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"Your highness… is the Heart of the Demon God right here?" asked Mu Su.

The man nodded slightly. In the darkness, his deep set of eyes looked towards the firmly locked main door of the Ye family, and in an instant, the door was opened. He headed in.

"Stay here."

A low and pleasant voice traveled out from his mouth. Mu Su devotedly guarded outside the door as he watched the man enter the Ye family.

Sensing something, the small black ball lying on Ye Qingtang's chest instinctively quivered and quickly hid under Ye Qingtang's sheets.

In the next moment, the door to Ye Qingtang's room opened without a sound, showing a tall figure standing outside.

The man, sensing a familiar aura, walked to Ye Qingtang's bedside. Using the moonlight to look at the young girl, an exquisite small face which looked like god's most perfect creation came into sight. In her sound asleep state, she appeared lovely and gentle.

Yet, there was not a slight emotion in the man's deep set of eyes. He lifted his hands suddenly and placed them on Ye Qingtang's chest, pausing for a moment when he felt a softness against his palms before quickly returning back to normal.

A wisp of aura flowed from where Ye Qingtang's heart was and gathered in his palm.

The small black ball, which was hidden under the blanket, stared at what he was doing and anxiously rushed out from under the blanket, crashing right into the man's "disobedient" hand!

Upon the collision with the small black ball, the aura which was just gathered dispersed and a black fog traveled up his palm. Frowning slightly, he looked towards the little black ball which was lying in front of Ye Qingtang's chest and protecting her.

"You cannot dig her heart out!" A soft and weak voice which sounded like that of a kid emerged from the small black ball.

The man glared at that small black ball with a serious expression and said in an icy cold tone,

"That is mine."

Angered, the small black ball immediately tightened its guard.

The man glared at that small black ball with a thoughtful expression. "The Aura of the Evil actually gained consciousness…" Instinctively looking at Ye Qingtang who was sound asleep, he continued, "Is it because of her?"

The Heart of the Demon God bore the Aura of the Evil on heaven and earth, yet this aura formed into a spirit which should not exist. Could it be that the Aura of the Evil was awoken by this young girl?

"I already have consciousness now. You cannot make me vanish!" sputtered the small black ball angrily. It was originally the Aura of the Evil contained within the Heart of the Demon God. Now that it finally managed to gain a little consciousness after being awoken by Ye Qingtang, it would lose its consciousness forever once he takes away the Heart of the Demon God!

It did not want that to happen!

It had just gained consciousness; It did not want to disappear!

"It is not your choice," the man said coldly.

"If you dare to dig the heart out, I will self destruct! You will not get anything at all!" the small black ball replied in fury.

Slightly narrowing his eyes, a dangerous cold light flashed across them.

Nothing could ever threaten him.

As if it sensed the dangerous aura coming from the man, the small black ball could not help but withdraw into Ye Qingtang's arms.

"I… I can return the heart to you, but you must provide me with a body."

"Impossible." How could the Aura of the Evil have a body?

"Who says it is impossible! If it is the child of you and her, it is possible! I am a spirit bred from your heart and her body, and only a body with both your bloodlines would be able to bear my consciousness." The small black ball got increasingly excited as it spoke.

If it becomes her child, does it mean it can address her as "mother" ~

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