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In the morning, following the flashing of the teleportation spell formation, the silhouettes of Wei Suo, Ji Ya, Han Weiwei, Zhen Chongming, and Zhu Xiaoqiao emerged from the teleportation formation one after another.

As for Han Weiwei, she wore the silver vestment that Wei Suo had refined earlier. Ji Ya wore a simple yet elegant purple palace attire, and the two of them used a thin veil that could prevent Spiritual Sense from detecting it to conceal their faces.

On the other hand, Wei Suo had donned an ordinary green cloth cloak over his Green Hellish Magic Robe. He had used a Disguise Pill to make himself look like a middle-aged man. He looked quite ordinary, with an appearance like a poor, rogue cultivator.

After walking out of the magical formation, he saw that Wei Suo was still worried, so he exchanged a few words with Zhen Chongming and Zhu Shaojian. On the other hand, Zhen Chongming and Zhu Shaoqiao patted their chests to ensure that there were no problems.

Then, Wei Suo walked over to another teleportation nexus. After paying a certain fee for the spirit stones, the teleportation nexus flashed with light and disappeared.

On the other hand, Zhen Chongming and Zhu Shaojian, as well as Ji Ya and Han Weiwei, dispersed, pulling apart the distance between them as they leisurely walked towards the Treasure Pavilion.

At this time, the vast majority of cultivators were preparing to leave the city to earn spirit stones. Most cultivators would prepare some medicinal pills or magic tools before leaving, so this was the best time for the Treasure Pavilion and other shops in the Spirit Mountain City to do business.

When the rest of the business was light, only five or six disciples would be responsible for receiving the top quality shops in Spirit Mountain City like the Treasure Pavilion. At this time, there were a total of ten disciples in the main hall of the Treasure Pavilion, but they were still quite busy.

Zhen Chongming was the first to walk into the Treasure Pavilion's hall. Just as he crossed the threshold, Zhen Chongming arrogantly shouted, "Where is your shopkeeper?"

"Who is it? You were so arrogant the moment you entered. "

All the employees and cultivators in the Treasure Pavilion turned their heads in unison.

However, at this time, Zhen Chongming could not wait any longer and shouted, "What are you guys waiting for? What are you guys doing? Hurry up and call out your shopkeeper."

Seeing Zhen Chongming's expression, none of the employees of the Treasure Pavilion dared to show the least bit of displeasure. One of the shop assistants even greeted him with a bow, "Excuse me, sir, may I ask what you want to buy? We can also make decisions for ordinary things, so there's no need to trouble you, Shopkeeper. " After all, at this moment, Zhen Chongming was a Perception Realm cultivator and his black Dharma robes were of the middle tier spirit level. From the looks of it, he appeared to be very imposing and influential.

However, there were two cultivators at the first level of the Fragmentary Star Realm. In a city of the level of Spirit Mountain City, they were basically figures that could walk unhindered. When Wei Suo was hanging out in Spirit Mountain City, he had to look up to and admire the person that was at the level of the Fragmentation Realm. At this moment, the two cultivators raised their eyebrows and snorted, "What, this small business isn't a business. Fellow cultivator, you must always pay attention to the first come first served."

"What bullsh * t first come first served, whoever has the strongest fist will arrive first." Zhen Chongming raised his thick eyebrows as he took out a high-grade defensive magic treasure and a high-grade offensive magic treasure from Wei Suo with a fiendish look, "If you think your fists are bigger than mine and magic treasures are better than mine, then you can beat me and I'll let you guys arrive first. If you think you can't beat me, then don't talk rubbish and it wouldn't be convenient for us to meet outside."

"High-grade spirit rank magic treasure?!"

Most of the cultivators in this shop naturally knew what was good for them. At this moment, someone unconsciously let out a low cry of surprise. The faces of the two first level Spirit Severing cultivators slightly changed, but they didn't dare to say anything. After all, it was already not bad for an ordinary cultivator to have a spiritual item. For a spiritual item like Zhen Chongming and a spiritual item of high quality to attack, under normal circumstances, it would not be a problem to deal with two first level remembrance cultivators.

"I'm not here to buy anything, I'm here to sell something." Seeing that the rest of the people were silent, Zhen Chongming harrumphed, "You all speak so much nonsense. Is it because you want to see what things I have that you went in to call your shopkeeper?" Since that's the case, I'll let you all see it. " As he said this, he slapped his own storage pouch and released the corpse of a demonic beast that was over fifty feet long.

This demon beast had a qilin like head and on its head was a pair of round and short legs. Its body was thicker than a bucket and it had four claws. All the scales on the body of this high level sixth rank demon beast were actually sparkling and translucent blue and white. It looked as if it was carved out of jade. Even the two large eyeballs looked like they were made of jade. If this beast didn't move, it would give off the impression that it was a jade dragon carved from jade.

An aura unique to a high level demon beast rippled from the body of this giant demon beast.

"This is … Jadebone Demon Dragon! "

"A high level six demon beast!"

"The materials for this kind of demon beast can at least refine high-grade Spirit rank magical equipment. It can even refine Dao rank magical equipment!"

The moment this demonic beast's corpse was released, the faces of all the cultivators present changed. A few shop assistants and a few low-level cultivators were so frightened that they immediately took a few steps back.

"What? Is this not enough for your manager?" Zhen Chongming coldly harrumphed.

"Senior, please wait a moment, I'll go ask our manager to come out right away." Hearing Zhen Chongming's cold snort, one of the shop assistant immediately reacted. After saying this sentence, he quickly ran inside.

Moreover, Zhen Chongming did not even bother to put away the corpse of the Jade Bone Demon Dragon which was occupying a small half of the hall. Instead, he stood casually beside the corpse of the Jade Bone Demon Dragon and waited patiently.

"What kind of demonic beast is this …?" It's so terrifying! "

"This kind of demon beast is in the shape of a dragon. After death, there is still such an imposing manner. At least, it is a high rank demon beast at or above the middle rank of rank 6!"

The Jade Bone Demon Dragon's corpse was extremely eye-catching. Almost every cultivator that passed by the Treasure Pavilion immediately noticed it. At this moment, more and more cultivators gathered at the Treasure Pavilion to watch the show.

"Jade Bone Demon Dragon! It really is an adult Jade Bone Demon Dragon! "

Moments later, a middle-aged cultivator wearing a white shirt quickly followed the shop assistant out. This middle-aged cultivator's face was thin and his eyes were sunken in, giving him a very scheming appearance. Upon seeing the corpse of the Jade Bone Demon Dragon in the hall, the middle-aged white robed cultivator was momentarily stunned. After which, the middle-aged white robed cultivator immediately clasped his fists and greeted Zhen Chongming, "I am Yu Fengping, and am indeed the shopkeeper of this area. You want to sell this Jade Bone Demon Dragon to me? "

"My surname is Zhen." Zhen Chongming looked at the middle-aged cultivator casually and said, "Isn't Ji Ya the shopkeeper of the Treasure Pavilion? I heard that the shopkeeper is famous for being a great beauty, so I came here to sell it to you. How did you become a man? "

At this moment, there were at least a hundred cultivators gathered outside the Treasure Pavilion, and there were even more who came over to watch the commotion. After all, this high level six beast was equivalent to an Aurous Core stage cultivator, and for the majority of cultivators, it was a rare sight. Now that they heard of this, many of the cultivators present burst out into laughter. Many of them could not help but say, "Brother, you came late. It's too late to get this demonic beast. Jia Ya is already married."

"What?" Jia is already married? and you're not even waiting for me. " Zhen Chongming acted as if it was real as he cried out with widened eyes.

"Fellow Daoist, our head storekeeper married into Dongyao resort three years ago." The white robed middle-aged cultivator glanced at Zhen Chongming. In his eyes, Zhen Chongming was a complete fool.

"Brat, Ji Ya can't even see him anymore, what's the point of that?" Zhen Chongming had an extremely depressed look on his face as if he did not want to continue the business and wanted to keep the Jade Bone Demonic Dragon.

"If you wish to see shopkeeper Ji Ya specifically, I can arrange one for you." The middle-aged cultivator's eyes flashed and he took two steps forward. "Moreover, I should be able to give you a satisfactory price for this Jade Bone Demonic Dragon."

Zhen Chongming immediately became excited, "Is that so? Is what you said true?"

"Of course, as long as fellow daoist stays in this pavilion for a few days, I will naturally be able to make arrangements." The white robed middle-aged cultivator nodded but sneered in his heart. "I can send you to meet Ji Ya on the Road to River Styx."

"Alright!" Zhen Chongming slapped his thigh, "Then how many spirit stones do you think you can use to purchase this Jade Bone Demon Dragon?"

"Five hundred thousand low-rank soul stones, what do you think?" The white robed middle-aged cultivator gave a high price without making a sound. Under normal circumstances, the Jade Bone Demonic Dragon would not be worth such a high price. However, in the eyes of this white robed middle-aged man, Zhen Chongming was no different from a dead man. Even if he gave him more spirit stones, it would only be left on him for a day or two.

"What a generous gesture!" "It seems that the Treasure Pavilion is determined to get this demonic beast!"

"That's true. If this Demonic Beast can be used to refine a Dao Tier Magic Treasure, it is unknown just how many high-level cultivators it would attract if it were to be auctioned off …"

The moment this price was announced, it naturally caused the surrounding cultivators to discuss animatedly amongst themselves.

"Five hundred thousand low-rank soul stones, that's a deal." Zhen Chongming nodded his head with satisfaction, "Since Manager Yu's price is so fair, I still have some things that I want to sell."

"Oh? What else is there? " The middle-aged cultivator's eyes immediately lit up.


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