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Before, Feng Yujie had thought that she understood Chen Xiang a lot, but now that she saw his Divine Sense Sea World, she knew that she did not truly understand him.

"I want to see your Divine Sense Sea World." Chen Xiang laughed: "But from the looks of it, you won't let me see it."

Feng Yujie laughed tenderly: "You can take a look if you want, but with your current divine soul, once you enter my Divine Sense Sea World, you will definitely be bullied by me."

divine soul were too weak, and entering a Divine Sense Sea World that was too strong was extremely dangerous. Just like the last time Lv Qilian entered Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea World, Chen Xiang could do whatever he wanted as long as he wanted.

"Hurry up and tell me. If you have anything important to say, tell me." Feng Yujie urged, but seeing that Chen Xiang did not immediately answer, with an appearance that he was pretending to be mysterious, Feng Yujie strongly pinched his face.

"It has to do with the Younger Nine Girl. The Six Realms mirrors is with me …" Chen Xiang was still thinking about how to tell Feng Yujie earlier, so he needed to tidy up a bit. Now that Feng Yujie was pinching his face, it made him feel an endless amount of pain, which was why he roared out loud.

Feng Yujie stood up abruptly, and shouted in shock: "What, are you speaking the truth?"

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "I'm not lying, I wanted to tell you before, but you were being watched by the Highest Old Devil, and I was worried that I would leak out this matter, so I did not."

"Then how is she now? Where is she?" Feng Yujie was extremely worried for the Younger Nine Girl. She was the first to ask about the Younger Nine Girl, not the Six Realms mirrors.

"She was sent to Divine Prison by Penalty Heavenly God. Penalty Heavenly God said that it would be the safest place for Younger Nine Girl so she was told to temporarily hide inside." Chen Xiang said.

"Why does Highest Devil God think that the Six Realms mirrors is with Younger Nine Girl? What happened?" Of course, Feng Yujie could guess that Chen Xiang would definitely be involved in this matter.

Chen Xiang then explained everything that had happened, and then he spread out his hands and said: "This is what happened, don't blame me for harming Younger Nine Girl, I also saved her back then, and helped her take her revenge."

snorted. The Six Realms mirrors was obtained by Chen Xiang, but the Younger Nine Girl had to take the blame for him. They had no choice but to hide in Divine Prison.

"I don't know what Younger Nine Girl owed you in her previous life, but her Supreme god bone was with you, and the many years she searched for you were also taken away by you. In the end, she had to hide in Divine Prison, and yet you are here, living a carefree and carefree life." Feng Yujie said in an extremely displeased tone.

Chen Xiang also felt a little guilty, and laughed dryly: "Sister Feng, I will make it up to you in the future. Believe me, I have the ability, in fact, I'm not much better off now, I only have ten years to go to Supreme Divine Palace to participate in the trial, so I'm rather busy right now."

Feng Yujie didn't really blame Chen Xiang, at least she knew where the Younger Nine Girl was. Although the place they were at wasn't exactly right now, it was still very safe.

"Did you drip your blood into that brand?" Feng Yujie said anxiously, "Don't you know that if you don't pass this trial, there's a high chance that you'll die.

"I know, but I think I can do it, even though time is a bit tight." Chen Xiang was extremely confident in himself.

Feng Yujie scoffed a little worriedly, stamping her feet on the ground, "What do you think you can do, you're a fool. You're in such danger, why didn't that old bastard Devil-killing Heavenly God stop you back then?"

"They tried to stop me, but I still decided to try." Chen Xiang laughed: "Sister Feng, don't worry, I won't waste Nine Divine Kings's Supreme god bone."

was a little angry at the moment, but Devil-killing Heavenly God stopping her was akin to using her life as a joke. She immediately reached out and pinched Chen Xiang's face, causing him to scream out loud like a pig who was being butchered.

Because Feng Yujie's divine soul was stronger than Chen Xiang's, it was especially painful when Chen Xiang's divine soul was pinched.

"Oh yeah, don't tell Sister Qilian and the others about this, I don't seem to be worried about them." Chen Xiang said as he rubbed his aching face.

"Hmph." Feng Yujie only snorted, she then extended her hand out, scaring Chen Xiang, causing him to jump up fiercely, but Feng Yujie still grabbed him and tapped his forehead with her jade finger, her voice carried a trace of anger: "This is the pill formula to concoct the divine pellet, go and look for the ingredients yourself."

The two divine pill formulas appeared in Chen Xiang's mind. It seemed to be related to raising his strength, which made him extremely happy.

"Thank you, Sister Feng." Chen Xiang smiled as he pounced over and hugged Feng Yujie, burying his head against her soft chest and rubbing it.

Before long, Feng Yujie teleported to another place and scolded, "Brat, trying to take advantage of me, have you forgotten about the pain just now?"

Chen Xiang immediately said: "I was just excited for a moment. Oh right, Sister Feng, can you please pass some of your knowledge to me."

"Come here, don't get too excited this time." Feng Yujie crooked his fingers at Chen Xiang.

After Chen Xiang walked over, his face was strongly pinched by Feng Yujie again, causing him to be in so much pain that he did not dare to approach it. At the same time, a lot of knowledge related to medicinal ingredients appeared in his mind, helping him to decipher those pill formulas.

"I'm going back. If you need any help, come find me again. If you want to borrow God's money, then forget about it." Feng Yujie was very clear how terrifying the Supreme Divine Palace's trial was, so she tried her best to help Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang hurriedly nodded, then sent Feng Yujie downstairs.

An hour later, Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi returned as well.

"Sister Feng came by just now. She has broken away from the Highest Old Devil. In the future, you can go and play with her at any time." When Chen Xiang mentioned Feng Yujie, he couldn't help but rub his face. Although his divine soul had been pinched, at this moment, he felt that his body was hurting as well.

"Really? That's great." Feng Yujie treated them very well, as long as they were not borrowing a large amount of divine money, Feng Yujie would generally be willing to help them.

"Where did you go?" Chen Xiang asked.

However, Sister Feng is no longer being watched by the Highest Old Devil. We can ask her to look for the whereabouts of her sisters and see if we can gather them. " Lv Qilian said.

Chen Xiang immediately became excited: "That's great, I miss them a lot."

Long Xueyi laughed: "I guess you want to eat their tofu."

Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi who had just returned went out again in a hurry. She was going to look for Feng Yujie.

Chen Xiang obtained knowledge about a lot of medicinal herbs from Feng Yujie, and began to analyze the characteristics of the medicinal herbs based on their appearances, so as to fit the Heaven holy Dan and the Spirit blood.

Soon, he had listed more than twenty items. Because he was not sure, he could only buy these herbs first. Then, he would use his Source Spirit Eyes to look through them. After comparing them, he would be able to understand them clearly.

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