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Long Xueyi put her hands on her waist and pouted, her face full of anger at the old man who was laughing heartily.

"Old cyan bug, are you done laughing?!" Wasn't it just stealing the Tianlong sword back then? You don't have to hate me so much now. Long Xueyi snorted and fiercely stepped on the old man's leg.

Chen Xiang was now certain that this old cyan bug was the Azure Dragon. Long Xueyi had said before that she had once fought with the Azure Dragon for the head of the Seven Dragons Sword s.

"That's right, I was extremely unconvinced when you took the Tianlong sword away. I had previously held my breath, but after seeing your current appearance, I can't help but laugh …" The green dragon laughed without a care. "The Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord back then, was actually down to the point where he didn't even have Divine Deity."

Long Xueyi was so angry that her chest was moving up and down. Although she was angry, she did not hate the green dragon too much.

"Alright, alright, I won't laugh at you. What's your relationship with this brat? Are you going to use this kid to start all over again? But come to think of it, it is very possible that the Heavenly Alchemy that he cultivates is special. " The green dragon's expression was somewhat stern, looking at Chen Xiang who was lying on the ground.

Long Xueyi said angrily: "Old Cyan Bug, you injured him. You have to compensate him, or else you won't be finished with me!"

The Azure Dragon rubbed his beard and said with a smile, "Who asked him to be so weak? He was able to become like this with just a few moves. You can't blame me!"

Seeing Long Xueyi's angry look, the green dragon laughed: "Alright, how do you want me to compensate him? Is it some kind of a treasure? "I don't have any, I'm completely broke. Other than this old bone, I have nothing else."

Long Xueyi folded his arms across his chest. "You're a dragon now, so your dragon scales are definitely not bad. Bring out a hundred dragon scales."

The green dragon laughed, "Do you want me to draw a dragon tendon or two and give you a few buckets of dragon blood?"

"If possible, that would be for the best!" Long Xueyi said.

"In your dreams, my dragon scales are extremely valuable." The Azure Dragon snorted, "How about this? I help him heal his wounds quickly, and then I'll give you some fruits."

Hearing that there was food, Long Xueyi immediately became angry, and anxiously asked: Is it some kind of divine fruit or something?

"Just like the Holy Fruit, do you want it or not? Godly fruit? I want to eat, too. I haven't seen it in years. " As the green dragon spoke, his palm faced Chen Xiang, releasing a burst of light green colored clouds that enveloped Chen Xiang's body.

Chen Xiang's body was suddenly surrounded by water droplets, making him look like a drop of water, but Chen Xiang could see that it was a type of life force visible to the naked eye. A large amount of water droplets drilled into his body, he only felt that his severely injured body was recovering extremely quickly.

In just a short half an hour, Chen Xiang had fully recovered from his injuries, and even Long Xueyi was shocked. This was because in her opinion, Chen Xiang's injuries could only be healed after ten days to half a month.

"This is for you." The Azure Dragon took out a large basket of snow-jade-like peaches. "The value of these Holy Peach Refinement Pills aren't high, but the taste is very good. It should be enough to raise your strength by quite a lot."

Long Xueyi immediately laughed tenderly, "Old Cyan Bug, at least you have some conscience! "But I didn't expect that you could improve your strength so quickly, leaving behind a bunch of old friends."

The Azure Dragon sighed and said, "What's the use of this? Am I not a prisoner now? "

Chen Xiang was now able to stand up. He had been inexplicably injured by the green dragon, and originally, he still had a lot of grievances in his heart. However, the green dragon suddenly apologized to him at this time, which made him somewhat stunned.

"Young man, I am so sorry! I had thought that some untactful fellows would come and cause trouble for me, so I decided to take action. Please forgive me. " The green dragon said to Chen Xiang with a smile.

"This... Forget it, I'm pretty good right now anyway! " Chen Xiang accepted the Azure Dragon's apology. Towards this kind of Ancient Ranker, he would even have a lot of respect for them, not to mention that his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword was related to this Azure Dragon greatly.

"Senior Azure Dragon, when Senior Vermillion Bird came in, were you the one who helped her out?" Chen Xiang asked. After he entered, he knew that this space was extremely restricted. The Vermillion Bird being able to leave was definitely not a coincidence.

"That's right, she accidentally barged into this place. I used quite a bit of effort to help her get out. I didn't expect to meet another old friend so soon." The Azure Dragon looked at Long Xueyi and pulled at Long Xueyi's hair, "I heard that this girl died many years ago, and at that time, I was still sad for a bit. I didn't expect that after so many years, I could see her alive and kicking.

As Long Xueyi ate a peach, he stuck out his tongue at the green dragon. It was obvious that the two were on good terms with each other, but it was just that there were usually some small conflicts between them.

"Then Senior, can you help us get out of here?" Chen Xiang asked. If the Azure Dragon could help him, he could immediately leave this damned place.

"Of course you can. After you obtain my Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, you can consider yourself fated with me! I can see that this little girl recovered so quickly after her rebirth. You must have put in a lot of effort. "

The Azure Dragon looked at Long Xueyi lovingly. In his eyes, Long Xueyi was like his granddaughter.

"However, you're being chased by the Hell Devil Emperor right now, and before that, he even used four Divine Deity s to place a bounty. I think that even if you leave this place, you would definitely not have an easy time!" The Azure Dragon's expression became somewhat serious: "If Hell Devil Emperor is determined to do something, he won't give up."

"That's why I think you should stay here for a while to make yourself stronger!"

Chen Xiang was overjoyed. The green dragon was an extremely powerful god, if he had his guidance, he might be able to level up quickly.

"Old cyan bug, do you have any way to make his body stronger faster?" Long Xueyi asked: "The human body is too weak, and we have to rely on ourselves to cultivate it, this is such a problem! If his body does not break through, I am afraid it will be difficult for him to cultivate Emperor soul. "

"I know that! There is only one way for humans to cultivate their powerful bodies quickly, and that is to eat the sacred pills while practicing superior body tempering techniques at the same time. " The green dragon said: "He has the Heavenly Alchemy, so he can use it to cultivate his physical body. His speed is still passable, but if he wants to be faster, he needs to eat the Holy Pellet!"

"If I had known this would happen, I would have gotten more Holy Pellets when I was in Gods Realm. They would be useful to me now."

Chen Xiang laughed: "It doesn't matter, I am a pill refiner myself, and can concoct Tier 8 pills very quickly."

The Azure Dragon was a little surprised. "Really? Back then, although Qi Shi was also a cultivator of the Heavenly Alchemy, he did not use this technique on alchemy. I never thought that you would actually step onto the right path.

Long Xueyi asked: "Old cyan bug, what exactly happened to you in Gods Realm? Why were they locked up here? Aren't you very strong? "

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