and snow!

With just a single strike, those people turned into ice sculptures. After falling from the sky and smashing into the ground, they turned into pieces of ice!

Chen Xiang was a little regretful in his heart. Those experts of the Fire Divine Palace should all have decent Fire Soul, but they were all destroyed.

After the ice dragon destroyed these people, it immediately disappeared!

Now that the Holy City was quiet again, everyone was scared pale. When the ice dragon made its move, its ice-cold aura seemed to have come from hell itself, causing them to think that the entire city would be destroyed!

"Let's go!" Chen Xiang let out a small sigh. He was feeling pity for the Fire Soul.

The astonished Long Huishan didn't even have time to greet her Ice Dragon Ancestral Founder before the Ice Dragon disappeared! She brought Chen Xiang and quickly returned to the Long family's residence. At this moment, everyone in the Sacred City was extremely terrified of the Long family, to think that they would be able to invite the Ice Dragon's Ancestral Founder out.

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