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Li Baojun and Du Hai looked at each other and shook their heads. The red man beside Female Dragon King was Chen Xiang, so it was normal for Chen Xiang to get his hands on the Fire Dragon Sword but the Fire Divine Palace made Li Baojun a little worried.

"Elder Du, do you know anything about the Fire Divine Palace?" Li Baojun asked in a low voice.

"I don't know much about it. It's said that it's very powerful in the Heaven Realm!" Du Hai said.

"The reason why Fire Divine Palace is so powerful is because many of them possess Fire Soul, and there are also some top tier Alchemist s!" Li Baojun's face was very serious, "But, they used extremely vicious methods to get their Fire Soul!"

"What do you mean?" Du Hai was not very clear about this, "What I understand better is the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. Is there such a thing happening in the Fire Divine Palace?"

Li Baojun said angrily: "The Fire Divine Palace has a type of power that can draw another person's Fire Soul! If they did not submit to their Fire Divine Palace, their only fate would be to be selected as a Fire Soul, especially when someone discovered that there was a very good Fire Soul! Therefore, over the years, the Fire Divine Palace has plundered many Fire Soul s from various places, specially bestowed them to those who have made great contributions to the body! "

Du Hai clenched his fists tightly. Extracting another person's Fire Soul was something that made people like him, who had the Fire Soul, feel threatened. Especially something like a very powerful force was doing this.

"That kid cannot use that blade. If he only uses the Ice dragon sword, then it will be difficult for him to restrain the Fire Divine Palace. The Fire Divine Palace must have a powerful fire attribute cultivation technique specifically designed to restrain the Ice dragon sword!" Du Hai was a little worried for Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang could not reveal his identity here, or else he would attract many troubles, and he might even cause the other three great clans, the Sacred Dragon Mountain and the Fire Divine Palace to attack the Long family!

However, what they did not know was that Chen Xiang had long ago obtained the Fire Divine Palace's important cultivation technique, so when facing Fire Divine Palace, Chen Xiang would only smile even more. If the other party had a Fire Soul, that would be equivalent to giving it to him!

The white Fire Soul was obtained from the time he killed Mr. Wang and left it for Su Meiyao in the future. However, this did not mean that he would stop collecting Fire Soul s.

Chen Xiang's method of extracting Fire Soul was much more profound than those in the Fire Divine Palace, it was just that the people who had been extracted by him, were all dead.

After Li Baojun and Du Hai became Golden Alchemist, they spent their days in the pill cultivating room of the Long family's pill shop. Concocting low level pills would also help them in mastering their pill refining skills.

At night, Chen Xiang would always be in bed with her, the beautiful slave girl. She would overturn the rain and turn the clouds, and it was only until midnight that they started their dual cultivation. She had a better understanding of Chen Xiang's affairs. She knew that Chen Xiang had a very beautiful wife and there were also quite a few women by his side, but the only one who had an open relationship with him was Xue Xianxian.

Normally, Hua Xiangyue would call Chen Xiang Junior Master usually, but at night, it was Chen Xiang who called her Little Fairy. Long Huishan couldn't help but blush when he heard her.

"Qianqian this little girl seems to be interested in that little scoundrel. This little scoundrel actually didn't do anything to Qianqian, that doesn't make much sense!"

Long Huishan lied on his bed and thought random thoughts. It had already been a few days, but she was still not used to it, because Chen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue were in a room not too far away from her.

"I already knew that this brat was not a good person, when he looks at women he is always lustful. Could it be that Lv Qinlian, the Demon Empress, was also mesmerized by him? She was an immortal king, how could she be so easy to deal with? Could it be that this brat is really capable? "You are indeed capable. You have helped me so much. Without him, I might have already died a long time ago..."

Not knowing why, the Female Dragon King felt very uncomfortable when he thought of Chen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue, who were both in the same room. But in the morning, Chen Xiang and Hua Xiangyue's spirits were at their peak. Especially for the little Flower Demon, Hua Xiangyue. Her beautiful beauty that was nourished to a tender drop caused both her and Wu Qianqian to feel a burst of envy in their hearts.

After Hua Xiangyue and Wu Qianqian entered the secret room to refine pills, Long Huishan anxiously grabbed Chen Xiang.

"Little Scoundrel, you still have less than a month before the great battle begins. Every night, you would consume Yang Energy, aren't you afraid of being beaten to the ground? A knife on the head! "Don't blame me for not reminding you when the time comes." Long Huishan was truly thinking for Chen Xiang.

"Heh heh …" Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly: "Elder sister, so you were actually so worried about my affairs tonight. I'm really sorry for affecting you!"

"Don't be so talkative!" Long Huishan rolled her eyes as she said, "That Sacred Dragon Mountain is related to the Fire Divine Palace, so the person you send out at that time can definitely suppress Ice dragon sword! You should have saved your energy, not every night. "After you win, you can do whatever you want."

"Big sister, that little flower demon and I are actually dual cultivating. In just a few days, my Innate Qi has increased by a lot!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Don't worry about me!"

"Duo Cultivation?" Long Huishan looked at Chen Xiang suspiciously: "I don't believe you!"

"You don't believe me?" But you are so much stronger than me, so you can only help me increase it. If your strength is similar to mine, then we can both increase our strength, and not only can we live happily, we can also increase our strength. This is very satisfying! "

After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he felt a bit of regret. Although the girl in front of him was very beautiful, but she was a very valiant Female Dragon King.

"Hmph, you actually want to hit me, big sister. You little scoundrel, you're asking for a beating!" Long Huishan's jade face flushed red, she spat out a mouthful of blood and lightly knocked on Chen Xiang's head. In that case, I shall not say anything else. I will help you continue investigating the matters regarding the Fire Divine Palace. "

Actually, I still have two more recognized sister s, so when I have the chance to introduce them to you, one of them has White Dragon Vein and a head of very eye-catching white hair. Furthermore, their surnames are very similar to yours, so when the time comes, this little girl will definitely pester and bring her to fight. Chen Xiang suddenly thought of the two recognized sister s, Leng Youlan and Dongfang Jing.

Long Huishan's face suddenly became serious: You're talking about Leng Youlan? I know you have a white haired beauty, I didn't expect you to have White Dragon Vein, this is very rare, are there many people who know about this? They absolutely could not spread it! Otherwise she will be in big trouble! "

"Only you and I know that she might know, but she didn't say that after her bloodline awakened, she should have received the inheritance of memories. She also knows that it's a secret, so she didn't tell me!" I was the one who helped her awaken her White Dragon Vein back then. " Chen Xiang suddenly realised that Leng Youlan would be targeted in the future: "How about I bring her here and let you watch her!"

Long Huishan suddenly laughed: "You're so worried! She needs some experience. If you protect her like this, it will be hard for her to grow! But I'll teach her when I get the chance. "

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