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Chen Xiang immediately left the forest filled with heat. As he was leaving, he told the clan leader of the Ba Ye clan that Ba Ye had greeted him earlier, and that Ba Ye and his clan members were currently bidding farewell inside the Demon Ring. This was a place that they had lived in for many years.

Yue Er asked: "Is the last White Tiger Divine Weapon far from here? If you take two Divine Weapons consecutively, Heavenly Fire Divine Country will definitely know about it. So, you had better hurry and go there, in case they set up an ambush."

Chen Xiang had also thought about it, so the moment he left the forest, he used his fastest speed to rush to the place where the White Tiger Divine Weapon was.

"In the eyes of that person, it is very far. However, in my eyes, it is very close. I might be able to arrive there in half a day." Chen Xiang clenched his teeth, madly using his Six Realms' Power to teleport to a far distance, this allowed him to reach the place faster.

… ….

The red armored man from the Heavenly Fire Divine Country came to the Heroes Gathering Divine City from the Evil Mud Pond, but he did not immediately enter the Supreme Divine Palace to ask Mu Chen. Instead, he first inquired about some information in the city.

The consecutive days of information that he received made him extremely shocked, because what kind of shocking things had happened, they, the Divine Nations s, actually did not know about it, which was also reasonable, because all the experts that the Divine Nations s had sent had died, leaving only the mysterious prince and his old follower unharmed. However, when the both of them returned to the Divine Nations, they did not openly announce this matter, which showed that the prince did not wish for Chen Xiang to be in too much trouble.

The man investigated for a few days, and after confirming that it was absolutely true, he did not go to the Supreme Divine Palace, but instead immediately returned to his own Heavenly Fire Divine Country. However, just as he returned, he met another person who was sent by the Heavenly Fire Divine Country, it was an old man.

"Elder Li, what made you do it yourself?" The red armored man asked, but he did not directly say anything about his investigation, because he could use the matter he discovered to please his master, and also to suppress his master's opponent. If Elder Li already knew about this, then he would have to follow a new plan.

"The dozen or so trash that were in charge of taking care of the Suzaku bow are dead. I have to go take a look." The Elder Li looked anxious.

The red armored man frowned: "Oh, leave this matter to me. I just came down to deal with the matter of the Azure Dragon Divine Saber being taken away. Elder Li, you definitely have something important to do right now, so leave this matter to me."

"Right now, I'm at the point of breakthrough. It's indeed very important, so I'll have to trouble you, Brother Hao." The expression on the old man's face eased up, and a smile appeared on his face, "When I come out of closed door cultivation, I will definitely thank Brother Hao."

"No need to be courteous, after Elder Li breaks through and obtains more power, don't forget about this little brother." Hao Ren smiled faintly.

Elder Li immediately returned to the Heavenly Fire Divine Country, but Hao Ren instead smiled charmingly, "Since the Suzaku bow have already been taken away, then Chen Xiang will quickly go to the White Tiger Divine Weapon. As long as we capture Chen Xiang, I have made a huge contribution, to the point where this old donkey actually gave me such a good thing."

Hao Ren didn't know about these things because he knew that the Elder Li had been in closed door cultivation for a long time and that there was no news about it.

… ….

Chen Xiang had already reached the place where the White Tiger Divine Weapon was hidden. This place was a very ordinary rock mountain cluster, the only strange thing was that the rock mountains here were mostly the same, or like the twins, they were all two rock mountains that seemed to have the same shape and size.

Chen Xiang just found it interesting. After looking at the group of rocks, he went straight to the hiding place of the White Tiger Divine Weapon, which was inside a stone mountain.

"This mountain is very ordinary, but it is one of a kind." Along the way, there were many similar stone mountains except for this one.

He circled around this three thousand zhang tall mountain and found a cave halfway up the mountain. He immediately flew up and entered the cave.

After he entered, he felt a very strange gust of wind blowing on his body, causing his body to feel hot and cold at the same time. These two feelings appeared at the same time, making him feel very scary, because his body wasn't someone that could be breached by this kind of wind, causing him to feel cold and hot at the same time, so he was sure that there was definitely someone very powerful inside this cave.

"Come in. If I wanted to kill you, I would have died the moment you stepped into this Sky Spill Star Formation." He was extremely familiar with that voice, but he was sure that it was not the person he was familiar with.

In order to see this person's appearance, Chen Xiang walked in. When he saw an elder sitting cross-legged on a table, he was completely stunned, this person's appearance was exactly the same as the one he knew.

"This... "How is that possible?" The person that Chen Xiang saw had the exact same face as Huang Jintian. He was very sure that this was not Huang Jintian, but Huang Jintian's master.

This old man just said that there was a Sky Spill Star Formation here. It was obvious that he also knew about the Heaven extended method. The so called Sky Spill Star Formation should be the mountain range here.

"Are you looking for White Tiger Divine Weapon?" The old man took out a plate, on top of which was a pair of black gloves. When Chen Xiang had collected the four pieces that Jiang Sheng had refined as a Four Symbols Divine Weapons, he had seen the illusion of an ancient White Tiger Divine Weapon.

Chen Xiang nodded his head. Although this old man who had the exact same appearance as Huang Jintian looked very strict, when Chen Xiang saw the look in his eyes, he felt that the other party did not have any ill intentions. It could also be because the other party had the same appearance as his master, so he felt that the old man in front of him was extremely kind.

"You've found the other three." The old man asked again. He also noticed that Chen Xiang was surprised when he saw him, but even if she was surprised, her reaction was not.

Chen Xiang nodded again.

The old man said, "If you can put it on, you can take it."

Chen Xiang walked over and easily wrapped this pair of gloves that looked like it was made of black cloth around his hands.

"Have you seen me before?" The old man was somewhat curious about this, because Chen Xiang wasn't really that cautious towards him, and when he looked at him, it was as if he was looking at an old acquaintance.

"My master looks exactly the same as you, and also … He understands Heaven extended method. " Chen Xiang said, he was also very curious about this.

After the old man heard, he was stunned for a while, as though he was shocked by this matter. Chen Xiang could see a trace of joy and excitement in his eyes.

"What's his name?" the old man asked.

"Huang Jintian." Chen Xiang immediately replied.

"I am Huang Yantian, his brother. Where is he now?" The old man's words made Chen Xiang unable to react for a while.

"He went to the Star Law Divine Realm. I don't know when he'll be back." Chen Xiang felt that the old man had given him the name "Huang Yantian". As for whether or not he was Huang Jintian's brother, Chen Xiang could not be sure, so he had to find Huang Jintian to confirm.

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