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At this moment, Lv Qinlian's jade palm was close to Evil Snake King's palm and she felt a power that felt like a vast ocean pounding against it. She was extremely shocked, what Evil Snake King said was true, the demonic energy was far above her, causing her expression to turn serious again.

If he were to withdraw his palm now, Lv Qinlian would definitely be severely injured by the dense power released from the Evil Snake King. If it was serious, he could even kill her with it, at least because the Spirit Demon Core was damaged or if her meridians were severely injured.

Lv Qinlian's cultivation was not weak either, she could also severely injure the Evil Snake King, thus, in the end, both of them would suffer, unless the two of them stopped their cultivation at the same time, but at the moment, it seemed that it was impossible.

Chen Xiang was currently surrounded by a few female demons, chattering away passionately.

"Sisters, all of you heal your wounds first. I'm going to help your big sister." Chen Xiang had only eaten a Qi Shen Dan, allowing himself to recover the energy that he had lost earlier.

"This... Young Master Shen, that Evil Snake King is so powerful, you better not go. Our big sister can handle it, we are worried that you will be affected. "

When she looked at Chen Xiang, her coquettish eyes seemed to be dripping with water. Furthermore, she had even held onto Chen Xiang's big hand, and caressed him gently, causing Chen Xiang's heart to waver.

Although the Spirit Demons of the Demon Charming Association were not really close to men, once they got close to him, they would definitely be extremely passionate, as if they wanted to swallow him whole. This was the situation Chen Xiang was in right now.

"They're right. If you come here, you're just looking to die. But I usually like to send people to their deaths."

Then, an extremely evil force surged over. Although they could not see the evil force, Chen Xiang and the others felt as if they were standing on the shore of a ocean, looking at the frightening waves that were crazily surging towards them.

Without even thinking, he knew who the person who released this power was, it was the Evil Snake King.

Chen Xiang bellowed, he took out the Holy Devil-suppressing seal and had it form a golden shield of light above him, enveloping him and the female demons. Just as the golden barrier of light appeared, the evil force immediately rushed over, like a gigantic and transparent shovel, lifting up a thick layer of the ground.

If not for the protection of the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, Chen Xiang and the rest would have been blown away along with the soil, and would have been injured by the Evil Spirit Qi.

"You guys leave this place first, I'll block this guy." Chen Xiang looked at the handsome man who was standing in the sky. It had to be said that even the Banshee Immortals beside Chen Xiang were a little jealous of his face.

"Hurry up and leave." Chen Xiang pushed the few ladies by his side, his voice becoming extremely serious: "This is not him, it's just a clone of him, but its strength is very strong, all of you are injured, and after using up a bit of strength, you guys cannot continue fighting with this guy."

The five Banshee Immortals softly muttered a few words to each other, then quickly left to find the other demonic spirits to meet up with them.

"Don't even think about leaving. My people are all dead. You can't live on either." Evil Snake King extended her slender hand, her palm facing the Banshee Immortals that had already flown far away. Then, a ray of grayish-black evil light shot out from her palm.

Just at that moment, Chen Xiang shuttled through space, took out the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, and used the seal to face Evil Snake King's avatar. The evil light shot over, and became extremely huge, condensing a terrifying evil energy that shook the earth.

Chen Xiang felt the Holy Devil-suppressing seal more and more. He originally thought that this Holy Devil-suppressing seal was just some kind of seal or something similar, but the power to restrain demons surpassed that of the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword.

"No wonder. So it's a Holy Devil-suppressing seal. Why is the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable's Destiny Seal in your hands? Hmph, if I let the people from Devil-suppressing Divine Palace find out, you would have been torn apart by them when you went to Heaven Realm."

Before, Evil Snake King had a relaxed expression, she thought that her clone could easily kill Chen Xiang, but after seeing this Holy Devil-suppressing seal, her face had a never before seen grave expression.

This Evil Snake King was truly powerful, while fighting with Lv Qinlian, he could even use a supreme secret technique to split up his clones to deal with Chen Xiang and the others. Furthermore, he was very strong, so Chen Xiang wasn't confident that he could defeat his clones, unless he could borrow Long Xueyi's strength.

Although this is my doppelgänger, it is enough to deal with you. Although you have Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s and Holy Devil-suppressing seal s, you can only bring out a small part of the power of these two Divine Weapons.

Evil Snake King opened his mouth and spat out a ray of red light, that looked like a snake or apricot, towards Chen Xiang's throat.

When Chen Xiang saw this, he immediately used his Holy Devil-suppressing seal to block in front of him. However, what he did not expect was that this frightening red light that was like a snake's apricot could actually penetrate space and avoid the Holy Devil-suppressing seal's Holy Light, directly piercing through and appearing in front of his throat.

Just as the snake apricot was about to pierce Chen Xiang's throat, a layer of flaming red scales suddenly appeared on Chen Xiang's throat. This was a dragon's scale, it looked like a burning red ruby, and it flickered with lightning as it blocked the vicious snake apricot.

Chen Xiang's martial spirit was the Fire Thunder Dragon Soul, it had the nature of fire and lightning, but because his martial spirit had not fully matured, it had not become a Five Elements Dragon Soul, so he rarely used it.

The thing that shot out from Evil Snake King's mouth was really his snake apricot, but it was extremely powerful, its speed was like light, and it could even penetrate space. No wonder he was so confident in killing Chen Xiang.

"Do you want me to take action?" Long Xueyi asked. She was a White Dragon, and was as powerful as a Holy Dragon in the Imperial Dragon Clan. Furthermore, she had a lot of inherited memories.

"Not for now. I destroyed his avatar and also killed his original body. If I borrow your power, once I'm done, I'll have to lie in bed for a while to recover." Chen Xiang said anxiously, but at the same time, the snake apricot shot out once again.

Chen Xiang was already a special character of Snake Apricot, so he immediately used the power of the spatial laws to strengthen the space in front of the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, preventing the Snake Apricot from penetrating through the space. As a result, when the Snake Apricot hit the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, it was like a burning red iron plate that was burned, causing Evil Snake King's handsome face to turn sinister.

"When I attack and kill him in one go, those fellows who look down on me will not have a good ending."

Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly, his eyes suddenly became as deep as the ocean, and a map of the mountains and rivers suddenly appeared behind him. On his head was a star map, and below his feet was a giant elephant, it was as tall as a mountain.

The most shocking thing was that it was constantly emitting killing intent. That killing intent enveloped the entire Sparite vein, making people feel like this was an ancient battlefield filled with endless killing intent and death aura.

Chen Xiang's Killing heart crazily throbbed, and with a "putong putong" sound, the murderous aura continuously released a wave of killing intent, causing the sky to change color.

"Everything is destroyed."

The Mountain Sea and River Diagram on Chen Xiang's back, the Great Void Constellation Diagram above his head, and the gigantic deity image below his feet, suddenly turned into a bright red light and merged into one with Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang held the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, it merged with the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and with a force that could destroy the heavens and the earth, he slashed at the Evil Snake King's clone in the distance.


Chen Xiang roared, the divine blade slashed, the sky shook, space ruptured, the Evil Snake King's clone could not move at that moment, he was already completely engulfed by Chen Xiang's killing intent and was locked onto by it. He only had one outcome, and that was death.


The blade light enveloped the ground, with a rumbling sound, Evil Snake King's body was struck by the unparalleled killing intent, accompanied by the powerful Devil-suppressing holy power, his soul was also attacked by the extremely strong God Slaying Art, the avatar's soul disappeared, its flesh was destroyed, and it was burnt to ashes by the last bit of force.

"Since ancient times, evil has never been righteous. Demons are demons." Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, his face looked somewhat haggard, he anxiously swallowed a few Qi Shen Dan s, that was his full force attack just now, the energy consumption was huge.

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