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Chen Xiang shook his head: "Chen Martial Continent is not simple, there are many hidden secrets! Right now, I am not sure what kind of shocking secret is hidden there, but I am sure that not long from now, many of the stronger powers will find out and plan to go there! "

Four Symbols Divine Weapons had appeared on top of the Chen Martial Continent, there was a passage to the core of the earth, there were Super Old Fire Beast s, Long Xueyi this white dragon was born from there, and there was also the world he was born in.

"Alright, I promise you!" Lv Qinlian nodded his head: "Our Demon Charming Association has always been part of the alliance led by Huang Jintian. This will benefit us all!"

"Big Sis Lu, how long will you stay in Di Tian? You won't be able to go back after a while! " Chen Xiang asked.

Lv Qinlian smiled sweetly, "I don't plan to go back now. The entire Demon Charming Association has been secretly moved down by me, we plan to build a solid foundation with Di Tian and scratch it with our bare hands. When Di Tian is completely reborn, our Demon Charming Association will be the strongest!"

"This isn't good!" Chen Xiang frowned.

"Why?" Lv Qinlian did not understand.

"I just think that when the time comes, a new Great Emperor will be born. When the time comes, the strongest amongst you will be the one that this Great Emperor fears the most. Either take you in, or annihilate you!"

Lv Qinlian's face immediately turned serious: "Don't tell me you're not the new Ten Heavens Supreme Lord?"

Chen Xiang shook his head, falling into deep thought. After a long while, he finally said: "Although I have obtained the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's inheritance, this does not mean that I am the new Great Emperor! Because I only inherited the legacy of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, even if I can surpass the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, I can't become a new Great Emperor! "

"Do you understand? The new Great Emperor simply did not have the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's legacy. He had his own powerful divine arts and weapons, as well as his own powerful subordinates! If he wants to become the new Great Emperor, he must break all of the inheritances of the original Great Emperor. At that time, he will definitely exterminate all of me! "

"Is there such a person?" Lv Qinlian had never thought about this issue before, many people believed that Chen Xiang had obtained the inheritance of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord, and that his fame had spread to the Heaven Realm, and many people believed that as long as he continued his growth, he would be able to become a new Ten Heavens Supreme Lord.

"Yes!" Do you think that wanting to become the great Emperor of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earth is enough to annihilate those powers? Big Sis Lu, although you are a Ranker in Heaven Realm, are you sure that you are very strong yourself? " Chen Xiang shook his head and laughed.

Lv Qinlian immediately thought of the White Tiger she met before. She felt like she was an ant being kneaded by the White Tiger, she rarely felt that kind of powerlessness, even when she met the Heaven Thunder Devil Lord before.

"Looks like I'll have to put in a lot more effort in the future if I want to become an expert from the nine heavens and ten earth!" Lv Qinlian sighed: "If Di Tian had recovered to how he was back then, Imperial Dragon Race would have definitely come up. This is a strong race that can control all nine heavens and ten earth!"

The strength of the Imperial Dragon Race was not to be underestimated.

Chen Xiang suddenly laughed: "If I knew earlier, I wouldn't have chatted so much with you. I should have gone to all the shops to buy profoundbing s.

"Who would dare to sell it when they see you?" Lv Qinlian chuckled.

"Who would recognize me if I changed my appearance?" Chen Xiang stood up: "I'll go first, after Three Realms Talk, I'll go to Demon Charming Association."

After exiting the Aroma Pavilion, Chen Xiang immediately changed his appearance and ran towards a nearby big shop that was run by the Purple Moon Imperial Land. Originally, there were profoundbing s that were being sold inside, but after knowing that there were people who were selling Philosophic stone s, the shops all broke these profoundbing s apart, so they wanted to try their luck.

Before, Lv Qinlian had said that if one wanted to obtain treasures from the profoundbing, they could only try their luck. With good luck, a few profoundbing could obtain treasures.

Many people were looking for that simple and honest big guy. Although he had gone to the Demon Empress' place, he wouldn't stay for long, and Lv Qinlian had also said that he had already left the pavilion long ago.

Li Baojun and White Tiger had also changed their appearances. When White Tiger and Li Baojun looked at the Philosophic stone, they took it and sent their consciousness inside, and just like Lv Qinlian, both were immersed in a world of Spirit grain that resembled an ocean. Other than that, they did not have any other gains.

"Leader, you have dripped your blood on it, could it be that only you can use it?" Li Baojun returned the Philosophic stone back to Chen Xiang.

"I don't know. I don't know how to use it now either." Chen Xiang looked at the White Tiger: "Senior, you don't know how to use it either?"

"How should I know? I had been searching for it for a long time, but I couldn't find it! All of these things are legends, but there are people who have obtained them before. This will depend on luck! " The White Tiger shook its head. "This kind of thing is pitifully few in number. Legend has it that the natural way of life only gave birth to ninety-one pieces, and in the entire Nine Heavens and Ten Lands, that's all!"

"In those heyday, the strongest guys far exceeded this number."

Holding the Philosophic stone, Chen Xiang once again immersed his consciousness inside. Just like before, all he saw was an endless sea of Spirit grain. All kinds of curved and profound Spirit grain swam about, forming a single space!

Just at this moment, Chen Xiang realized that although these Spirit grain were swimming around chaotically, they were not moving alone. Some of them were moving together, while others moved together in the millions, forming groups.

"How does the Philosophic stone actually work? Wasn't it supposed to allow people to comprehend the power of the Great Dao of Nature? Why can't I feel it at all? " Chen Xiang muttered in his heart, he once again tried to use his divine power to control the Spirit grain inside, but to no avail.

But this time, he realized that when controlling a single Spirit grain, he could move that Spirit grain a little. He immediately understood that if he wanted to control the movement of the Spirit grain, he would need a very strong and powerful divine power!

He immediately poured a large amount of God Power into it and concentrated all of it on controlling one Spirit grain to move. It was effective as expected, but it only moved slowly, and it also consumed a lot of God Power! Just as he moved the Spirit grain some distance away and changed its trajectory, a group of dozens of Spirit grain suddenly charged over, fusing the lone Spirit grain into them!

"Could it be that the correct way to use all of the scattered Spirit grain is to combine them together and make the Philosophic stone complete?" Chen Xiang's heart was moved.



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