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This pellet looked like a cyan gem inlaid with golden silk patterns. Not to mention its effects, just looking at it made people feel that it was inconceivable, the Mountain Spirit saw some clues, because the Spirit grain were not simple, although they were densely packed, they were not chaotic at all. When these Spirit grain gathered together on the pellet, it gave people a feeling that the pellet had a kind of indescribable spirituality.

"Old senior, you must not go back on your promise at that time. If I am able to survive under the Nirvana Doom, you must keep your promise!" Chen Xiang swallowed the [Super Qi Shen Dan].

The Qi Shen Dan entered his abdomen and immediately melted away. His body was wrapped in cyan colored clouds of light, and there were many golden Spirit grain s on top of the cyan colored light barrier! At the same time the Qi Shen Dan's medicinal power was cut apart, Chen Xiang was in a place that was like a huge whirlpool in the ocean, while the surrounding dense immortal energy was like seawater, crazily surging towards him and entering his body.

At the moment, the energy that his meridians could contain had already reached their limit, so he needed to compress the energy that was exploding in his body. Originally it was in a gaseous state, but after it was compressed by him into a liquid state, after it was compressed again, it would become viscous, but at this time, the energy that was being absorbed from the Qi Shen Dan was too much, he continued to compress it, and it turned into a type of golden energy that flowed into his dantian, forming the shape of a Heavenly Pellet!

The density of energy in this Chaotic Mountain far exceeded Chen Xiang's expectations. The super Qi Shen Dan was also like this, extremely powerful. Previously, he thought that relying on this pill would give him a seventy percent chance of breaking through, but now, it was a hundred percent.

"This kid, what exactly did he do?" This pill is too fierce, and his body is like a bottomless pit. The energy that he consumes is terrifying. This boy's potential is great, it seems he will lose this time! " The Mountain Spirit started muttering to himself.

Chen Xiang only used ten days to finish forming the core embryo for the fourth pellet. As long as the fifth pellet was formed, he would be able to immediately attract the Nirvana Doom. After crossing the Nirvana Doom, five pellets would be enough!

"This place is truly a cultivation treasure. The energy in this Chaotic Mountain is much more than my dragon vein, and the quality is also much higher! Unless my dragon veins can produce purple immortal qi, it won't be able to match up to this place! " Chen Xiang could not help but exclaim. At this moment, his Divine Sense Sea was also surging with surging waves, because a large amount of God Power was constantly flowing into his Divine Sense Sea, opening up his own Divine Sense Sea.

When he finally calmed down, Chen Xiang's fifth heaven pellet had already been condensed and his Nirvana Doom was about to arrive anytime. Right now, he could only wait quietly.

"So cold, is this an ice tribulation?" Chen Xiang shivered violently. His physique could still be frozen to such a state. Only those goddamned Nirvana Doom had this kind of power.

"That's right, it's an ice tribulation!" Chen Xiang was certain of this, but a beam of cold energy shot towards him, striking his body.

In just a split-second, it was as if countless cold needles pierced his body. Ice quickly spread inside his body, making him unable to move.

"Ice attribute Chaotic Force!" Chen Xiang felt the strong power of primal chaos and immediately let the Heaven fire soul in his body explode with strong flames to warm his body and expel the Icy cold power.

If his body was completely sealed in ice, then he wouldn't be able to be saved at all, even if he had Yulong blood s.

Chen Xiang had heard of Ice Calamity that had only one goal, and that was to freeze you, then turn your body into a pile of shattered ice. Even though it looked like a very gentle Nirvana Doom, it was still very frightening.

"Hmph, don't even think of making me suffer twice!" Chen Xiang's fist was like a flash of lightning, releasing golden flames, striking towards a white light that was aimed towards him, instantly dispersing the ice energy that was condensed inside.

At first, it was only a beam of light, but in the end, there were many, but Chen Xiang was able to handle them all. With his fist and the boiling power in his body, he scattered all the cold energy that suddenly attacked him.

The further one went, the more powerful the Robbery power became. Right now, there were already dozens of strong cold rays of ice shooting over, Chen Xiang could only circulate the vigorous Xuanwu Innate Qi and form a water shield to block these terrifying cold attacks.

Even though the profoundwu cover hood was powerful, it was still unable to withstand the cold energy. In an instant, it was frozen into a thick layer of ice, and then it shattered into pieces.

If the water didn't work, Chen Xiang would use fire. A pair of gigantic fire wings suddenly appeared on his back, and wrapped around his body!

Sou sou sou!

The biting cold power of the ice attack made a sound that made people feel cold. When it hit the Suzaku fire wing, the cold Qi entered the fire wings, releasing waves of white mist.

The Vermillion Bird flame was originally burning with flames, but when dozens of ice beams struck it at the same time, it gradually extinguished. Chen Xiang immediately activated his Innate Qi, allowing the Suzaku fire wing to burn once again.

The Robbery power became stronger again, and attacked hundreds of times in one breath. Now, Chen Xiang couldn't use his fist to disperse the Robbery power like before, he could only stand at his original spot and defend.

Every time they attacked, they would extinguish Chen Xiang's golden wings. However, Chen Xiang was always able to burn his wings again in an instant to withstand the terrifying power of the cold.

"Seems like the final strength of the Robbery power will be ten times greater than it is right now!" Chen Xiang quickly swallowed a Five Elements Profound Dan and recovered his lost Innate Qi.

Nirvana Doom were already extremely terrifying, if Chen Xiang did not have a very solid foundation, he would have been dead already!

The simultaneous attack of hundreds of cold rays of light had been going on for more than two hours, and it was getting more and more intense!

"He's here!"

The thing that Chen Xiang was most worried about had finally happened, the walls of the huge stone room started to flicker with a white light, and then shot out a white Guan Xia, all of them aimed at him, thousands of them!

Chen Xiang immediately activated his Genuine qi of universe, transforming into his strongest Dragon Power, forming a powerful barrier of light that completely surrounded himself.

The strong white light covered Chen Xiang! The Icy cold power caused layer upon layer of frost to form on this huge stone room!

In the blink of an eye, thousands of rays of light that carried an intense cold aura shot over. A gigantic block of ice appeared at Chen Xiang's location, and from the looks of it, even Chen Xiang had been completely frozen!


Chen Xiang's body shook, the Dragon Power roared out, and shattered the huge ice on the outside of his body!

Following that, thousands of cold Qi attacking him, he roared, and the Dragon Power on his body turned into countless wild dragons, rushing towards the incoming cold Qi, the cold Qi formed from the Robbery power clashed with the wild dragons formed from the Dragon Power, and instantly, dragon roars and explosions sounded out, causing the gigantic stone room to tremble slightly.

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