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Chen Xiang who was inside the Emperor's Tomb did not know that a group of Sky Dragons was attacking him from the outside. He was extremely quiet inside, and the crazy attacks from the outside could not shake the Emperor's Tomb.

Chen Xiang walked towards the Lion Mountain. He walked slowly, maintaining his vigilance in all directions. It was simply too quiet here, the Lion Mountain looked somewhat scary, so he had to be on guard, in case he accidentally activated some traps.

This was not a very long road, but he felt that it would take a long time to walk it. When he arrived at the bottom of the Lion Mountain, he was already sweating profusely.

"He's actually fine." Chen Xiang turned his head to look at the path he took before, he was still in a state of shock, and he did not know why, but the closer he was, the more pressure he felt, and the harder it was for him to breathe.

He was about to climb onto the lion's head and enter the Lion Mountain from its open mouth. Just in case, he did not even use a spatial travel, afraid that it would cause some movement and trigger some terrifying mechanism or attack array.

After resting in place for a while and sweeping away the nervousness, Chen Xiang carefully controlled the God Power in his body and levitated himself up. He wanted to use such a gentle method to reach the lion head, but as soon as he started to levitate, he felt a huge pressure pressing down on him, pushing him down to the ground, causing him to sink into the mud.

"What's going on?" Being struck by the strong pressure that suddenly appeared, Chen Xiang was terrified in his heart. At this time, the pressure was still on his body, so he was unable to turn around.

After a while, the pressure dissipated, and Chen Xiang, who had been struggling this whole time, was finally able to sit up, gasping for breath. Just now, he was pressed down by the force, making him unable to resist, as if he was pressed down by an expert, unable to move at all.

"Do I have to climb up?" Chen Xiang looked up at the sky, the thought of jumping in his mind had already been dispelled.

However, this was only seen from Chen Xiang's current location. He planned to first circle around this Lion Mountain, and look for any other convenient places to climb up to. Otherwise, if he wanted to climb up, he would have to suffer for a very long time.

Before he could complete his detour, he saw a straight flight of stairs at the location of Lion Mountain's legs. It looked to be the top of Lion Mountain and there were many levels of stairs, but it was nothing for Chen Xiang.

He wanted to use the Heaven tour method to explore the way, but thinking that this place was abnormal, he didn't dare to recklessly try it out, in case it led to some unnecessary disaster.

He began to climb the stairs. The top 100 steps were still easy to walk on, but after passing the 100th step, his feet suddenly became very heavy. It was as if there was a huge mountain pressing down on his shoulders, making it difficult for him to move.

"It really isn't that simple." When Chen Xiang climbed up the 300th step, he was already panting heavily, his legs were weak, and this flight of stairs still had a long way to go.

"Is that all my strength can do?" Chen Xiang looked down. The distance to the ground was very low, he had not walked very far, but he was still very tired. He also discovered that every hundred steps, the pressure he had to bear would increase, and he was unable to estimate how much pressure he would have to endure when he reached the top.

He took a few deep breaths and then continued to tread with heavy steps up a flight of stairs. As he walked, he started to sweat profusely.

Five hundred steps … He could no longer walk down any further. He could only sit there and rest, planning to wait for his recovery.

He took out a few Holy stone s and quickly absorbed the pure holy spirit energy inside to recover the almost exhausted spirit energy. Just as he was about to start his recovery, he suddenly frowned, he sat on one of the stairs and looked down. He carefully counted the steps, he was only on the 450th step.

"Damn, this Heaven Stairway will move. Don't tell me that it won't allow me to stop and rest?! Isn't this bullying too much?" Chen Xiang carefully looked at the stairs, while absorbing the holy energy from the Holy stone, and then a while later, indeed he saw several tens of stairs shrink into the ground in a very strange way, and he couldn't feel it at all.

"Looks like I can't stop. If I continue to rest, I'll return to my original spot." Chen Xiang took out a Holy Beast Core and activated Devouring magic kungfu, swallowing a large amount of pure Holy Spirit Qi inside it to make up for the energy he had lost.

He continued to climb the mountain, and just now he had not rested for long, as if he had ascended the 100th step for nothing, absorbing the Saint Force to replenish his energy, while gritting his teeth to ascend this strange Lion Mountain. Although the pressure was getting heavier and heavier, he could not stop, and could only desperately climb up, otherwise he would not be able to enter this Lion Mountain.

This Emperor's Tomb that was specially made for this purpose had sun, moon, and stars. With each day and night, Chen Xiang left from noon all the way to night and only climbed one thousand steps.

"I still don't know how many years it will take before I can go up. Isn't it just entering a Emperor's Tomb? Why are you tormenting people like that?" Chen Xiang secretly groaned in his heart. If he knew that this was the case, he would not be coming, because his Evil Dragon Graveyard would be surrounded soon. If he stayed here for too long, when he returned, all the yellow flower vegetables would be cold.

At that time, everyone would be resisting the attack, and he would be the only one missing. He felt extremely sorry for that.

If there was a way out, he might turn back right now, but after he entered this space, he couldn't find a way out. His only hope was to stay in the lion's mouth, but to get there, he had to climb this Heaven Stairway.

The gigantic Lion Mountain was very tall, and the white clouds floating in the sky were not even half as tall as the mountain. He roughly estimated that if one was to reach the top, this staircase had to be around 100,000 steps high.

If it was an ordinary staircase, he would think that it was nothing, not to mention a hundred thousand or even a million, but the stairs in this place were extremely deadly. It was as if he was carrying a mountain as he climbed, and it was getting heavier and heavier.

He looked at the stairs and groaned in his heart: "At my current speed, who knows how many years it will take for me to reach the top, I have already been in profound Cold Ancient Realm for one month, and in about four months, those big powers will attack my dragon fountain. At that time, maybe Sky Region will join in as well, if Heavenly Dragon Race comes, I hope they won't do anything and just run away."

When he thought about the Heavenly Dragon Race, Chen Xiang thought of the unknown Long Xueyi and sighed inwardly: "I never thought that this Little Naughty Dragon was really the Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord. She will definitely be very strong in the future.

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