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After Chen Xiang's transformation was broken through by the Heavenly Spirit Mirror, he revealed his true form, causing many of Chen Xiang's plans to be disrupted.

"Brother Shen, how are you now?" Bi Xian thought about it for a long time before finally sending a sound transmission to Chen Xiang.

"I only need to escape. Can you help me?" Chen Xiang was currently sealed within a strong barrier and this barrier was shrinking. As long as it was within a certain range, the people trapped within would be able to leave and at that time, only Chen Xiang would be able to escape.

"This is very difficult. The old man who laid the Spirit Formation was an Immortal King, and the power of the Spirit Formation is getting stronger and stronger. There is a very powerful formation here, and as long as that formation is activated, you will not be able to escape. Bi Xian sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, but when it was transmitted over, the voice became softer, showing just how powerful the barrier was.

"It seems that I can only work with you in the future. I will escape as soon as possible. You should leave this place for now. If a great battle breaks out, it might affect you." Chen Xiang sighed.

The rest of the people in the auction venue weren't in the enchantment anymore, so he immediately left to avoid any misfortunes.

"Chen Xiang, you have some skills. If I didn't intervene, it would be difficult for anyone in my Fire Divine Palace to kill you. Right now, let's seal you here temporarily, this is also to allow my New Imperial Heaven World to have some peace and quiet." The old man's words made Chen Xiang flustered and exasperated.

Chen Xiang could feel that the enchantment around him had become stronger. He guessed that the Fire Divine Palace used some sort of formation plate or other to reinforce him, making it harder for him to escape.

"Seal him for ten years. If no other powerful forces appear within these ten years, we will make our move and take down the Chen Martial Continent before we rule over the entire New Imperial Heaven World."

Chen Xiang used up all of his divine power and could only barely break out, so he could hear this sentence.

"Did I really get sealed? What is this guy trying to do?" Chen Xiang used all of his strength to frantically strike at the invisible barrier, causing rumbling sounds. However, he did not release any of his strength outwards, as all of it exploded inside the barrier.

Originally, there were many tables and chairs in this auction venue, but now, all of them had been destroyed by Chen Xiang. He was sealed here.

Chen Xiang was furious when he thought about how he was going to be sealed for ten years. He took out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and hacked at it randomly, but like before, it was completely useless.

He also used some escape techniques, such as the Water Escape Technique and the Earth Escape Technique, but this barrier was too powerful. It was as if this barrier was customized for him, and he was still unable to escape.

"Use the Hammer of God." Long Xueyi reminded.

Chen Xiang immediately took out his Hammer of God and hammered at the invisible barrier a few times, but to no avail. Following that, Chen Xiang used all sorts of powerful techniques, but were unable to break through the barrier.

"If I have the power of the Space Laws, I'll definitely be able to travel through space." Chen Xiang felt so, because he had used the power of the spatial laws, allowing space to fluctuate slightly. It was just that space had been strengthened and strengthened by the power released by the formation.

One must know that when the Fire Divine Palace sealed Chen Xiang, he used two formation plates, so they naturally had the strength to kill Chen Xiang. However, who would have known that Chen Xiang was a living treasure trove?

Furthermore, Chen Xiang was a Alchemist, he definitely had a Fire Soul on him, and it was very powerful. Fire Divine Palace had been staring at his Fire Soul for a long time, but he couldn't tell what kind of Fire Soul it was.

… …. "Palace Lord, are we just going to keep him trapped like this for ten years? Chen Xiang is a treasure all over his body, we should torture him to the point of forcing him to hand over the valuable things on us." a man asked.

Whoever goes torture him, you go, or I go, that's just courting death. Although I'm an immortal king, you should know that there are a lot of experts who have died at the hands of this kid, so he must have some way to kill those experts. So, we must be careful.

He already saw Chen Xiang as someone who could kill him, which was why he decided to first seal him for ten years. Furthermore, he could not go to at least as long as he could not give Chen Xiang the opportunity to do so.

"In that case, if we just seal him like this, we won't be able to get back the resources used by the formation." The man asked again. Those who could question the hall master like this were no ordinary people.

First seal him for ten years. If the Great Clan Elder does not come to save him within these ten years, that would mean that the Great Clan Elder is not in the Dragon Subduing School. At that time, we would go to the Chen Martial Continent and capture his wife and recognized sister as a form of threat.

The man smiled and said, "As expected of the hall master. As expected, the older you are, the wiser you are."

The Fire Divine Palace Lord sighed, "Regarding Chen Xiang, we can't not be cautious. The Emperor Dragon Guards that the Prince Imperial Dragon had brought along were instantly killed by the Great Elder, then the Great Elder's strength should be above mine. If we were to fight, it would be difficult for me to deal with him."

Chen Xiang, who was sealed within the Villa, still didn't know the Fire Divine Palace Lord's plan right now. However, he did know that the Fire Divine Palace Lord was planning to attack the Chen Martial Continent ten years later.

Half of the power in his body had already been used up, but this formation was still unbreakable. No matter how powerful his attack was, it could not move it in the slightest.

"Ten years is enough time for you to raise your strength by quite a lot. Maybe you'll be able to get out when the time comes." Su Meiyao said.

How could Chen Xiang not be anxious when such a thing had just happened when the Demon Charming Association had just been lured out? If his heart wasn't that good, he might have already gone mad with anxiety by now, because he could see through the intentions of the old man who sealed him here. One was to see if the White Tiger would appear, and if it didn't, the people from the Fire Divine Palace would go to the Chen Martial Continent to capture the person with the best relationship to coerce him.

Although he wasn't sure if this would happen, he was very worried. If the White Tiger didn't come, and he continued to be sealed here, it was hard to say.

Chen Xiang lied on the ground and took deep breaths. He hoped that Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan would not come here, otherwise it would be equivalent to walking into a trap.

"Fire Divine Palace, remember this father. After I leave, the first thing I'll do is shovel Fire Divine Palace out." Chen Xiang's anger soared to the skies as killing intent surged from his body.

Chen Xiang was sealed here, and even spirit energy could not enter, so the people of Fire Divine Palace were not worried that Chen Xiang would raise his strength here. In order to ensure the stability of the array, they did not set up any surveillance array, and felt that it would be relatively easy to trap Chen Xiang for ten years.

Chen Xiang had stored a large amount of things that could help him increase his own strength, and in this aspect, those old fellows from the Fire Divine Palace who did not even consider anything to do with this item. This was also the only thing Chen Xiang could rely on to leave this place.

"Let's refine a super Qi Shen Dan first." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang had also planned to do this. If he were a super Qi Shen Dan, consuming a few pills in a row would allow his cultivation to increase a lot. In the end, he would still be able to breakthrough a bottleneck with the help of a Philosophic stone.

In the later stages of the Nirvana Realm, one could not rely on elixirs to break through. One still had to comprehend the martial way or else it would not be possible to draw in Nirvana Doom.

"If you can attract Nirvana Doom, perhaps you can use Nirvana Doom to break this barrier. However, this barrier came from the Heaven Realm and you are worried that the Nirvana Doom will form inside, so you can only rely on your own strength to break this seal." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang could only give it a try, there was no other way.

The Qi Shen Dan was very easy to refine, so Chen Xiang had a large amount of creation divine liquid in his reserve.

"A Qi Shen Dan made from five thousand sets of medicinal ingredients, the results should be pretty good, right?" Chen Xiang planned to first use one month's time to condense a large number of creation divine liquid, then duplicate five thousand sets of Qi Shen Dan's medicine, and finally use the Ten Thousand Refinements Technique to quickly refine the Qi Shen Dan.

"I can leave very soon. Bastards of the Fire Divine Palace, just wait to be squeezed to death by me one by one. You actually schemed against me like this.

Chen Xiang calmed his heart down, then slightly closed his eyes and began to circulate the Dragon cohesion kungfu, condensing those mystical creation divine liquid.

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