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"Pride Pill God 1107-, prideful Pill God."

"You're not leaving? Fine, we will treat you as a cheat. As long as we shout, you will be thrown out! "

"What are you looking at? Get lost!" You ungrateful fellow! "

Seeing how Chen Xiang's eyes were filled with a murderous light, the few old men felt that Chen Xiang was in danger.


An old man wanted to say something, but only one word came out, the top of his throat had an extra sword, a green engraved dragon sword, which was the sword Chen Xiang used to transform into a Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, and directly pierced through the old man's armor, and pierced through his throat!

"No need to shout, I'll send you on your way faster!" The furious Chen Xiang said in a low voice as he quickly slapped the old man's abdomen with his palm. The dense Innate Qi that was formed from the 30 Heaven Pills fiercely rushed out and turned into the power of the universe.

Heaven Blasting Palm!

Such a powerful Innate Qi unleashed Heaven Blasting Palm, not only did it shatter the old man's body into mincemeat, it also knocked away the three old men who were charging towards him!

These elderly men were just people who had gone through seven tribulations and eight tribulations. Chen Xiang didn't need the Dragon Power, he didn't need the Heaven Earth Killing Method to kill them easily.

"I'll make you all act arrogantly!"

Chen Xiang unleashed the Water Vine, entangling the three elders who had opened their eyes. Then, with the speed of Shrinking step, he flashed past the three elders in an instant and struck them three times with the Heaven Blasting Palm, killing them with a single palm!

The Heaven Blasting Palm shook the entire Sacred Pill Hall. Chen Xiang could sense that a lot of people were charging in and plucking the Storage magic treasure s of these elders. Then, they would activate their spatial laws and travel through space to directly leave the Sacred Pill Hall through the walls.

He had failed to take the test for the gold medal Alchemist s, but Chen Xiang did not lose anything, and instead earned quite a bit of money. Amongst the old men's Storage magic treasure, there were only a few that could be opened, with a total of more than two million Spiritual crystal!

These Spiritual crystal were all collected from the unwritten rules just now. These fellows made a huge profit every time they took the examination, so it was no wonder that they would do this.

Chen Xiang had changed his appearance, so he did not need to worry about being discovered. Originally, he had only wanted to get a gold medal Alchemist in a low profile, and then sneak into a pill shop to get some high grade medicinal ingredients for a large number of copies. It was just that during the assessment, those old geezers had gone too far and caused him to go into a rage, killing them all.

This matter caused a huge stir in the Holy City, causing the upper echelons of the Holy City to be furious. The high bounty was a clue, because it had been a long time since there had been someone who dared to provoke the rules of the Holy City.

In terms of refining high grade Ground level pills, they were still pretty good. Over the years, many of the people who participated in the examination knew that these old geezers would deliberately collect some fees, and in the Sacred City, they would just keep their eyes closed. Some suspected that the Spiritual crystal s these old geezers collected, would be distributed to some of the powers in the Sacred City.

The Sacred City was protected by many powerful forces, and now that such a thing had happened, the people were all guessing that person's identity. He was so daring, daring to kill one of the four great forces'.

The four old men that Chen Xiang had killed were all sent here by the Four Great Clans. He only found out afterwards that the strongest powers here were the Four Great Clans, namely the Long, Xia, Han and Xie Clans.

"Little Naughty Dragon, I wonder what kind of relationship the Long family has with the Dragon family. If we meet them, would you be able to tell that they have the bloodline of a dragon in their bodies?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course I can feel it, don't forget who I am, I am the reincarnation of an ancient ancestor dragon, the future Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord …"

Chen Xiang directly ignored the bragging behind her.

He wouldn't accept the Alchemist's test during this period of time, because if he wanted to investigate that matter, it would take at least half a year.

"Let's see if we can steal it first. These four noble families are too powerful. They monopolize everything and won't allow anyone to buy or sell it privately!" Chen Xiang did not have any good impressions towards the four great families, and during the assessment, he had already experienced the dark side of these powers, so he could only come up with this plan.

Chen Xiang was very curious about the relationship between the Long family and the Long family here, so the first person he looked for was the Long family.

In the holy city, the Long family occupied a large area. The pill shops here were all owned by the Long family, and all sorts of shops were run by the Long family. Outsiders couldn't enter this area at all, and the things here were extremely expensive.

Holy Dragon Hall! This was a restaurant. Chen Xiang found the name Holy Dragon funny, because he had killed a small Holy Dragon not long ago.

Chen Xiang knew that this restaurant was very expensive, but he had just snatched over two million Spiritual crystal s.

He looked like a young man with average looks, just that his clothes were shabby. Originally, the waiter did not want to entertain him, but seeing the brilliant Spiritual crystal in his hands, he immediately welcomed him with a smile, and anxiously asked Chen Xiang what he wanted to eat.

First, let's have a roasted crane, a pot of thousand year immortal wine brewed with the Hundred Flowers Immortal Dew, and then we'll add a few small dishes of the immortal beast's meat.

Chen Xiang had eaten holy dragons before, but those were eaten from refining pills, he had never tasted the meat of holy dragons before, which made him somewhat regretful. However, Long Xueyi had said that although there weren't many holy dragons in Imperial Dragon Clan, there were still quite a few of them, so there was still a chance to eat grilled dragon meat in the future.

The dishes that Chen Xiang had ordered were all very expensive, even if it was just a few deities, he could barely afford to eat them. But now, he had ordered so many dishes by himself, he looked just like a nouveau riche. Some people secretly disdained him in their hearts, but they were still envious. After all, not everyone had so many Spiritual crystal to squander.

When the dishes came, Chen Xiang split them into two and placed the other half into the ring, allowing Long Xueyi, the little gluttonous dragon, to eat some meat. She ate those strange flowers and herbs as well as some pills everyday, which made Chen Xiang sick of looking at them.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were also tasting these dishes. In the past, they had all eaten this before, but it had been awhile since they had tasted this kind of food, so tasting it now would be good as well.

After Chen Xiang finished eating his fill, he saw a big sized man walking in. He was dressed in golden scale armor, making him look even more ferocious, in his hand was a gold piece of paper, which the shopkeeper placed on a conspicuous place.

"This big guy has a faint dragon aura. This Long family really does have something to do with dragons!" Long Xueyi said.

This large man was clearly a member of the Long family. Moreover, after he walked in, the people eating here all seemed very nervous.

After sticking the golden paper on top, Chen Xiang immediately took a look at the contents on it. At first, he thought it was a bounty or something, but it was not, it was a recruitment notice.

The person who had sent out this announcement was actually the precious daughter of the Long family head.

"Pride Pill God 1107-, prideful Pill God."

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